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Black Girls Punished by Institutions, Ignored by Reformers: Report


Black Girls Punished by Institutions, Ignored by Reformers: Report

Girls of color regularly face harsher school punishments than their white counterparts, while simultaneously being ignored by legislative and community efforts to close the school-to-prison pipeline, despite the proven negative impacts of zero-tolerance discipline which exposes minority girls to expulsion, violence, and arrest, a new study released Wednesday has found.


Why don’t we give black girls real priority. After all, what people actually want to see should have nothing to do with what they actually do see.


Interesting today - shopping I watched a beautiful little girl with her mother - intelligent, well behaved, excited by the things she was seeing (craft supply’s for both herself and her mother. It was the laughter, excitement, and intelligence as well as the wonderful relationship with her young mother that attracted me and made me notice. This old white man was very impressed with that wonderful young black girl - noticing how much it made me miss by grandchildren who are growing older. We as a nation dare not fail our youth through prejudice/racism/ignorance - and we must not allow those who teach or are in law enforcement or hiring to discriminate against these beautiful children with so much to give to make our rworld a better place.


Yes, it’s true that black students get punished more often, but what’s left unsaid is that black students misbehave more often too. And yes, I understand this has to do with the environments in which they are raised, but that’s between them and their parents. Society can’t say, “Oh, you were raised in a bad environment, so you get to behave poorly without consequences.”


Robert SF, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree that Black children misbehave more than non-black students. There are numerous studies that show that teachers and childcare providers interpret black children’s behavior as misbehaving when the same behavior by a white student is often tolerated. Unfortunately, racism has been known to cloud an individual’s judgment in a variety of scenarios, including in the classroom with small children.


Well, I find it hard to believe that a teacher would accept talking back and cursing from a white student but not a black student, especially with black teachers. But where can I find those studies?


Robert, here’s one link: learninglab.wbur.org/2014/11/19/report-black-latino-students-disproportionately-disciplined-in-mass-schools/


Here’s another. m.ajc.com/weblogs/get-schooled/2014/mar/21/new-federal-report-racial-disparities-school-disci/