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Black and Latinx Voters Helped Deliver the Nation To Joe Biden—Now, He Owes Them.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/27/black-and-latinx-voters-helped-deliver-nation-joe-biden-now-he-owes-them


I can not believe people still write this tripe. Blacks and Latinos got Clinton the first elected to power and he owed them while giving them nothing but more of them in jail and “welfare reform”.

Barack Obama owed his election to Blacks and Latinos and gave them nothing but increasing poverty , homelessness and mass deportations.

The Blacks and Latinos gave up any leverage over Biden when they voted for him as they will next election.


“Bidden” to black and latinx: The door is right there, please don’t let it hit you on your way out. The isrealies need our help with money and weapons to go to war with Iran now.

black and latinx: bidden will see you in two yrs 2022 and again in 2024 - have a good day…

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Yea, Good Luck with that


Democrats are presenting a rare “message of unity” tonight…by silencing those in their own party who disagree with the leadership.

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Thank you, Carol, for the only worthwhile comment posted thus far…

SDP is right: how dare those POC think that it’s about time for their issues/complaints to be addressed, after they had the temerity to pick the poison that kills them a little less quickly! Why, if it weren’t for those black & brown voters, it’s a guarantee that “progressive” white folks like SDP would’ve carried Sanders to victory, despite all the red-baiting that their not-so-“progressive” white brethren doubtlessly would’ve employed (& in fact did employ) in the general election…yeah, it’s POC that are The Problem in the USA’s elections - im very progressive, if you can’t tell /s

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Very tone-deaf comment.
The substance of what you’re trying to say is true enough to garner a “pass” (from me, at least).

Your delivery definitely needs some work, though. Blaming society’s most vulnerable for systemic corruption garners a bad reaction, unless one can get the point across with significantly more finesse than you demonstrate in this comment. Just trying to help The Cause; no need to get butt-hurt/defensive…

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"They decided to choose each other as opposed to choosing a candidate.

We said we were not choosing our savior, we were choosing our opponent

To any POC who have kept all forms of colorism from infecting their thinking that might read this, remember: we are many (& that would be True even if there were zero white people who are friendly to our Cause, which isn’t the case)(tough to tell from this comment section, i know); they are few.

Don’t feel any shame over the fact that some older black “Democratic” primary voters assessed the situation for what it was, realized that if Sanders was nominated that he was going to be painted as Joe Stalin 2.0 by the propaganda wing of the duopoly (and older white voters would, indeed, go for that line of bullshit because they always do) in the lead up to the (s)election and decided “fuck this, im not letting the white folks have any “excuses” to vote for Trump again.” That’s the way they have to strategize, thanks to voter suppression.

And ignore/dismiss any white “Progressives” who try to tell you otherwise. We didn’t set this system up; we aren’t the ones who have been red-baiting for over a century…we welcome Progress; we aren’t The Problem with the USA…no matter how much these white “Progressives” want to pretend otherwise, this is their people’s mess.

Young people also pitched in: United We Dream Action, Hip Hop Caucus and of course groups like Sunrise.

Biden may not respond (which he does at his own risk and the risk of any future at all for the Democratic Party), but these voters are absolutely right to push him to listen to their needs!

Well, probably Biden does owe minority voters. He owes enough of the rest of you, too. How is anybody outside of the quasi-criminal and criminal lobbies going to collect?

Most everyone’s vote was delivered “because Trump,” and it is not like Biden’s PR people are unaware of that. He owes his funders, he owes Trump as much as anybody, and he will be happy to ratchet that up again with the next outrageous Republican–who is likely to be quieter, but not less deadly.

The Biden plan will not be a “return to normal” but a push farther into sacrifice for empire and steeper hierarchy. We need a major “or else” moment very soon, and that cannot just involve minorities. They were not the major reason the Democrats could not nominate a progressive candidate, and they will not be able to take this turkey out of office by themselves.

Speaking of Biden’s debt is a natural enough rhetorical turn, but this man has had a long career to decide that the poor, the working class, and the middle class are not his friends. And the record suggests that he had decided this from the beginning.

It might be best to drop the we’re-on-the-same-side chatter and deal with the hostile administration.

Joe Dough/No/Snow doesn’t owe anyone anything for helping him win, anymore than he owes his wealthy donors anything for their campaign donations.

He owes us all his commitment to a just and livable world, and as he has never shown any inclination towards that aim in his long career of “public service”

It’s up to us to make goddamn sure he pays up.

I really do not care if the comment tone deaf. I am responding to the person who wrote the article pointing out that just as in the past , just because poor people vote for a Democrat , it does not mean that said candidate is going to repay them in any shape or form.

Until people get that they will remain where they are today and articles pointing out that they are “owed” are just as pointless. Every poor person in the United States of America is owed something because they are being robbed each and every day by the system that is in place.

Guys like Malcolm X got this.

Those people that voted for Biden are not being BLAMED for anything in my comment. It being pointed out that just as has happened for the past 40+ years the person they vote for as President is not going to help them just because they voted for him or her.

The truth hurts and it not me that was butt hurt here.

absolutely agree. when will the damn dems wake up and admit that they know nothing about anybody in this nation and NO WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO THE BAD OLD OBAMA DAMN DAYS! TIME FOR PELOSI, SCHUMER, FEINSTEIN TO RETIRE TODAY AND GIVE US ALL A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

the sad truth about the Democratic party nabobs is that they only want minorities, unions, civil organizations, churches and such to support them for their elections–after they are installed they will do what they have been doing for the last 50 years–and forget their promises to follow the dictates of their owners–the capitalist classes–wonder why when things like Medicare For All are overwhelmingly popular we get the same old corporate crap parasites calling the tunes??it is because our politicians ceased to work for us decades ago when they sold their souls to the capitalists

it will be clear shortly how the people of America were played by the capitalists once again as more and more people sink into poverty-homelessness, and despair for the profits we see the capitalists raking in hand over fist right now while the people starve

I suppose so do the rest of us.


Do they realize GATS and GPA will trade away their jobs to oligarchs in Africa and Latin America?

Their firms are already gearing up for this. See



We are so rich. Clinton eliminated welfare in our time. They Africans just want to be rich like us.

The associated press suggested term book may list ‘latino’ and latinox’.
The Mexicans and Puerto Ricans here both hate it used to describe them.
Wondering if Cubans, Columbians, Venezuelans, Puerto Ricans in Florida share this attitiude.

Imagine adding an ‘o’ or ‘x’ at the end of your particular heritage.
Maybe the 'X" can become a prefex and the author could write ‘Exmexican’ for example.
Go to my home town and use this ‘o’ and ‘x’ will probably cause a bloody nose.

I view writers throwing in the ‘x’ and ‘o’ as arrogant. Costing democrats and particularly the progressive elected respect and attention. Kinda looking down on us hoi poloi, not friendly
or maybe it does represent the various writers true feeling toward spanish speaking households.