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Black Lives Matter Supporters in Oregon Targeted by State Surveillance


Black Lives Matter Supporters in Oregon Targeted by State Surveillance

David Rogers

On Tuesday of this week, it was revealed that the Criminal Justice Division of the Oregon Department of Justice has secretly surveilled Oregonians who use the Black Lives Matter hashtag — including the state’s own director of civil rights, Erious Johnson. This is deeply disturbing and offensive — and it is a serious threat to our democracy.


Argh, Oregon! Stop embarrassing me! Good thing our governor is a DEMOCRAT, and a woman - that's how you know they "didn't mean to."


This is hardly limited to Oregon. And Mr. Rogers is quite right--it's one thing to expose a crime against Civil Liberties and quite another to motivate the courts or govt. officials to take action when they are also under the thumb of today's new Authoritarians. These criminals in suits are collecting all sorts of data that IS protected by our Bill of Rights guarantee of privacy. Meanwhile, these extra-judicial criminal frauds do whatever they please breaking every law under the sun and insist that the public has no right to know; and this juggernaut is going after any who are so bold as to tell the truth and expose their acts!


Why do we keep having to read articles about elected and unelected officials violating their oaths of office and basic ethical standards?


Because the control freaks rule supreme and they aren't about to cede an iota of power and illicit benefits gained by illegal surveillance.


Because that's what plutocracy looks like! Or you could call it Inverted Totalitarianism where the rudiments of a functioning Democracy are in place--as veneer--to hide the true mechanisms of power and decision-making.