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Black and White: Survey Reveals Huge Disparities in Assessing Police Violence


Black and White: Survey Reveals Huge Disparities in Assessing Police Violence

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just days ahead of the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's killing by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri—a death which propelled the national Black Lives Matter movement and a national conversation about racialized police violence to the forefront—a new poll released Wednesday reveals just how different the perceptions and experiences regarding law enforcement in the United States remain for black community members compared to their white counterparts.


Surveys are good and bad. They have a tendency to focus on opinion, though that can be good too. With that said, Im a white dude that grew up around a lot of black folk in the south. My experience with the police has been an interesting adventure. At 16 I watched, helplessly, Huff, the Sheriff of Blanchard, Louisiana molest my girlfriend who was 15 at the time in a traffic stop. That same ‘cop’ pulled me over again with a friend from school and was straight up told I should not be around ‘there kind’ and that ‘all niggers are bad’. So, I moved to Denver where the police watch dog group gets busted hiding pedophilia and rape amungst there own. The police also got busted waiting for people outside nightclubs and assaulted them, literally committing random acts of violence. So, as a whitey, my opinion is that cops are pigs, thats what they are. Havent met one yet that was into this idea of law enforcement. When they have the legal right to murder children on playgrounds playing, no matter what skin color, we as a nation have failed. Kid killin cops should get the death sentence, and yes I know that the majority of this audience is against that, but how is it that child murder by police is worse than a neighbor having molested a kid? At least that child has the ability live another day and do the human thing of overcoming lifes obstacles. Not that that is a great life, at least have a life to live. So, now in my book, not only have I had to think about this, but make a mental note: child on playground playing murdered by someone vs child rape/molestation…murder of a child is worse, I dont care what people say now. Cops murdering children on playgrounds is now worse than pedophilia inmy book. I dont care anymore about my neighbors and what they have done, its the police that are the problem. How is it a child molester does years, if not life, yet a cop pulling up to a child and killing them in seconds gets nothing to that effect. And how did the media come to his aid and start covering his arse and saying how he had mental issues? Media being involved like that makes it state sponsored issue. But thats how hatred turns a society inside out. Too much hate, too much sheeple laziness, too much… So, if pedophiles are seen as having ability to be in a position of trust and have their sentencing doubled if not tripled, then why how do police not get the same charges? They are literally in a known position of trust! When is sentencing going to be even? Black folk get twice the sentence or life, yet a cop that rapes their own children not only gets a pass, but actually gets help from the watchdog group that is supposed to be here to protect us from that. Whats even more critical in thought: what happened to the people in the watchdog group? Nothing. They only became accomplices to rape, assault, and all illegal activities. So, to make a long story even longer, why do cops get passes? Oh yea, the supreme court ruled a few years ago that police testimony in court is infallible, just like how it was in East Germany. Good one sheeple, you deserve to hear this like this from someone like me, an honorably discharged vet of a foreign war. Thanks for watching my back on the home front, and a very special thanks for watching after the children, that is when you find the time to stop pursuing the perpatrators and helping make harsh laws even harsher, yet spectacularly failing the victims…good one.


No Hispanics were surveyed? I work with several who have been stopped and had their vehicles searched, their reason to be in the area where the stop occurred questioned, and more. Where have the probable cause, due process rights, illegal search and seizure rules and other vital safeguards necessary to be truly free, gone? Many minorities and poor whites are being hassled and " put on paper " in an obvious attempt by the courts and police to turn them into indentured servants of the state. Will forced implanted microchips become the new legal reality here, soon? Will our bank accounts and assets be seized to pay for minor offenses such as misdemeanors without providing even a thin veneer of legal representation; no self incrimination under threat, false charging, court appointed attys and the historic human right of " innocent until proven guilty "? And, I’m not worried that Uncle and Auntie Whitey still don’t get it yet; their children and grandchildren surely will figure it out soon enough. Right after it becomes too late to do much about it.


Less than 20% of white people don’t feel the same as black people? Okay white 80%, my suggestion would be to darken your skin and for you to pose as African Americans for about a year or so and then lets take another poll!


Left unmentioned is how corpress outlets like AP contribute to these delusional views among whites with their skewed reporting on incidents of police violence, the Sandra Bland case being a prime example.


You have to remember, there is black and white. You dont see ‘brown’ on gov’t paperwork, like job applications, school applications, housing applications…this is what happens when two peoples become polarized in social nature. Its unfortunate that all racism is constitutionally based, it makes it even harder to manage our problems, but it also the reason it wont change. If we the people of the united states of america didnt have these racial issues, then our politicians would not be able to divude us so easily, almost like shooting fish in a barrel. And yes, it is just that easy.