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Black Lives Don't Matter to the Supreme Court

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/13/black-lives-dont-matter-supreme-court

But for the past several years, our technology has enabled us to see first-hand what law and order can mean. Too often, it is a dog whistle for blatant racism and a two-tiered system of justice.

With Juneteenth coming up a revisiting of the fluid relationship between racists and their cohorts in “Law and order” which was code for lynching black folks and the Tulsa Massacre of 1921:


Rehnquist wrote, “I realize that this is an unpopular and unhumanitarian position for which I have been excoriated by ‘liberal’ colleagues, but I think Plessy v. Ferguson was right and should be re-affirmed.”

I didn’t realize, when Rand Paul said he’d be “excoriated” for blocking the anti-lynching bill, he was citing Rehnquist. Maybe they like getting excoriated – if it’s a common suggestion from racists while they do racist things. Excoriation services available here.

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Apparently the Supreme Court of the USA and all of the racial divides in the USA is the fault of Russia.

Yep. It all Russia’s fault. There would be racial harmony in the USA were it not for Russia.


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Roberts can choose to be a relic of the past and follow in Rehnquist’s path of racist GOP tradition, or, he can choose to be a great Justice and make equality of the masses his mission.

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With Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the US Senate confirming young fascist judges at warp speed the SCOTUS and lower federal courts are within striking distance of becoming the de facto legislative branch, reliably overturning any legislation that the 1% bring before them to be that the 1% don’t like.


Have we been watching the Stephanie Miller show again?

All too true. Just check the other supposedly liberal websites and their comment sections. You would swear that the evil russkies have been responsible for everything from the Lindbergh kidnapping to school bussing, to Monica Lewinski’s jizz encrusted blue dress.
This Russia crap is the language of losers.

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In the blame game arena, is Russia on the left, and China on the right.


Non of the three branches of govt is yielding to the will of the citizens. The right to vote has been subverted since this country was chartered. Why aren’t we all in the streets demanding our rights now and for our children? Exactly what will it take? The theft of your personal property under the guise of civil forfeiture? When they come and get your gold to shore up the economy? When theY institute the draft for the poor to fight another unjust war (against the public)? All out civil war? Where food becomes scarce and we fight over a loaf? Can’t happen here? It can happen very fast under the circumstances that are boiling in the streets. What will it take for this nation of citizens to rise up, fill the streets and say, NO MORE? (We have proven to each other than we can and will take care of each other in times of strife. It’s the MAGA folks who are insanely out of control). UNITE!

Nothing on the court actions yesterday----I will give Roberts a pass today------and this is the way a REAL conservative would vote

The real question is how could these three justices vote against allowing people to work if they are gay. This guy got fired for joining a gay softball league???------and one a black judge???

And do people know about 2 black hangings in Palmdale and Victorville Ca-----50 miles apart----both first ruled suicide-----young black men in their 20’s-----one man was found hung in front of city hall and the other near a police station.