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'Black Mark in Our History': Six Democrats Join GOP to Confirm Torturer Gina Haspel as CIA Chief


'Black Mark in Our History': Six Democrats Join GOP to Confirm Torturer Gina Haspel as CIA Chief

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following an intensive, weeks-long propaganda campaign waged by the CIA and a highly secretive nomination process that has been denounced as one of the most "shameful moments" in the modern history of the Senate, six Democrats joined the vast majority of Republican senators on Thursday to confirm torturer Gina Haspel as President Donald


The internet isn’t doing us much good if such ghouls can be confirmed in the public sphere. I guess distractions ad infinitum are working just fine for the cause of exceptionalism. You know, we do not torture, except we enhance interrogate…


So, now we have the spooks running the US, great!? First, Mike Pompeo “Maximus” in the state department and now Gina “Bloody Gina” Haspel as head spymaster, Bolton on national security and we have a trio of certifiable sociopaths in the highest positions of government. What could possibly go wrong? I’ve seen Bolton referred to as the “Bloodsucker”. I’m guessing war will be served up on a big platter along with the necessary cuts to vital social services to pay for this Colossal Extravaganza along with the requisite military parade. There’s no way Mr Trump can stand up to these seasoned veterans of neocon genocide since the attacks of September 11, '01. I have a pretty clear picture of how that illusion was carried out and all of these cretins were in the middle of it. Have mercy on us lowly citizens. Peace.


Standard procedure, in a lost growing Nation.
Democracy is a lofty ideal.
Someday maybe.
The Fourth Reich seems precariously on another agressive outing: Iran. Sights set, again. 1953 must not have been much a lesson.


But, but they are moderates in red states! What would we have instead, socialists? (Sarcasm)


I’m with you for the most part. But what is this notion that Trump would otherwise stand up to them? Huh?


Those six Democrats have got to go!


The logical conclusion then is: A government embracing torture is the enemy of its own people…


Just two days ago, it was three Dem corporate subversives, now six. So, McCain didn’t have to use his ‘no’ vote. Corporate gangsterism is here. How did we go from J.F.K. to here?

Who are these fake Dem freaks? Sneaking in as members of the “Party of the People”! Let me answer: “Its”! Things. Corporate “Citizen United-ors”. Fakes.

The corporate “its” think they can fool the Working American Family, again - after doing it again and again and again! “They” will in 2018, if the story remains untold and mis-understood. The story of our America that has been “gangsterized”. That’s right! What happens when we take for granted our DEMOCRACY! Banksters. Corporate bosses. Lying politicians. Muted MSN. Militarized police in every efin’ city. Stolen elections. Repressed voting rights. Immigrant scapegoating - a poverty imposed upon us by cheating and stealing by those politicians and their paymasters with zero morality. Animals, now. Beasts. We must win the morality war. Take heed of the heretic narrative of the extremist Evangelicals that distorts the true Evangelicals, who teach of a Christ that judges us by our narrative of how well we take care of the least of us. The false narrative that is being fostered by multi-nationals corporations is what needs to be shown to everybody. That war is not the answer, ONLY LOVE!

Unless Rev. Dr. Barber and We the Poor build a gigantic TRUTH SHEILD before the November elections. The repubs, the bullies and violent types that they are, with their “freak” corporate Dems (sorry Bernie, not you!), who think only about money and how too cheat their way into office. While the fake “progressives” (actually corporate and former repubs and other right-winger plants) of the Dem party, will watch with glee as their Dem colleagues (Berners, and real progressives) win primaries in various state races. Why? 'Cuz the truth is just THAT! The Truth. And It rings true with morality-based people, no matter what religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, color or no religion!

These sleazy Dem corporate-types, “its”, are already slinking into their election-day slynesses, you can bet on it! Counting-on getting their third, forth and fifth houses, getting a bigger yacht and Lear and perhaps even more unspeakable avarices-driven desires on the side, lol!

Yes, these corporate “its” will attempt to sneak in with the “populace tide” as We the People WON’T hear about these “its” from the MSM, NO! MSNBC and CNN and others will just use the term “Democratic Party or Democrats”. And voila! We get another corporate-run government by the congressional military surveillance state - not We the People! Goodbye Planet Earth wilderness, clean water, cool days and nights and breathable air. I say, maybe, not this time. I say We the Poor People Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival will win the day. A thousand of us arrested, last Monday - across the country in 40 state capitol cities and Washington, D.C. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/14/poor-peoples-campaign-arrests-martin-luther-king

Next week the numbers of marchers and witnesses and arrestees will increase and eventually double, then triple. As the 5-more Mondays roll by, We the Poor and our allies meet-up in Washington, D.C. Organizing like hell for the next phase - changing the hearts and minds of every efin’; body over the next years leading up to the 2020 November presidential election cycle!


We seem to be adding black marks on a daily basis at this point.


It is a sad measure on our society when your victory involves a thousand people being arrested. I wish you and the movement all the best. If we are ever to free ourselves from the shackles of the oligarchs, it will start with a movement such as this.


This is why the Dems may end up throwing away their chance to take back the House. Look at the latest polling in the generic congressional races, the Dems look like they are consciously trying to lose the mid-terms.


I see “The Draft” coming, then a march to war with North Korea. Armageddon is knocking at the door with a devilish wind pushed by their sky-gawd religion. Please tell me I am wrong.


The already dark clouds over the US suddenly darken even more. This only makes the world a much more dangerous place for citizens of the U.S. A sad, sad day.


Trump is so much worse than I could have ever imagined. He is a vicious evil doer who apparently will stop at nothing to bring about regression in the United States and around the world.


Haspel should have been rejected not because she wouldn’t uphold “American values”

But because she would.


It’s worth restating.

This is why it does not work to vote for people just because they are Democrats. This is not “centrism” or “moderation.” This is not “progressives getting things done.” This is not “at least better than” ISIS or ISIL or Assad or Hussein or the Taliban or Ghaddafi or so on and so forth. This is the engine for most of the violence, most of the acrimony, most of the greed and poverty and perversity in the world.


He is a gem of a writer and historian. Hope you read or have read his Children of the Days.


Sounds great. This could be the start of Gandhian non cooperation.


It also comes in handy to get terrorist suspects to admit to things they otherwise wouldn’t admit to, or anyone for that matter. It comes in very handy to make certain that terrorist suspects can never be tried in anything other than a military court, because in regular court proceedings at least for now, any coerced (by torture) evidence is inadmissible. So absolutely perfect for a covert action by part of a government against its own citizens to cover its tracks and make certain that any real due process is never followed in relation to those events.