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Black Churches Have Always Been Targets of Domestic Terrorists


Black Churches Have Always Been Targets of Domestic Terrorists

Khyla Craine

In the late 1790s, Richard Allen and former enslaved people in Philadelphia were tired of praying in the upper regions of St. George’s Methodist Episcopal Church and came down to the altar. When they were summarily removed from their prayerful positions, they came together to birth the African Methodist Episcopal Church—the nation’s first of its kind. More than 200 years later, the Connectional AME Church spans the globe on five continents.


Now, you-all know that I will always call out racism as the cause of a violent act when I see it - as it is in the case of killer racist cops.

But the cause of this violent tragedy was clearly insanity (just look at the face and eyes of this kid) coupled with allowing the insane access to guns (actually receiving one as a gift just a few weeks earlier) in the name of this twisted concept of “freedom”. Then, add to this the complete atomization and isolation of individuals and the complete destruction of kinship and community in our capitalist society, and the result was nobody cared about him to notice his probable dead-obvious signs of deep mental illness.