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Black Lives Matter Supporters Call Attention to Graphic Video of Arizona Shooting


Black Lives Matter Supporters Call Attention to Graphic Video of Arizona Shooting

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Consider that Shaver might well be alive if only the Mesa police department had long ago adopted reforms of the sort that Black Lives Matter suggests."


I shared the article, then deleted it. Pleased that even a couple of BLM supporters broadened their perspective. Wanted to share that. But those sniping bits at the end … BLM has no high ground there. Speaking up once - though King has before - when a non-black person is killed does not mean you have broadened your scope of concern. Glad someone is noticing. Since it doesn’t serve to polarize, to divide, to promote white privilege or anti white racism, it’s not likely to get much press or discussion on social media.


Cowards like this should never be armed.

I’ve never seen such extreme cowardice so graphically demonstrated.


I gather the wife has filed a civil suit (75 Million, I think.) I hope she wins big. If enough of this happens, then maybe these cities will police their police better. Although I understand Chicago has paid out millions and nothing much has changed there.


I’m sorry joegeoff I completely disagree. I’m a white man, you’re obviously a white man, we have no idea from our position of white privilege what it’s like to come from a group that has lived under 300 years of discrimination and segregation and denial of wealth accumulation. Yet if they want to run a campaign that’s just about them, people like you cry reverse racism and the like. Ridiculous. If you’re white you have no idea about racism and its impact.
Anyway that’s really beside the point, black people are 3 times more likely to be shot and, 3 times more likely to be stopped for minor stuff- and yet according to you and others, they can’t raise this exact issue as a social justice campaign.Again ridiculous. To me BLM definitely has the high ground and, just like Colin Kap, are finally bringing light to how utterly horrible some states and their police are to non-whites.


It seems like the training cops get is more about setting up a situation for a kill. Why did the guy have to crawl? That puts him in many questionable postures. Why didn’t the guy get told to hold still while the officer walked up?

It would be good for the public to understand what the police are trying to do and work together to create safety for both the police and the population at large.


Agree, but it’s always the tax payers who foot the bill. I’d like to see these judgements taken out of police funds, (I know tax payer money, but far more effective than general fund), and bankrupt the cop who does the killing.
I bet if this were done we would see a dramatic drop in police murders.


Consider the fact that something like this could happen to anyone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The prevailing consciousness in America for 16 years now has been saturated with fear and paranoia, intentionally, by those in power who like it that way. The media and “entertainment industries” have fallen right into line, and continue to make money off of fear. This inevitably leads to people seeing, and reporting, many things
mistakenly. It can even happen with malicious intent.

All too often, as the above tragedy shows, the police rarely bother to look at facts before their
own fear conditioning kicks in, and they start shooting. Over-reacting to everything seems to be our new National Pastime!


This is stunning. The killer-cop psychopath the camera was attached to was the most sadistic, awful murderer I’ve ever seen. The cop never had any intention except to kill this young man in cold blood. Down with police-state amerikka!!!


I like the way he was told to put in body in near-impossible body positions - with the orders constantly changing. The cop absolutely wanted to kill this man in cold blood.


What the hell are you talking about?

And also, there is no such thing as anti-white racism. Racism is a tool of those in power against those who are oppressed. A person calling the person with a boot heel on his throat “whitey” is not racism.


Flagged for being obvious trolling pursuant to sowing racial division.


If a police offer charged with murder says he shot because he feared for his life, he does not have to prove that he actually did fear for his life, or prove that he had any reasonable basis for such fear. To walk free, he has to prove nothing, and just make the claim, however unreasonable the clam may be. To overcome the claim and get a conviction, the prosecution has to prove the state of mind of the officer, that he did not fear for his life, and he has to prove that beyond reasonable doubt.

The officer simply has to say, “I feared for my life. You prove I didn’t”.


My town is largely working class and unemployed. There is a mix of people of color, lots of undocumented immigrants, and whites. With the loss of jobs there has been a surge of racism. The Blue Lives Matter movement has a strong foothold here.

Around town, I heard several people very angry at the conviction in the Walter Scott case and glee at the exoneration of the sociopathic murderer in the Shaver case.

While I hope that the video can lead more in the public to get outraged at such sociopathy, my fear is that it will have the opposite effect. Listening to the way some Blue Live’s Matter advocates have been speaking, and mocking Shaver, they seem to be to find humor in the way that Shaver was made to crawl on his knees and cry and beg for his life before the cop decided to blow his brains out.


YES!!! Unfortunately in 2017, not 1917, we have bigoted racist police officers. Not to mention our bigoted racist president Donald Trump. When is America going to WAKE UP and evolve forward? I thought we had turned a corner and were moving forward with Barrack Obama. I was hoping that we were going to keep moving forward after two terms in office for Obama, but in 2016 we took a giant step backward with Trump.


After watching that foul film, all I can say is that Mr Shaver was a dead man from the start. The tone and hysterical pitch of the cop’s voice said that. Screaming changing commands and positions, with the officer saying if you even twitch wrong, if you make another mistake, I am going to kill you, do you understand me?
*Mr. Shaver was dead if he had just lain down with his arms and legs outstretched, face down and did not move. To this cop, that would have been grounds to kill him.
*Apparently, to the Arizona courts, for a cop to panic, give incomprehensible orders and wanting the prisoner to make every move, perfectly, or he would be shot, is just considered normal police behavior in Arizona.
*I understand that sort of thing went over very well with the SA in Nazi Germany, too.


The very notion that there is no such thing as racism against whites is racist. It’s a very modern definition that you cite, one which embraces class division, and one which often covers for hatred against white people. One that is part of 5he elite dividing the masses.


Meanwhile, white Americans are about the same 2.5x or 3x more like to be shot than Asian Americans. And 2x as many white folks are shot every year, with 1/1000 the media coverage as African Americans. This actually promotes both white privilege and resentment of whites. And emphasizes class differences. You only want to care about black folks, only want to march for black folks, fine. But realize that approach has a pretty lousy track record. If the only black lives that matter to you are the 200-300 killed by police every year, then stick with what you know. The 2000-3000 killed on the streets every year are mostly poor non college graduates. Maybe their lives will start to matter about the same time most white lives do. Yes, while those at the top in this country have mostly always been white, so too have a majority of those in poverty, a majority of those killed by police, a majority of those facing most systemic injustices. The argument abou5 proportional injustices has some validity, but not to the poin5 of denying that it’s unjust when it happens to white folks. That if only black folks were killed at 5he same rate, everything would be kosher.


You missed how I said BLM failed to claim the high ground. And while yes it’s true that black Americans are killed proportionally more often than Latino, white, and asian Americans, the even more disproportionate, distorted coverage (a) makes it seem worse than it is, spreading irrational fear (b) is itself a manifestation of racism against African Americans (one of the early laws supporting white supremacy allowed black men to be whipped naked in public, while whites could leave their clothes on. Same dynamic) © insulates white people from the reality that it happens to them - even the non-raging racists (d) served to divide people along racial lines before the last election and (e) once a few white cases get press, even white people clinging to privilege more than racism are still prone to write it off as a black thing. Its another hump to overcome, one that we don’t have to keep contributing to.


Time to take the guns from cops. Only those who have a clean record for 5 years and extra training should have guns and only when necessary. The average person with 15 lethal weapons is deciding which one to use during a confrontation not how to solve problems.