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Black Leaders Express "Profound Indignation" Over Schumer and Pelosi's Failure to Defend Maxine Waters From Trump Attacks


Black Leaders Express "Profound Indignation" Over Schumer and Pelosi's Failure to Defend Maxine Waters From Trump Attacks

Julia Conley, staff writer

More than 200 black leaders denounced Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) this week for failing to come to the defense of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) amid President Donald Trump's attacks on the 14-term congresswoman—attacks which continued Thursday night at the president's rally in Great Falls, Montana.


Is anyone here really surprised that once again Chuck and Nancy fail to do the stand-up thing for one of their own colleagues? Come on, these two run from their own shadows because they think their wealthy neo-con donor base might be displeased if they stuck up for the uppity black woman. I’m so sick of people thinking that those two are not deliberately doing what they do. It’s very deliberate, they only care about their own positions, power and money. They, and the rest of the totally corrupted and unreformable Democratic Party need to go and be replaced by the Green Party and several other progressive parties that might rise up to take their place if the wealthy oligarchs weren’t doing everything they could to suppress and beat back the fledgling movement.


If there is a door leading to a true democratic society, these 2 bafoons are blocking it. Why don’t Nancy and Chuck just join the Republican Party. They’d be most welcome.


That’s like asking why the Washington Generals don’t just join the Harlem Globetrotters.


The Republicans are the Globetrotters?


Both Schumer and Pelosi are now, and have long-been, a large part of the problem in America. They are both servants of big-money politics, banker usury, the subversion of the US by Israel, profits above principle both serving the 1%.
They keep the possibility of there actually being an “opposition” party from taking root/hold, rather than their timid, corrupt, self-serving craven complicity to the rule of corporate fascism! Neither so-called leader has any intention of allowing the progressive/radical/democratic socialist “wing” of America to end the neoliberal charade and sellout the DP has become…and has been for many decades, especially beginning with Bill Clinton’s brand of economic sellout…it’s the integrity, stupid!


Perhaps that was unkind of me, but the analogy holds: in both cases, the illusion must be maintained that a legitimate contest, whose outcome was not known in advance, is taking place.


Here comes Lrx…


Pelosi responded with some pretty tough language. So far apparently Schumer hasn’t. I would assume Schumer is really hated by Trump’s core supporters since he is Jewish. At least with Pelosi’s heritage she would be considered by the most extreme Trump supporters as a white person with a right to live in the United States. The low IQ remark by Trump certainly bordered on Nazism if not outright Nazi and must have been welcomed by the alt right who are used to exchanging such offensive remarks and even worse about blacks. Trump’s remarks are so ugly it is almost surreal to see that they were uttered by a president of the United States. He is just swimming in a cesspool of hate and hardly ever emerges except perhaps when he is conversing with foreign dictator when he seems to be on his best behavior.


I get an introduction. Wow!


Ha! Good one. We’re talking about Schmuck Chumer (D), Israel and Nancy PffLousy (D), 1%.

I remember Schmuck being positively giddy when he thought Trump Dump Prime like him.


Despite their words, their feelings of White superiority exist.

Schumer and Pelosi are soon to be extinct dinosaurs.


They control all three branches of government and the majority of the state legislatures and governorships. So, yeah, they are the globe trotters


You’re welcome!


Sorry, that was a warning that a Python had been sighted in the area. (1)

(1) Python: Noun. Shorthand for Pythagorean.(2)

(2) Pythagorean: Noun. A politician or political activist, usually a Democrat, that engages in triangulation when assessing how to respond any stimulus.

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…road blockin’, capitulatin’, recalcitrants…


Yeah, you got pwned.


I would expect Nancy & Chuck to be terrified of public servants having to answer to… the public! Eww gross!


I’m just glad to see that Chuckles is finally getting his due. For too long, all the attacks were aimed solely at Nancy. Time for the Neoliberal wing of the party to concede power to the younger members of the party, many of whom are black, brown, Asian and women. Now that the long anticipated demographic shift that was going to be the Democratic Party’s saving grace is finally happening, the long in the tooth just can’t deal with it.


Democratic Voters need to have their eyes turned on Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. For some time, years even - especially when President Obama was POTUS, these 2 people were lukewarm about anything supporting people of color. In addition, they never spoke out to criticize or condemn the way Congress disrespected President Obama.
And, to be real - neither did the Congessional Black Caucus. And now, Chuck and Nancy are criticizing Representative Maxzine Waters. Ms. Waters has more honesty and integrity than Chuck and Nancy combined. Also, I must add that the Black Caucus needs to find their voice and “profound indignation” to propose much needed legislation to improve the lives of their constituents or get voted out!
Its about time, voters get leaders in Congress with “profound indignation” in their hearts and rock hard determination in their minds in order to fight against the “fiery darts” of the devil.