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Blackout Tuesday: The Bernie Sanders Speech Corporate Media Chose Not To Air


Blackout Tuesday: The Bernie Sanders Speech Corporate Media Chose Not To Air

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though Bernie Sanders had an admittedly disappointing night on Tuesday, losing four of five primary contests to rival Hillary Clinton, he still took to the stage in Phoenix, Arizona to speak to his supporters and television cameras about his vision for the nation and the drive of his campaign moving forward.

The problem? No cable or major news channel ran the speech. Not all of it. Not even some of it.


THIS (corporate censorship) is what fascism looks like.


The Revolution will not be televised, we all know that.


To those in the forum who have insisted on Jill Stein… seeing how Bernie Sanders is rendered invisible and given a FRACTION of the media time granted to Trump and even Clinton, do you now understand why a 3rd party contender has as much a chance of being seen, heard, and placed on ballots (that are counted!) as ice freezing in hell?

Imagine if Mr. Sanders got that air time! Had the chance to educate voters in North Carolina and Florida? VERY different vote counts would result!

Advertising works because particular word frames are repeated often. Is there anything good about cigarettes? In fact they KILL… but advertising makes them SEEM appealing, even sexy to some… thus lucrative worldwide sales. Same thing with soda: sugar added to water with a bit of flavoring turned into a multi-billion dollar empire.

So if unhealthy products like cigarettes and soda can be widely sold thanks to advertising’s ability to “sex them up,” it works the same way with candidates. The media, PR people, agents of propaganda, and other Information Specialists all know this. Hence the blackout on Sanders.

It is an attack on the nation, of course. As only a candidate deferential to the 1% will be allowed to sit on the American Throne.

Since everything is being done to render Sanders invisible and irrelevant, and Mrs. Clinton LIES continuously to sound progressive (thereby taking the wind out of Mr. Sanders’ sails), in the event that she, Trump or Cruz obtain the Oval Office… I hope the fervor now being drummed to a fever pitch will not just go out.

“Do not go gently into that dark night… rage, rage against the dying of the light!” (I think this line comes from Dylan Thomas, but if not, please correct me.)

PLEASE check this out–it shows just how unfair the system is, as set up… and the speaker shows that Cruz got into office due to VERY few persons… hardly the majority that most citizens associate with any individual winning office:


Right on, Sioux Rose! Just left a message for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to let her know that as a 69 year old who has been a D since I was 18, I will be leaving the party as soon as the local Democratic convention is over as my husband and I are both Sanders delegates. I do this because of the obvious corruption in the DNC. I am also boycotting all news on the mainstream media which also includes National Pentagon Radio. Bernie Sanders promotes a peaceful revolution with his election, but the oligarchs dare to silence his message to protect their yuge paychecks. People are starting to wake up and smell the stench of the US “gubmint”. I would not vote any Clinton dog catcher. EVER! BernieorBust


Excellent post Siouxrose, thank you.


Corporate media is a moronic phrase: For-profit “news media” makes about as much sense as for-profit “healthcare.”


They want to ignore Bernie, we can ignore Hillary in the Fall. I always intended to do that anyway. Actually, I got my “Stop Hillary” bumper sticker in the mail and it goes on my car for the rest of the election cycle (or until Hillary is out). If Bernie is not the nominee, then a Green Party sticker replaces my Bernie sticker. Hillary MUST lost this election if anything is ever going to change for average people, for the better. Unless her faction loses control of the party, and the only way for that to happen is for her to lose this election, we will never wrest control of the party away from them.


Yesterday, Amy had this passage during a guest interview on “Democracy Now”:

AMY GOODMAN: This is CBS CEO Les Moonves speaking recently at a Morgan Stanley-hosted conference in San Francisco.

LESLIE MOONVES: Who would have thought that this circus would come to town? But, you know, it may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS [laughter]. That’s all I’ve got to say. So, what can I say? It’s—you know, the money’s rolling in, [celebratory-sounding laughter] and this is—

UNIDENTIFIED: Polls are open.

LESLIE MOONVES: This is—this is something. I’ve never seen anything like this. And, you know, this is going to be a very good year for us. But—sorry, it’s a terrible thing to say, but bring it on, Donald. Go ahead. Keep going. [laughter and applause]

It sounded like a parody on SNL or something The Onion would print. But it is not. The above is NOT parody.


Exactly. That is why, if at all meaningful, the phrase “corporate media” simply denotes advertising.


Except this is what we have.


Last night I posted a link to Bernie2016tv on youtube where they were streaming Bernie’s speech—I said:

“Bernie is still going strong right now ----talking about wealth inequality to yet another enthusiastic crowd in Arizona (Bernie2016tv on youtube, live). He is unbelievable.”

Bernie2016tv is the only source I can stomach during “election” night. They played his entire speech and work to find media outlets that they connect with. Believe it or not, they’ve found a friend in Foxnews Arizona.

We need to actively promote progressive sites that are speaking the truth and covering these events.

Common Dreams: Please provide front and center links ( if not live streams) to non main stream media sources that are working hard to provide coverage. Join forces with other sites to figure out how to get out the truth.

The millenials are doing this but they can’t do it alone.


So you want to go with the old leftist tactic of “sharpen the contradictions” aka “the worse, the better”? That is what the communists tried in Germany in 1933…

Sorry, good in theory, but it doesn’t work. The awfulness of Trump will not “radicalize the proletariat and sweep the revolutionary vanguard onward and upward.”

Or are your motivations even more infantile - those of a spoiled, disturbed kid who threatens to burn his parents house down if he doesn’t get his way.


The Democrats are not making that choice, the voters are.




I actually got to watch it on CSPAN as the night was winding down (late - maybe 11ish eastern?). It was pre-recorded of course, but they did at least show it.


I was thinking about the idea that the voters are the ones doing the choosing and it made me think of how once upon a time, politicians would swear to hold Social Security sacrosanct and all but outright pander to the senior citizen crowd because they voted even if younger ones didn’t. Currently, the seniors are at their largest numbers ever and yet, the pols can’t stop tripping over themselves to say they want to cut Social Security. Back then, the senior vote was deemed especially important but not any more. I wonder what exact date that first began and whether and how closely that coincides with the introduction of electronic, e.g., Diebold, voting. I’m not saying there’s likely anything more than a correlation but something changed, big time, to cause the senior vote to be disregarded and in fact antagonized. I admit to just thinking of this and have not done any research but any thoughts?


The bias media is over-covering Trump because they want him to win and the leftie loonies still complain.


For those who have contributed to Sander’s campaign:

why aren’t we hearing from him?
This is the first time after a primary, I have not gotten a stream of emails from him.

This is disturbing.


I was thinking the same thing…