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'Black Lives Matter' is About More Than the Police

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/27/black-lives-matter-about-more-police


We the People must make the Republican Senate and the resident of the White House aware that, if either intends to “kill” the “George Floyd” House Bill, it will be like putting their knees on his neck, and killing him all over again.

And We the People will hold them accountable for that action.


Black life must be valued at every stage and in every facet of society. We won’t rest until it is.


[Patrisse Cullors]
Well said!

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Hi PonyBoy:
Black people can go to jail or to the morgue for the smallest reasons. Sadly White people, especially the elected ones-c----an create great havoc and loss of life—and if they are caught—they seem to be able to go to white people’s prisons which appear to be ever so much nicer than to jailthe jails of the PEOPLE. It will be interesting to see where Mr. Flynn goes—although WHEN he goes seems ,pre important at the moment.

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Patrisse Khan-Cullors is an eminent philosopher, social critic, and memoirist, please allow me to tell you (and, no, I’m not her mother – just a lucky slob who discovered her wisdom perchance). Cullors’ masterpiece When They Call You a Terrorist (with asha bandele) ranks with the timeless autobiographies – comparable to Malcolm’s in the impact it had on my life. Also comparable to the great James Baldwin, imho. Her writing is so fearlessly open and natural she may not even realize how good a writer she is. I’ll admit I’ve got a terrible crush on Patrisse Cullors – you might think the comparisons I draw disrespectful to Malcolm or Baldwin, but I mean it sincerely: I’m that impressed with this woman.

Here another example of how out of control the police are.

Even as they are with this latest victim the cops indicate in the Video that they have the wrong guy, the guy they have taken down and cuffed did nothing wrong and that they broke his wrist.


The only reason they stopped this person was because he was black.


That is just the start! Redlining neighborhoods, poor communities get less monies into their schools, poor education has kept poor people from grabbing themselves up by their bootstraps as some people say. Food, banks, healthcare are deserts in these neighborhoods. Food fuels the body, junk food does not and when you only have 7 elevens in your neighborhoods and not the means to get to a real grocery store or in many cases can’t afford real food. Probably plenty of payday lenders in the neighborhoods which bleed you dry of cash. How about government benefits that go thru banks at a fee to you to get your food stamps or…! How about polluting industries in your neighborhoods that put in at more risks of all the chemicals in the air and water. It get down to such little things that keep you down and at risk of growing yourselves into a cycle of life that does not allow for your growth as a human being.

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We sure haven’t been successful over the last 40 years but then there is a silent majority of Americans that don’t pay attention.

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