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#BlackLivesMatterAtSchool is a National Uprising for Racial Justice


#BlackLivesMatterAtSchool is a National Uprising for Racial Justice

Jesse Hagopian

Educators in America know all too well that the school-to-prison pipeline is not just a political catchphrase. Those who work with students of color know this pipeline is as real as any other.

“It extends across this country,” says Seattle educator, attorney, and organizer Nikkita Oliver.


Thank you, Black Lives Matter, Jesse Hagopian, The Progressive, and CD for opening my eyes a little further. Though I come in halfway through the week, I’ve learned things that will stay with me long past. I’ve also this week come across the Southern Poverty Law Center’s study of how slavery is (not) taught in US public schools, though they didn’t give such egregious examples, and their project to change that:


Slavery is not over in the US and in the world. Slavery in military conflict situations, slavery in prisons, slavery sometimes in prostitution, slavery during the immigration process sometimes…


I remain very confused at the subtle and often not-so subtle hostility of the white-left towards BLM. The paucity of comments here - and to matters of racism in general - is just more evidence of this.

And one of the two comments here - the one with all the “likes” - was effectively a thinly veiled dismissive, “all lives matter” response to BLM’s concerns and the reality or racism in the USA.

Worst of all are the Trotskyist “World Socialist Web Site” attacks BLM. On this topic, you could mistake them for a fascist “alt right” site.


As both the BLM project covered in the OP and Southern Poverty Law Center (see the link in my earlier comment) note, everything @helen listed is a present concern and particularly harmful to People of Color. Indeed, it’s disappointing that there isn’t more attention given here, but you don’t help the situation by yourself dismissing one of the two other commenters. How do you know who @helen is?


I am dismissing the comment, not the commenter. A comment about “slavery” has nothing to do with the police brutality and racist discrimination that BLM was organized to resist, and resembles the “all lives matter” remark.

I’m sure I’ll agree with Helen’s comments on many other topics…


Take a look at the program running this week focusing on education (hint: the topic of the OP); plenty of reference to the under-teaching of slavery.


oh how we close our eyes when the truth comes out. i think, dream,live in my own zone where everyone is welcome and able to pursue the american dream. how can we deny anyone an existence on more then welfare and food stamps. we are our own worst enemy. these kids in school today are our politicians of tomorrow, think about that for a minute.


The response is not hostile, thinly veiled or unveiled. Honest, no hostility. I feel inclusive. I feel your pain, let’s all feel everyone’s pain.
The approach of let’s only talk about black issues, I see as a racial and ethnic discrimination discussion. A Muslim discrimination society says they are focused on Muslim problems , but will they talk about others? They will.
The Holocaust Society wants to redefine Holocaust to be only the one Jewish event. A discussion of the past, present and future genocide events in the world cannot be discussed in the same breath, under the same funding or otherwise.
I see a problem with this approach.
For ethnic issues, why can’t a person say,…and also?
This is the way Hitler divided society!!! First , take out the handicapped, the going around to religions one by one, to races, even finally to Catholics. Racism affects all our people, hurts everyone.

I’m not attacking BLM. Just like the world of women added to gymnasts complaints about assault, where metoo opened up women’s attacks to a bigger world of sexual assault. To me BLM is about racism and ethnic discrimination, for all. Maybe not for them.


Well, I feel foolish. This topic is about BLM, and all about how little the heritage of slavery has been recognized and addressed in our society. All lives matter like all houses matter when yours is the one on fire.

Sorry for doubting your insight, @Yunzer.