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Black Is Not A Weapon


Black Is Not A Weapon

Even as new autopsy results show Keith Scott was killed by a shot in the back and three more fired by Charlotte police - none yet charged - a harrowing new PSA calls out the "weaponization" of blackness in America. In the film, famous black actors and activists stand in frisk position, lit by police spotlights, accompanied by dispatch audio. It opens with George Zimmerman proclaiming Trayvon Martin "a real suspicious guy (who) looks like he's up to no good." Its chilling, vital goal: To help us "see the problem."


This needs to go viral. It's beyond time to liberate black people and receive the gifts of their brilliance expressed in so many ways, This has been a multi-hundred year holocaust. I speak from being a child of Holocaust survivors from eastern Europe.


Heartrending and hauntingly beautiful in its simplicity while sending a most powerful message ...may it circle our nation and the globe!


Astonishing that this primitive, violent American onslaught continues largely unabated.
Neanderthals are looking very cultured by comparison.


The paucity of comments here is telling.


Very effective and powerful.


During a recent conversation with a Main Stream Media Believing, Upright Religious Person (so Holy), I was informed that the true victims of the Black Lives Matter movement were "...those poor Policemen."
This is what's out there.


it's always been thus, tho. cops have been venerated at the same level as soldiers (at least the ones still fighting, not so much when they've hung up their M16s) for so many years. Cops and robbers. From childhood. The cop is the national symbol for the line between civilization and barbarism in the minds of a dominant culture that relies on their violence for its survival.

Even the "bad cop" movies from the golden age of "real cinema" emphasized the individual nature of the "rogue cop"--it was rarely institutional; at least beyond the "dirty department'. Bad cops are an accident.

This is what is being struggled against. One of the most deeply embedded and enduring myths in modern America.

Those do not die easily, if at all. We just have to keep at it, and be there as much as we can for our brothers and sisters who are being targeted.


"Police have neither released their own autopsy, nor charged the white officer involved."

Don't mean to be nitpicking but wasn't the officer who shot Scott black ( Brentley Vinson)?

Then again, this is RT so it's "world news with a Russian twist"


A nuance on the nit:
The article is about blacks as victims of police behavior. This is regardless of the racial ID of the police. I say this remembering that the solution seemed so clear in the 1950's and 1960's and later because the percentage of black officers was so low compared to the population. Therefore getting more black officers would certainly solve or vastly change the problem. But it didn't, indicating that factors other than demographics are behind police behavior.
For example in Baltimore where 72% of the population is "minority" the police rank and file is now 54% minority and their command structure is 64% minority. Yet when Freddie Gray was murdered, of the six police officers who where "in on the kill" half are white, half are black and of the three black officers one is a woman.
We might do better paying attention to the Phil Zimbardo Stanford Prison experiment (not to be repeated) which was called off early because those picked randomly for the roll of guards became so ugly so fast. The position and the job combined with their own creativity (as one might call it) produced some nasty results. In addition there were the others in and around the experiment who "played their parts" and kept it going.