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Black Voters Saved Our Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/22/black-voters-saved-our-democracy


If the Democrats had focused on increasing the minimum wage to 25 per hour, increasing the minimum social security benefit to equal at lest the minimum wage, rebuilding the infrastructure, bringing the steel and aluminum mills home (what happens in a worst case when we are a war with no way to get these metals), getting rid of the disgusting student loan albatross, and rebooting unions like they do in Germany they would have won the white vote as you call it. I see an economic divide not a racial one. Race is a cloud the ruling class uses to divide the poor.


Where do some of these writers come from?

“Black Voters Saved Our Democracy”
WHAT democracy?

“Joe Biden needs to return the favor”???
How damned naive!!!

Damn that Kool-Aid must taste good!!!


I am sure there a few millions of those voters who cast their ballot for trump who will insist they did NOT vote for racism and fascism .

There are also those who voted for Joe Biden who claim they did not vote for anything that he promotes such as neo-liberalism and permanent war.

Remember what all of those Black people that “saved democracy” voted for when bombs dropped on another Country overseas.

I will suggest that in 4 years times Black Americans will still see a massive wealth gap , will still have lower life expectancies and will still fill the prison systems.They were after all not much better off under 8 years of Obama.


Biden and Harris need to get down to the Peach State and help get out the senatorial vote (January 5, 2021) by thanking the state for its support and explaining that more is needed, thus further enfranchising all voters of Georgia. If possible, they should send a coded message that they would not be sorry if that embarrassing Stone Mountain Monument got blown to holy hell in an orderly process.


Interesting… no mention of Obama.

Q: if Obama didn’t lift a finger for you, why on earth would you even waste your time writing this article???

I suggest you print out the quote below and tape it to your fridge to remind yourself of the reality of our leadership.

“Joe Biden does not have my back.”


Democracy has been saved! What a revelation! Thank you to whoever did it. Here I was thinking that Oligarchs, Plutocrats, Multi-National Corporations, Christo-Fascists and the likes of McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi and their ilk still ran the show. What was I thinking? I’ll go back to sleep peacefully now.
Wake me up for the Fourth of July!


Apparently the writer wrote this idiotic piece in HER sleep!




Trooth, if there is such a thing as an unsheeple…you are it! Or maybe an unbrain washed sheeple. Well said.


“ To die, to sleep; To sleep : perchance to dream : ay, there’s the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams (or hallucinations) may come…” (Hamlet)

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Best compliment I’ve EVER gotten on here. Thank you, Shanti!!!


Damn right they did. I’ve been championing the genius of the black vote for decades. Hispanics, Asian-American, indigenous peoples, all marginal groups can learn from their brilliance.

The black vote vote of a few core issues and decides to resolve other issues at home, church, within the community, etc.

The black vote votes on voting rights, civil rights, job opprotunities and economic access as their core focus and are very strategic about voting for candidates they think can win.

Because they vote as a near-solid bloc it is a force-multiplier on their votes. They saved Biden in the Democratic primary. The were cool to Warren even though they liked her policies better. They were cool to Kamala Harris even though she’s half-black because they didn’t see her as strong against Trump in a one-on-one match-up. Black voters vote strategically.

Latino voters, Native-American voters, Asian-American and Pacific-Islander voters all should study and learn from the black vote. Trump and Republicans successfully divided-and-conquered the Latino/Hispanic vote in various places that cost Democrats in the 2020 election.

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Skin color does not influence republicans or democrats as much as money does.

On a political spectrum, Biden/Harris and Trump/Pence are much, much closer to Clarence Thomas

and Colin Powell than to Bernie Sanders (not that I have faith in Sanders - another democrat).

It is economic power which they prefer above all else.

Sure, they’ll pander for votes. That’s easy. Just as Obama was/is a predatory phony, they will

continue to throw the least powerful under the bus to please their corporate owners.


Better call those Black voters back, Ms. Rogers: it appears that there is more saving to do.


The author knows that Biden is a traitor to the working class, but she responded in the best way she could; to vote for the lesser of two evils. If Americans had found a viable, progressive party, Biden would have lost and perhaps Trump would have lost as well. But that option was never offered.
In the meantime at least we ‘may’ have a President who is open to new ideas, but I do agree with you that Obama’s track record did nothing to win support of the 99%.

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It’s called the Amerikan dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. - George Carlin

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Biden has been horrible for the black community. Crime bill anyone.

Harris fined poor parents generally of color if their children missed school.
Harris was the least popular of every candidate, yet we are stuck with her.

Explain this strategy please.


Excellent article!! Sure you can dispute that democracy was saved but you can not dispute that Trump would be president for the next four years if not for the persistence of Black and Latinx votes. I think we all recognize that remediation is the new progress on some issues,

There is just no room for even subtle racism.

Thank you

Stacy Abrams is the HERO.
The article writer should be moving to Georgia right now to join in the difficult work to elect two democratic senators there.

Please also remember that the black vote stayed home in 2016, so we got Trump the lump.
Who has daily made it more difficult for anyone to catch up, get ahead, and now with covid19 - stay healthy and even alive.