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Black Defendants Face Harsher Sentences From GOP-Appointed Judges, Study Finds


Black Defendants Face Harsher Sentences From GOP-Appointed Judges, Study Finds

Julia Conley, staff writer

In the latest study detailing the criminal justice system's failure to deliver equal justice to Americans of varying races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, judges appointed by Republican presidents were found to give black defendants longer sentences than those appointed by Democrats.


As occupy said, it is the inequality.


Racism too. Studies show that even when black men are born in wealthy black families, a substantial percentage of them later fall into poverty. Such a thing practically never happens to white men born in a wealthy family.


I would have been surprised if it was any other way.


Lucky that lead still cures treason.
The orange ape’s treason can be fixed after he is in jail awaiting execution.


More than 15 years of data on sentences handed out by 1,400 federal judges showed that black defendants are given sentences that are an average of three months longer when a Republican-appointed judge is on the bench, versus a judge nominated by a Democratic president. Female defendants were also served sentences that were two months shorter than those of males who were convicted of similar crimes.

“These differences cannot be explained by other judge characteristics and grow substantially larger when judges are granted more discretion,” wrote Harvard Law School Professors Alma Cohen and Crystal S. Yang. The researchers used data from the Federal Judicial Center, the United States Sentencing Commission, and the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.

The study also found that black judges treated male and female defendants more equally for similar convictions, and that black judges who were appointed by Republicans were slightly less likely to give black defendants harsh sentences.