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Black Leaders Express "Profound Indignation" Over Schumer and Pelosi's Failure to Defend Maxine Waters From Trump Attacks


Schumer criticized Waters for suggesting Americans should speak directly to public servants about their policies, calling direct confrontations with Trump officials “not American,” while Pelosi suggested in a tweet that Waters’ remarks were “unacceptable.”

Schumer and Pelosi didn’t just not support Maxine Waters, they criticized her! Schumer & Pelosi are probably wondering if they too could become subject to a citizen’s righteous anger in a public place. So no, they will throw their own colleague under the bus to maintain the privilege their race and status give them.


This is an interesting article, because for two years the Democratic strategy has been to emphasize openly white supremacist messages and policies of the Trump administration and Republican Party (while downplaying the liquidation of the American ‘middle’ class and permanent global warfare, because both parties agree on those matters). Here Pelosi and Schumer would be expected to come out strong against racist attacks upon a colleague.

I suspect Pelosi and Schumer haven’t come out strong in support of Waters words because they have zero interest in encouraging the type of activism that disrupts the lives of individual government officials who authorize morally reprehensible policies. (Like, say opposition of universal health care, or endorsing the slaughter of children in Gaza.) That kind of activism is a little too democratic.

All public outrage is to be channeled into votes for the D-team in November.


I not only completely agree with you and you expressed it very, very well. Pelosi and Schumer have completely sold out. Every time the DNC sends me anything I send it back with a note saying get rid of Pelosi and Schumer and then I might donate to your party. These two people are in a despicable class not too far away from Trump.


What the fuck happened to this thread? Let’s talk about Pelosi the whore who is up for sale and is more Republican than most Republicans. And Schumer who is a worthless pimp for the right. They are a couple of worthless slugs impeding the progressive movement. Come on, god damn it , let’s discuss these drones, these worthless pieces of shit and begin the process of getting rid of them.


The process of getting rid of them began in early 2017. Yes, it’s slow. Remember though, you must always kill the king(s) in politics. Wounding them just infuriates their lackeys and courtiers, who will muck up the works on committeees, etc. These hangers-on are probably Hoyer’s pack of blue dogs in districts where MIC money flows. Or, in the agricultural belts where subsidies keep the status quo a cash cow for some powerful groups. Sen.Durbin and Sen. McCaskill are big protectors of both the MIC & Big Ag, respectively. So are Murray and Klobachur.
Look how the Dirty Oiligarchies are bleeding red states for Republicans and how disgusting their reactionary cultural " value voters " are. However, Louisiana and N. Dakota had a bluish tint not that long ago. Montana was " populist " blue, too.
Actually, just dumping Schumer for Gillibrand or Warren and Pelosi for Congresswoman Karen Bass would solidify the Democratic base for a decade, maybe longer. Just sayin’.


When? How do you know this?

Unfortunately, we have one too many moderate/conservadem/Blue Dog voters. It shouldn’t have to take 1 black person having to stand up for Maxine! Coward Pelosi. Blame her constituents. They keep voting for her. And, that goes for Chuck, too. Both weasels, BUT they are where they are because they get the votes.

We have to stop blaming politicians all the time. The voters enable and encourage their spinelessness. Ignorant voters. And too much money in politics. What are we, the people doing to change this!?Movetoamend.org.


You make a valid point and I sure hope these neoliberal Dems are going to be marginalized come Nov… But, I don’t hear a lot of action in these blogs.

In 2016, over 102 million eligible voters didn’t vote. We need to stop talking and complaining ( not talking about you) and knock on doors, call, protest (there are many ways) and vote for progressives whenever we get the chance. Or nothing changes. The greedy rich and RWs would love that. We need to disappoint them. Are you getting actively involved yourself?


After reading the posting of so many here, I hear a lot of complaining, but no one has mentioned doing SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE?!

One thing that we all can do on Monday is to call Pelosi’s, and Schumer’s offices and tell them we are disappointed (whatever you want to say without being obnoxious)

Let them know. Stop bitching all the time people. I’m tired of constant lazy complaining. Ask yourselves: What are YOU doing to change politics???


Are you at all familiar with how convoluted and byzantine the primary system in New York State is? It’s not an accident, it’s the old city and state political machine at work for insiders, like Schumer and Cuomo. Trust me, the Ocasio-Cortez upset of Crowley, will be viewed as a flaw in their well-oiled machine, not a new and better upgrade. NY politics is defined as a payoff, waiting for an oppurtunity. Sleazy is the norm, not the exception.

That " NY state of mind " is actually worse for their 99%er constituents, than many Southern red states to vote in, factoring in the rules for primaries where the challenges to Neo-Liberals/AIPAC-Cons like Schumer must be initiated. Just ask Bernie supporters!
Why, oh why, does the National Democratic Party leadership look to a financial and banking sewer center like NY, for any kind of progressive policy? They don’t, of course. It’s only the dirty $$$, per usual. Which is counter-intuitive to the sentiments of the rank-and-file, currently. News flash for the Dimocrats: stop standing up for the likes of shape-shifting political opportunists like Sen. Schumer and sandbagging interlopers like Michael Bloomberg. They’re both perceived to be as toxic as Hillary and as disingenuous as Bill, once you get beyond Wall St. and over those creaky old bridges.


Pelosi never responds with pretty tough language, never mind tough language. And it is probably better that Schumer keeps his mouth shut. These two DO NOT support Maxine Waters or any democrats who may ripple their corporate/Israel support pond. And by the way, I am not anti-Semitic; I just find it difficult to accept that our elected officials are more beholden to them (Koch Bro types and Israel) than to their own citizens.


Sad, but true.