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'Blacklisting' of Ring-Wing Stories More Proof that Facebook 'Rules the News'


'Blacklisting' of Ring-Wing Stories More Proof that Facebook 'Rules the News'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Revelations that Facebook regularly "blacklisted" conservative stories from the platform's "trending" news section was met with outrage on Monday from journalists across the political spectrum who found the company's alleged abuse of power "disturbing" and potentially dangerous.


One has to wonder if they would also censor hard-left leaning stories as well, especially those that might advocate higher taxes and restrictions on moving wealth around by newly rich bastards like Zuckerberg? I don't personally have a stake in this, I don't "Facebook", I believe they want to know too much about users.


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So Facebook removes "right-wing" stories, from its "trending" news? I guess it would remove genuinely "left wing" (i.e. Marxist or anarchist) "trending" news stories too - but the corporate media that preceded the invention of Facebook has pretty memory-holed all that out of the public consciousness already.


Zuckerberg is Big Brother.

Bernie pages, some with over 50K followers have been disappearing from Facebook. If you listen to Zuckerberg speak, you quickly realize that he is an arch neoliberal. He's now a full-fledged member of the global elite, and the erasure of privacy, and ultimately national boundaries and sovereignty as an impediment to that goal of the elimination of privacy, is his obsession.

If Facebook's long-term vision is realized you will live in a perpetual neoliberal techno-dystopia, ruled over by happy-face oligarchy that will drone-murder you if you aren't sufficiently "social and cheerful". It's essentially the end-game of the technology project: a world of absolute human standardization where you will be perfectly obedient and all will be known about you or else.


Facebook is the destroyer of privacy and now also the controller of news. Questions should certainly be raised about one corporation controlling that much news flow in a democracy. When is Congress going to act? People should have the right to see the data that Facebook collects on them and to have it removed from Facebook's servers if they want. The Europeans have a lot more control over their data than do Americans. Exactly what do to about Facebook controlling such a large portion of news flow needs to be quickly addressed.


I hate Facebook. Wish they would go bankrupt.


Does it really matter?


While I obviously don't concur with right-wing politics, the absolute last thing I want is censorship or manipulation of what is 'organically' happening at any point in time. Just because the thoughts and activities are not being reported doesn't mean they are not happening. Knowledge is power.

The individual freedom of being able to think for yourself and forming a position or an opinion and then expressing that position or opinion is vitally important in a truly free and democratic society. Just as important is the ability to express your (sincere) opinions without the fear of censorship or manipulation by the ruling class to suit themselves or bury dissent.

Without free speech, there is no democracy.

This example and action by Facebook was/is a step towards fascism in which authoritarian rule of the ruling class is being exercised in a blatant, in-your-face way.


Stop using facebook. If you're on it, get off it.

It's easy.


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More chilling than facebook being up to it's predictably insidious tricks once more is the fact that it has become such a widely-used and influention news 'outlet.' When one tunes in to Wolf Blitzer or one of the other droids on a network like CNN, at least they're passively absorbing a propaganda that's crafted for a general audience and therefore of limited effect... it's a one-way street. With the facebook, however, the relation is transactional, with information going both ways. The more one subjects themselves to this, the more the AI learns and the more effective the propaganda becomes. Of course, when one considers these so-called 'smart TVs' and this 'internet of things,' the major networks may not be far behind old Zuckerberg and his shananigans. Strange days indeed... most peculiar, mumma.


if Facebook blacklisted Right Wing News,it would blacklist ****Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld,:grinning::slightsmile:_**** **whom deserve to be blacklisted.


Indeed, the rabbit hole goes deeper. Check out this video if you haven't yet heard about this nightmare:


FB censors pretty much everything, but it's often passive. For example, one reason the right wing gets nailed so much is that their posts get an army of "flags" from Democratic partisans on a regular basis. As Sanders' supporters have recently found out, there's a large chunk of corporate-friendly Dems out there willing to use FB to conduct their petty little propaganda battles on.
The flagging/reporting system is what causes most of the problems. If a flag reaches a sort of critical mass, a post gets removed and is supposed to get reviewed after that. But the reality is that if no one complains about removal, it's often just left off. FB is above all things, lazy.

Nevertheless, the lesson here is to use FB in ways that serve your interests, not theirs. It's a bit of a tug of war, but that's the price for being on it. Don't rely on FB to provide news. Don't rely on any major corporate unit to provide you information. It will almost always be bad.

Edit: I need to note that the subject of "trending" however, is different. That is something that comes from FB techs and, obviously, needs to stop. However, again, the lesson is the same: don't rely on FB as a primary source for your information, tempting as that little sidebar is. It's mostly celebrity vomit anyway. Go find a couple of better outlets.


I don't facebook.
And still I find this exceedingly funny! The right is getting a taste of their OWN MEDICINE AND THEY DON'T LIKE IT!


I don't use Facebook. About 5 years ago I had a Facebook account but it was too creepy even then, so I shut it off as best I could. When ThinkProgress.org switched all of its commenting to Facebook, I pretty much lost interest in ThinkProgress.

It's important to have a strong, democratic-oriented, preferably self-funding, grant-funded and/or community-funded group of coders who can partly take apart any of these monopolies by retroengineering a workaround app, so we don't come to what Facebook is going to come to.


Don't worry, since we will only be around for about another 15 years or so... we will soon be seeing a collapse of all of this... the methane burp is close.. and the permafrost is fast melting... so, get ready folks, this will all go by the wayside soon... get ready for REAL SERIOUS SHIT.... SOON.


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For the record, I am a progressive who despises most of the conservative agenda. However, with that said this article provides one more reason why I have never been interested in being on Facebook. The cynic in me finds the term "social media" suspicious. I think that Zuckerberg is a huge weasel and I have never trusted his motives. My suspicion was strengthened after I saw the documentary "Terms and Conditions May Apply" about entities like Facebook. Watch it and wait for the comment about what "The Zuck" really thinks of his "members". It really seems to be true that once these media titans attain billionaire status they become amoral a-holes.
"Social media" is just another term for the simulacra that we settle for in our lives. No thanks.