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Black Friday and White Noise


Black Friday and White Noise

Randall Amster

Here we go again, right on the heels of gorging ourselves in preparation for the frenetic commercialism of the holiday season.


People aren't going to stop buying all this stuff. To avoid climate catastrophe the stuff has to produced using energy that does not result in carbon dioxide emissions. And the same goes for transportation. However, there are other environmental consequences besides climate related to all this stuff. There is resource depletion and environmental problems caused by mining and production methods. We still need to pursue sustainability regardless of the outcome of the fight against climate change.


There are a growing number of us who have already opted out of the Christmas consumerism frenzy. I did so with a 10 year old daughter over 30 years ago. She has carried on that tradition with her young family. It starts with a few... and it is an idea that is growing.


Observing the hollow day


Well, that's really just a middle class thing. Low income people spend carefully and modestly, and obviously, the poor have nothing to spend. The middle class is now under half the population. I expect that those "seasons of gorging" will apply to far fewer a decade from now.


America's poor have always opted out of those consumerism frenzies. It's becoming fashionable?


The fewer the consumer purchases, the fewer products need to be made, the fewer workers are needed, the more people in poverty. Actually, we've been on this downward spiral for years.


Crazy insightful concluding paragraph.


How in the hell is being poor fashionable.


Fashionable? I doubt it. That implies at least some sort of elitism. No, I do believe that the rejection of Christmas consumerism has more to do with the inanity of equating religion with $$$$