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Black Church Near Charleston Seventh to Burn in 10 Days


Black Church Near Charleston Seventh to Burn in 10 Days

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A historic black church just north of Charleston, South Carolina was on fire Tuesday night, making it the seventh black church in the United States to burn in the 10 days since a white supremacist massacred nine people, all of them African-American, at their parish.

This is not the first time the Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal church in Greeleyville, a town of 400 people, has caught ablaze. In 1995 the Klu Klux Klan burned it down, almost 20 years to the date before Tuesday's inferno.


It’s telling in regards to who the real scoundrels in society are when we don’t see white churches being burned. So, white racists are attempting another hurrah for their ill-conceived ideals. Perhaps, they will congregate together enough to make an easy target. But since white racists are such cowards, they probably won’t come out into the light nor take off their sheets.


Suppose left-wing activists were burning corporate headquarters, or Republican offices, or megachurches favored by conservative white people. Do you think they would burn seven in 10 days without being caught, given the level of spying being done by NSA?


Glen Beck has been fervently asking for this for decades.
He is finally getting his wish.


This is the systemic racism of our justice system.
Not only do we still have the night riders in their sheets,
our justice system selectively doles out services only to the highest bidder.
It is curious why this is even open to question. Or invisible to anyone.


Exactly, Wildfire. The Klan and fellow racists don’t use cellphones, email, twitter or facebook? I always wondered why the NSA doesn’t nab the sex slave traffickers, arms dealers and heroin smugglers as well. It might have something to do with the profit in those cases but here we just have some good old fashioned collusion. Nothing like watching churches burning for this weeks giggles.
Sorry, don’t mind me, I’m just one of those 'spiracy theorists.


What’s the word for people who commit clearly politically motivated acts meant to terrorize people?

Oh yes, terrorists.

Oh, but they might be white people.

Then they’re just murderers, bombers and arsonists.

Unless it was before 9/11. Before then white U.S. citizens could be terrorists too.

9/11 changed everything.


And racism is not a real issue in the USA?


I remember the days of racsism. It was a calmer time. Now in the post-racsist society there’s is nothing but violence and hatred about…on racial matters? Anyhoo, welcome to post-racsism 'Merica where everyone has the equal right to murder their fellow citizens.


Yes, indeed. The NSA will pursue whomever the bosses tell them to pursue. The hammer would come damn hard if/when a few “high value” targets would get hit. Instead we get PETA types turning a bunch of mink loose, or throwing red dye on a few fur coats. There are dozens of hard right and racist Facebook pages out there; unfortunately, I’ve seen some posts. When I call them out, the posters say things like. “I don’t agree; it was just a general observation.” Bullshit. They’re always testing the waters. Before I block further hard right posts, though, I check on who’s agreeing. Race-motivated murder and arson are bad enough; when the perpetrators get almost instant payoff, it’s really sad. For everyone.