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Black Snake Bleeding Out: How DAPL Is Duping Investors


Black Snake Bleeding Out: How DAPL Is Duping Investors

Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright

The Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) is yet another violent variable in the equation of environmental racism that plagues the United States, and the world—to the peril of Indigenous and low-wealth communities of color everywhere.

"The financial implications of this decision are both far reaching and profound, and may signal the death knell of DAPL."


This is wonderful news! This is how People Power can trump financial power!

Capitalists rarely stand on principles. If they think that the cost of a fight is going to be higher than any potential profit, they’ll eventually back down. Activists, on the other hand, act ONLY on their principles so if the Capitalists can’t deliver a killing blow in the very beginning of a conflict with activists, eventually they’ll back down.

This is why the Occupy movement eventually failed. Activists were attempting to appeal to the better nature of Capitalists while not doing anything to threaten their profits. In that kind of battle, the war of attrition goes to the Capitalist.

2017 will be the time to take this show on the road!


The Mckenzie Valley pipeline was one that was proposed for the High North In Canada way back in the 1970’s.

The Oil companies were flush with cash and were convinced that the opening of the Arctic to oil and gas exploration would lead to a huge demand to ship this product South. The project was opposed for years by various First Nations people, dene and Inuit included and was finally shelved.

In 2004 there was an attempt to ressurect this project. All outsanding land claims issues were since resolved and the Oil majors had come into agreement with the various peoples across whose lands it would cross in return for joint ownership of the same. It received approval in 2007 to be built but Gas prices plummeted making it non profitable. (Prices for Natural gas have dropped by 1/3)

Now here the irony. All of that fracking in the USA for Gas lead to that plunge in prices which in turn but those huge project on hold.

This is why there so much fear in the Oil industry about Solar power. In fact Koch Industries is supporting a group that is lobbying to prevent solar power projects off the ground and hoping to remove all incentives to the same under the guise of “non Governmnet interference in the free market” even as they receive their own subsidies.


The Black Snake movement could be a vehicle to prohibiting the hunting of predator species to annoy Uday and Kusay. Raise hell.

Online Direct Democracy


Sure hope this analysis is correct.
Mni Wiconi~Water is Life💦
If not, I will join my students and affinity groups on the frontlines this spring to kill The Black Snake.
The time has come to draw the proverbial line in the sand.
Oil profits over clean water is an easy call.


Let us not forget who will enter the White House in January, and even if he was impeached the Desk passes to a more intelligent; yet equally as repulsive Pence. The present nominees for heads of the various departments are all about oil. That said, I would not start dancing just yet. The DAPL is too close to completion to totally abandon. The price of oil is moving up and when it gets to the point of profitability, the drilling will begin once again.The higher the price per barrel, the more drilling that will ensue.

The article itself is more of a hypothesis based on the present and barely touches on the future of oil.
Most of this oil is destined for foreign ports and little; if any, remains for US consumption tells this poster that it does not meet the requirements of infrastructure as laid out by law.

Consider this. http://www.priceofoil.org/content/uploads/2016/09/Dakota_Access_Pipeline_subsidies.pdf Seems our taxes are contributing to this while at the same time; no matter which pipeline, we pay again for the tax break (subsidy) as it is not removed from the price of the oil being sold.

The solution would be to remove the entire pipeline; from beginning to end, if it does not meet the necessary criteria of it’s existence or is not rerouted. That should have been the fate of the KeystoneXL as well. I’ll also offer this as a bit more information for those that may be interested in oil abandonment. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/americas-abandoned-gas-oil-wells-are-spewing-out-methane-donald-trump-unlikely-help-1591475


It’s true enough that rising prices may spark more drilling, but if there is already four times the capacity to move the oil than there is oil, then even with more drilling, there may be no incentive to build the pipeline, especially if the oil field production is decreasing. The SOB who owns ETP is the original snake, and he owes his wealth in large part to favors granted to him by politicians, especially here in TX, who have benefitted from his largess. In other words, bought and paid for politicians. It is so nice to read that he stands to lose a bunch of cash.