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'Black Day' for Belgium as Blasts Kill Dozens in Brussels


'Black Day' for Belgium as Blasts Kill Dozens in Brussels

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

This post may be updated.

More than two dozen people are dead and scores are injured after explosions at Brussels' international airport and a metro station on Tuesday.

The Belgian government has raised the terror threat to the highest level and the Belgian Crisis Centre has told the population: "Stay where you are."


And so it goes, round and round, and when it stops, nobody knows.


Q: Cui bono?
A: Israel.


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In just the space of yesterday and this morning, three streams
of reality have confluenced into a raging river of clarity about the
previously well hidden Disguised Global Capitalist Empire that flows out
of America like an unabated Amazon in the quickly heating oceans of
our sickened and diseased world community of people.

Empress-in-waiting Clinton, and her ‘Disgusting Speech’ at AIPAC —
which I have long renamed as more accurately the American-style
Imperialism Political Action Committee — has clearly given Killary the
most difficult stream of this delusional reaction to the global River
of reality to address, and thus her rough defense of militaristic and
deadly force of the Empire in dealing with dissidents draws high rebuke.

Secondly, Barack “We’re NOT here for Empire” Obama [which is exactly
what he said on national TV to the American ‘audience’ of its domestic
‘subjects’ precisely while he was ordering the bombing that killed
Libyan civilian women and children to, of course, humanely free them],
actually had the easier task as retiring President of the metropole of
the DGCEmpire. Obama only had to maintain the “Illusion of Empire”
[Hedges] that the forward leaning of progress was still being gayfully
expanding, extending, and “bending the curve of history” toward
welcoming in reticent areas of our world, our ‘community of nations’,
and their happy and prosperous ‘free-market’ modern Empire of Global
Capital to even these backward people who had been captured and enslaved
by forced “socialism” for the last half century. And although
faux-Emperor/president Obama did not overplay his hand by pointing out
to the Cuban people how wildly successful a similar freeing of the
Russian people had been in unleashing the innovative capitalist skills
of the oligarchs (and, of course, J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs, for
training the oligarchs) the ultimate OKie Doke and secret agent 008
(licensed to kill - by Drone) Presidante Obama was able to delude the
crowds in this ‘near abroad’ and nearly captured ‘territory’ of the
un-diagnosed Empire that all would be roses, new cars, iToys, and berry
berry good for baseball very soon with the unstated implication that all
they had to do to enjoy this consumer paradise was to dump the confused
an addled old guy at the mic next to him — and by implication also,
bring Sheldon Adelson’s and il Donald’s Trump casinos and real estate
Empires to their fair shores.

A Third tributary stream of reality to this confluence of rivers of
the unmentioned but beautiful River of Empire emptying into our world
“across the pond” (as the upper-class of former oh so close to global
British Empire) used to say, was also as difficult to politely talk
about to the vast majority of average people (qua, ‘subject’ of the
Empire) as the tough non-Love that Killary had just the day earlier had
to force through fear onto her American-style Imperialist Political
Action Committee audience of anxiously waiting hawks.

In that, this third tributary to hell on earth was sounded not by the
nearly former faux-Emperor/president of the DGCEmpire, nor the new and
hopefully smiling but too often war-raging future
faux-Empress/presidentist, BUT by the disgruntled hoards in Gaul and
BelGaul, who unfortunately were so set upon by the nice sweet (if you’ll
only be reasonable and join our Global Empire as ‘subjects’, that we’ll
eventually give you a path to citizenship in our Empire) were
continuing to be totally unreasonable and even explosively difficult in
seeing the advantages of joining the service.

This third steam of aggressive thoughtlessness and rejection was
continuing to be as uncooperative as the Incas were to the Spanish
Empire a while back and as senselessly argumentative as the Indians were
to the nice Red Coats bearing beads in the British Empire — just
before that paradise of new land was amped-up to its current status of
an even better ‘paradise on earth’ compliments to human genius and the
application of innovative ‘job creating’ capitalists.

So, all three converging Rivers of reality reaching their confluence
at the mouth of the giant River of Empire approaching the rising sea
(which they are assisting in ‘rising’ all over ‘our’, or rather ‘their’
globe) are now, with an apparent rapidity reaching a conclusion —
which maybe, just maybe, we should all have a chance to vote on.

Luckily, we all have the wide choice of either Trump or Killary to
continue this exciting experiment in global Empire to it (and our)

And also fortunately, that troublesome old Bernie, who would not even
speak to the American-style Imperialism Political Action Committee, has
only hinted, so far, that he might have another idea about where we
should put this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire — but hope, faith,
and LOVE all spring eternal.

Liberty, equality, justice, and socialist democracy
Violent (and dual-party Vichy disguised)


PS, But now a fourth (of July of sorts) seems to have quietly
occurred in Bernie’s doing what I have hoped, prayed (and pleaded since
May '15 in Rochester NH) that he would “have to do to get through this
thing and win”) which is; to publicly ‘expose’, ‘call-out’, ‘un-mask’,
and commit to non-violently confront this Disguised Global Capitalist
EMPIRE that has ‘captured’, controls, and nearly fully “Occupies” our
former country as its nominal HQ / metropole, while ‘posing’, as

Thanks for this ‘good news’ — which I will treat as Gospel (regardless
of whether Bernie was speaking from a mountain in Utah).


Funny how the EU’s “doubling down” against terrorism and joining the US’s “regime change” efforts has led to more terrorism, not less…


Q: Perché?


“For those of us who have concerns that these events are in any way orchestrated as false flags, are we really that interested in the proof anymore?”

Not really. I figure it like this: If fifty percent of these events are committed or sponsored by some corporate/state entity (a fair assumption) and I’m right only fifty percent of the time, then I’m still batting .500 and they are still committing twenty five percent of them. How’s my logic?


The more fear of Muslims generated, the more Israel is bolstered.


Pretty similar, with regards to being any kind of a believer that is, though I can’t help being fascinated by the show. Check this one out.

Whew! What a show!



My heart goes out to the Belgian people.
And the Iraqi people.
And the Yemenese, Afghanis, Libyans, etc, etc …

All the ordinary people all over the planet maimed, slaughtered or displaced by the NeoCons’ fantasies of world domination.


Black day for Belgium; great day for Trump!


What a fantastic cycle of violence the right have got going here! The Christian right, the Islamic right, the Jewish right, the political right - this terrorism scam is a total bonanza! It’s a blood-soaked orgy of money, weapons, power, status!

Of course, anyone who isn’t a right-wing kook is simply caught in the crossfire; nothing but fodder for body counts and body parts at spectacular and outrageous attacks used to fuel the next spin of the cycle.

So how’s everyone enjoying life here in Dick Cheney’s Forever War? Hope you’ve got plenty of Halliburton, Lockheed, Boeing and General Dynamics shares in your stock portfolio, because this terrorism cash cow is going to be milked till doomsday.


Are you claiming Obama and Clinton are on the left? The left of what? The left wing of the neo-fascist corporate state maybe.


So terrorist attacks by Muslims are really done by Jews in your world? So Salah Abdeslam is really in the employ of Mossad or some such thing? So Arab suicide bombers are so dedicated to the Israeli cause, they’re actually willing the blow themselves up over it? There’s no arguing with reasoning like this. Good luck with your bizarro world view.


and the easier it would be to introduce big internal changes. like bolstering surveillance on citizens.


More cruelty and sadness heaped upon the world by conservatives of all stripes.

“Bomb them over there so they won’t bomb us over here” doesn’t seem to be working.


We need to understand there are dogs that bite in Belgium, but many Belgium people own wonderful dogs that are just part of the family. We need to understand that every day in Belgium there are horrid auto accidents that kill wonderful people, kids and elders. But people still drive. And almost all people who drive get to their destination with joy and smiles. The real issue is to accept the uncertainty of existence on this planet. In truth, we all get just one day at a time. If we fill that day with fear and hatred, or with love and compassion. Sort of a choice. So, hug your kid, and realize the earth is really a pretty nice planet. At times, bad things happen. But at other times, great things happen.


Revenge, retribution, religious fanaticism, perfidy, and puerilism…all employed by the suicide bombers, ISIS, the US, Israel, and all groups engaged in endless war. The only parties profiting are the purveyors of the arms with the hegemonic leaders telling themselves that they are “winning.” How very sad that only one presidential hopeful in the US wants to purse peace…Fates, please let Senator Sanders lead us out of this miasma of killing not only of people but the planet and all life on it.

My heart goes out to the friends and families of the loved ones whose lives were so cruelly and mindlessly taken.


US bombs dropping on Yemen killing countless children gets barely a mention in the corporate media-yet some blow back happens and its an all day “news” story. Those in the corporate media create fear and hate which leads to more violence. This all day"news" coverage is pure racism.