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Black Lives Matter and Lessons From Palestine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/25/black-lives-matter-and-lessons-palestine


Remarkable that for a new nation state founded in 1948 after nearly a century of culturally and politically, not to mention ethnically and religiously divisive settler movements on what had been for 400 years the Turkish ruled property of the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate\Empire LLP now rule will likely come from the trans national Corporate Caliphate. And they aren’t big fans of competition: Now with English sub-titles thanks to Australia’s tiny iconoclastic and myth-shattering remaining idealists the NIF:

Zionism being a secular movement came sans bible or constitution. Precise borders have been in perma-flux ever since. But the Israeli State constituted within the Green Line borders set at armistice was based on a Social Democratic Parliamentary model that had flipped by the late 1970’s from its corrupted social contract of developing periphery towns within the Green Line providing jobs and economic diversification to a Labor National Union\Coalition of Histadrut dominated leftie political machine that thrived on "We’re All In This Together" buy-in by the Zionist Diaspora. Even some of the better established Arab communities that felt threatened by the surrounding critical mass corruption of Arab League states and the dominance of Saudi-funded and directed Sunni Islamic hegemony bought into the Green Line model of an Israeli state alongside a Palestinian state that before 1967 was pre-occupied with an independence struggle against the Trans Jordan state headed by a Saudi related Hashemite monarchy instituted with western imperial connivance. The Israeli Arab communities who were not removed by the Jewish forces and chose to remain within the Green Line as citizens bought in, only to find if they were attentive that a Neo-Liberal E-CONomic revolution had taken place under the guise of Neo-Con Nationalist victories first by Menachem Begin’s Go It Alone Herut\Freedom Party and gradually co-opted by the more Neo-Liberal E-CON’d doctrines of Likud.

Neo-Liberal E-CON doctrinaire shrewdly self-serving Little Prince Dan Meridor guided Likud’s imperial Washington pitch to be what Nixon’s cabinet man Melvin Laird saw as the Muddle East’s Cop on the Beat and Cold War weaponized to lead the Soviet Union into the sort of Robber Baron collapse and reformation modeled on the U.S. transformation of the New World in its own founders’ feudal image. Turned out Turkey was better positioned for Melvin Laird’s role. Nowadays post Cold War, one needs a whole new score-card.

Likud rule after the resignation of Ultra Right Wing Nationalist Begin and his tiny cult of personality Herut Party (although it had massive Jewish Diaspora support) didn’t turn privatization plans into any party platform. Couldn’t do that in a Kibbutz\Commune\Co-op Collectivist template that fed the Holy Land with settlers and diaspora sacrifice. The cut-throat capitalist model would have to be slow-rolled while state banks and finance were in fact apportioned to oligarchical families whose loyalties were as much trans national and transactional as they were in what might be called the Zionist Public Interest.
ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rS2IRt8lpg Now with English sub-titles and it is a course on how to transform a beseiged ethnic policy privileging Social Democratic nation state into a globally trading Neo-Liberal E-CONomically converted oligarchy.

What we in the U.S. can learn quite apart from Muddle Eastern politics is something we lack, a Public Interest broadcast journalism backgrounder following Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys tactics in fulfilling federally subsidized contracts to academically weaponize Free Trade propaganda for the purposes of spending the Soviet Empire into Cold War surrender. While enriching the Cold Warriors themselves who maintain a doctrinaire loyalty to wealth concentrating in their own personal and bank secrecy-protected off-shore accounts. Also, in keeping the reserve currency deposited in personal off-shore accounts from losing its value via natural inflation by imposing austerity on the Public Sector and keeping close watch over Wage Stag-Nation as they become Food Stamp Nation and must be satisfied with their Weapons of Mass Distraction off-shoring their jobs and kids futures along with public higher education as well.

That’s how non-Marxists fight inflation, which not even Marx or his successful entrepreneurial partner and captain of industry Friedrich Engels could find any countervailing force to stop the devaluation of monetary currency or what we know as INFLATION. That failure of red-baiting Nixon to halt runaway inflation caused Nixon and his U.S. Treasury to seek the pragmatic policy of freezing prices and wages across the board. That in turn caused contract Cold Warrior and Free Market Fundamentalist Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys to turn on Nixon (red-baiting hero to anti-Commies or not) which caused the split between Paleo-Conservatives and Neo-Cons. The Neo-Cons adopted Free Trade Fundamentalism in a New York minute as it was always a Conservative GOP pose to proclaim America First and Protectionism when wealthy business communities wanted to make even more money by taking their manufacturing off-shore to wage slave nations and ship back to First World markets without having to pay import tariffs.

A young U.S. educated Bibi Netanyahu’s Likud Party version of Milton Friedman’s Shrink Big Government in Kibbutz and Commune settled Green Line Israel in the wake of the National Labor Union Histadrut’s exceeding critical mass of institutional corruption came with the brilliance of a PR slogan for the post 1967 settlement across the Green Line of Jewish exclusive fortresses founded on water thieving high tech and an international ‘diplomatic’ position of continuing to "build facts on the ground" while claiming that no partner for peace could be found to negotiate with (in dubious faith).

At the time the cover was radical Jewish Nationalism amid economic disintegration of the Israeli currency, the Lira under radical rightie nationalist Begin. Meanwhile the fix that was sought via Political Economy was a remake following the Cold War Milton Friedman Chicago Boys model of Neo-Liberal E-CONomics and Daddy Warbucks Perma War industrial footing with the necessary exporting of National Security State products to pay for ramping up domestic production. Via such new ventures as Israeli Aircraft Industries and the plethora of private venture state security and tech contractors who had to gain SIBAT or state security clearance to sell intel-developed hardware, software and training to other governments and non-governmental entities.

Israel quickly became willing to sell products and training to the most resolute of the Zionist state’s exterminationist enemies like Iran’s Revolutionary (Shia’a) Guards following the overthrow in 1979 of the close Israeli state security partner in the Shah of Iran. Also, selling to the Saudi Royal Family and other Islamic Emirates that had special security needs to protect family rule over vast national resources to keep their internal populations from making any ‘unrealistic’ demands on the extractive resource wealth of ARAMCO and various other western tech partners.

Can Dr Yoav Litvin who now lives in NYC and practices his profession here offer any economic stability to either a bi-national state of Isra-Stine or Pale-Ael or avoid the 2 side by side states from falling into the same Neo-Liberal E-CON con game that has returned the most developed nations into the Feudal Ages by submitting to rule by a Corporate Caliphate that captures quickly every sovereign nation state’s independent judiciaries via unfettered capital’s ability to buy whatever policy benefits the plutocrat? Isn’t that why Israel’s 2nd Prime Minister is now on trial facing criminal corruption and government malfeasance trials after a previous Israeli PM Ehud Olmert was convicted and served a few years of hard time for corruption he’d committed while Mayor of Jerusalem.

That is why the successor Orthodox Jewish Mayor of Jerusalem Uri Lupoliansky also was criminally prosecuted and sentenced to hard time. The Israeli President Katzav found the Harvey Weinstein route to criminal conviction and hard time by sexually harassing his staff. When do we in the west show that we truly believe no one is above the law and criminally prosecute our corrupt leaders and corporate officers guilty of malfeasance?

Palestinians will need to address their own inability to rein in corrupt leaders as will most of the current neighbor states whose threat to Israel and Palestine has vaporized in clouds of scandal and civil uprisings against the slogan of Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrine as turned into a seductive mass media meme embraced across ethnic and religious lines while profitably exported by Hollywood not so long ago: “GREED IS GOOD!

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Yoav, solid article.

Be as wary of those who praise you as those you punish you

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Racism goes both ways.
Whites toward blacks & blacks toward whites.
Both are wrong!