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Black Lives Matter Movement Gives Bernie Sanders’ Racial Justice Agenda the Push It Needs


Black Lives Matter Movement Gives Bernie Sanders’ Racial Justice Agenda the Push It Needs

Ben Spielberg

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has unveiled a comprehensive racial justice agenda aimed at “addressing the four central types of violence waged against black and brown Americans: physical, political, legal and economic.” The agenda includes, among other policy proposals, a call for police demilitarization, community policing, aggressive prosecution of police officers who break the law, the re-enfranchisement of those with criminal records, banning for-profit prisons, eliminating mandatory minimum sentences, automatic vot


Finally, an opinion on this that makes sense. You have adjusted my mind Ben Spielberg. I did think BLM and it’s inspire-ees were going about it the wrong way. But getting the discussion into the national debate is exactly the type of thing Bernie is asking us to do. I do hope that BLM, while not endorsing any candidate, will say publically that Sanders is behaving the way candidates should, and all others need to follow suite. As long as this serves as an example of what to do to the others, then I personally can fully support the methodology.


I support Bernie, but:

He will have a hard time getting his platform achieved through a Republican Congress and SCOTUS.

Gun control in America is like beating a dead horse. There is too much opposition to it. The best we could hope for is to mandate open carry. That way we can see who carries the guns and take precautions.

Taxing the rich is not possible when they make the tax laws by “investing” in politicians. However, the rich can’t buy all people when the people make the tax laws and other laws by using voter initiatives and referendums. He could espouse this form of decentralized direct electronic democracy and circumvent the rich.

Alternately, he could mandate proof of voting to get or renew a drivers license and federal benefits in order to achieve close to 100% voter turnout. Republicans benefit from lowering voter turnout and have been able to suppress the vote to 36%.