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Black Sites for Children: Trump DHS Breaking US Law By Sending Young Immigrants to Secret Detention Centers


Black Sites for Children: Trump DHS Breaking US Law By Sending Young Immigrants to Secret Detention Centers

Julia Conley, staff writer

Immigrant rights advocates were horrified Tuesday by a new report which confirmed that the Trump administration is sending some immigrant children to clandestine facilities that are not known to their families and lawyers and are not equipped to provide care to vulnerable minors.


For-profit prisons are just as evil—if not more so—than for-profit health care.


As a Christian nation, clearly it’s what Jesus would do.


Human trafficking is an annual $150 billion illegal, global industry with illegal profits derived from exploiting forced labor and sexual exploitation…


This is just one disgusting reason why Pompeo wants to shield united states employees from laws.


They “lost track” of over 1500 children from the immigrant prisons, while they somehow have no problem keeping track of their parents.
It strikes me as unlikely that they will all turn up one day.


It is so much more sinister than we are made to believe…


The growing dystopia that is the United States today is making “The Hunger Games” look like “Alice In Wonderland.”


Given the profit motive, organ harvesting is just around the corner. I mean that seriously.


What have we come to? This administration has sunk to a new level of sadism.


HI TowerofBabel-----OMG-- an organ harvesting operation -----but as America is turning into a dystopian novel—you are probably correct. Secret places to keep the kids— and off the books- too--------so how many perverts work in ICE? If somebody kidnaped Ivanka’s kid Theo- maybe then someone would care— but sigh—probably care only about Theo. Does the United Nations have any group that looks into kidnapped children? Is this a war crime? How would immigrants go about suing the US for child theft?


The Nazi officer in “Sophie’s Choice” let her keep one of her two children. I thought America could do a little better than that. The symbols change. The philosophy doesn’t.


Historically, the regard in which children are held - whether or not children qualify as fully human - has risen and fallen in different places and times.

Today we see an avalanche of evidence proving we live in a culture which despises children. Not just non-white children, either.


You have to understand how it works.
*Children are ripped from the arms of their parents or guardians and put into a dog kennel. Then some ICEman looks into the cage and sees no adult there (They’re in another prison or sent back to their native country’s death camps) so he says “unaccompanied” and ships them to a black site.
*I’m trying to not let my mind tell me what is probably happening to them there. It’s hard to type through tears.


Even though it has happened many times over the last several decades again I am ashamed to call myself a American. I could possibly have dual citizenship in Canada and should check it out. My Dad was born there and is dead now. I am old and cannot afford to move though.


Very few of us octogenarians can afford to move, but since we’re here, perhaps we can accidentally drop a bit of sand into the gears.


Yes, just ask Mike Pence.


This is just the first thing that popped up in my quick search. Actually there is much more, from the Middle East–Syrian refugees, from Africa, and elsewhere. How prevalent is it? As the Neoliberals always tell us, if you want more of something, make it profitable. (I would add: make it easy to take advantage of powerless people.)


I’m guessing that Jesus would not lock children in cages?
Although I am not a Christian, if the social and political message of Jesus had not been corrupted by deifying him, those values would be his real message.


Agreed but I would argue that this administration has made it visible.