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Black Thinkers like Bernie Sanders. They've Studied the Clintons' True Cost

Black Thinkers like Bernie Sanders. They've Studied the Clintons' True Cost

Steven Thrasher

Spike Lee is the latest black public intellectual to endorse Bernie Sanders and to question the sanity of black voters and politicians pledging their allegiance to the Clintons, who have done as much harm to black America as any living political couple. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am mystified by robust black support for Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Bill Clinton: the first “black” president
Barack Obama: the half black president
Bernie Sanders: the people’s president


I understand when establishment black political figures like Reps. Clyburn and Lewis feel compelled to endorse Hillary (but shame on them for lying about Bernie) for fear of retaliation by her political machine. I have more trouble understanding when non-politicians like the mothers of the victims of police violence endorse the wife of the President who introduced militarized policing and “Three Strikes” law to the U. S. in the 1990’s. Obviously, they are victims of her slick lying and lack of memory about her and Bill’s history of playing black militancy off against white racism when Bill was President - Sistah Soljah anyone? Is she that compellingly charismatic in person? The nuanced positions of Bernie just don’t seem to play well in the compressed environments of televised town halls and debates.

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Thanks for this article and a welcome to Spike Lee! Go Bernie.

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ON the other hand, Will Ferrell switched from Bernie to Clinton…

This is the key:

“The black members of congress seemed intent on maintaining their relationship within the Clinton power structure, no matter how deeply invested it may be in white supremacy.”

And it’s sold to the Black community in the same way that McDonald’s sells alleged “happy meals.” No matter that these meals make kids fat and then their social lives suffer… leaving them far from happy and frequently, Diabetic, to boot!

If Spike Lee can win the ear of a major Rap Artist who drums up a pro-Bernie tune… THAT will impact Black voters a great deal.

The Republicans who so proudly parade their racism and Crusades-style-enthusiasm for war are a virtual terror to the Black Community. I think this explains why many Black citizens still “side” with the Clintons. They view them as a bulwark against the sort of rabid racism that would set the South’s most frenzied racists free to return to lynching.

The Clintons act as benign overseers of the New Prison-Plantation system. Cruz would probably sponsor hangings as entertainment. Since Black voters hear it said that Bernie CANNOT win… they toss their lot with the benevolent dictators.


Yes, thank you Spike Lee and other Black intellectuals and a few artists. However, I highly doubt these few this late in the game will make very much difference. Younger blacks are already coming out for Bernie , but that’s not who traditionally votes in that community, so their votes are at best marginal. The problem as I’ve tried to get folks in here to accept is there is a nasty brand of antisemitism that exists pretty deeply in the older black community and a few artists and intellectuals will have absolutely no effect on these people.

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I hear you, Seadog, and I can only hope that you are wrong. Since I don’t live anywhere near there, I have no experience with that. Courageous of you to speak what you feel is true, tho.

I do agree that the loyalty shown to the Clintons, who have made many, many lives much, much worse, is puzzling. Here’s hoping that those youngsters are knocking on doors and having conversations about the differences between Bernie and the Clintons.


That’s obviously YOUR story and you’re sticking to it… regardless of any substantiation shown for this argument. And so far you’ve repeated it 3 X today.

So I flagged you.

A political whore with zero integrity - Ferrell no doubt wants to hang-out - all he deserves is contempt…

First Black President. Who named him this? I bet he cringed. Lack of awareness of many blacks is really heartbreaking.

You keep flogging this black anti-semitism thing, but fail to consider

  1. Clinton’s son-in-law is Jewish
  2. Clinton’s major donors are not only Jewish, but hard-line zionist and their primary motivation is that she will support Israel (and its occupied/stolen territory) to the hilt with American tax-payers money (and possibly lives if they can force an attack on Iran) - and of course, ignore completely its appalling treatment of Palestinians. Given that Sanders has said little on this subject during the campaign thus far, she comes across as more “Jewish” than him!
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