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Blame Game as Shutdown Looms. (Hint: Republicans Control White House and Congress)

Blame Game as Shutdown Looms. (Hint: Republicans Control White House and Congress)

Jon Queally, staff writer

"When Republicans control the Senate, House and White House, and they blame Democrats for the shutdown, I don't think anybody is going to take that seriously."

It’s always useful to remember that, in terms of neoliberal capitalism, the Democrats and Republicans have had a “good cop/bad cop” routine running for decades now as they collectively work to concentrate wealth at the top. “Shocks” such as shut-downs are deployed to keep us off balance. The end game they are working for at this point is to loot our social safety nets. A few more shocks leading to another recession/depression, and they will steal every penny we all put into Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, close down all components of the government that purport to serve the common good (e.g., the EPA, OSHA), beef up their military/police state to preserve their victory, and call it a day.


Obviously, it’s more important to party than to ensure the government keeps running.

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More needs to be reported on this “disarray” of the republicans that “rump has created”. I don’t understand what is going on and I’m sure rump supporters are completely ignorant of it. Also, the democrats really need to clearly communicate why they are against this spending bill. The reasons the democrats express for being against it needs to not include immigration reform. The repubs are painting the democrats as being pro-illegal immigration, which isn’t going to help democrats any at all.

Oh, and remember in 2013 when the repubs filibustered the spending bill that caused a gov’t shut down? They did that purely out of spite just to try to make Obama look ineffectual. Why is no one reminding us of this?

Finally, Sanders is wrong. rump supporters will surely beleive the democrats are behind the shutdown just because truth be damned. They will refuse to believe that their team has disagreements amongst themselves. That’s why the democrats need to be very very careful about how they craft their reasons for not supporting this spending bill. I’m not holding out for hope that the democrats will finally relinquish their stupidity.

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Yeppers, Ed. Here is their (oft repeated) theme song:


I find myself thinking about the history of history being twisted so as to suppress REAL understanding of SOCIETY as opposed to prioritizing the nation state/corporation. Human curiosity and drive to study and understand and innovate has been the deepest problem the predatory system faces. It is unable to innovate in a balanced and healthy way. As a result it has “taught” that human nature is mean and destructive - like Trump.

Why was Citizens United introduced? Because the system is unsustainable without systematized predation chewing away at every aspect of life, which we are witnessing in spades.

Our challenge is, in my opinion, to finesse the art of living (in the finest sense of the term) under the late stage systemic predatory capitalist sword of Damocles - and to educate ourselves by engaging life and doing. To adopt a methodology of the best crafts legacies ever known: apprenticeship - learning/studying fundamentals of the arts of living in community; to learn the skills that free one from the forced dependency of predatory systems and to see the groveling self-aggrandizing slaves to predatory masters for what they are: empty shells playing a shell game.
Humility, in the predation system, is regarded as a weakness to be destroyed. Why? Because it is a primary component in the choice to listen, learn, and serve among equals.


Actually, the entire Republican base of voters truly believe that this is the Democrats’ fault. No amount of logic or facts will change this.


“Democrats are demanding protections for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants facing deportation, and Republicans are insisting that government funding not be tied to immigration.”

Funny, the Clinton/Obama DINO Dems almost never really fight for much of anything except campaign-contributor factions and military/security-state spending, and R’Cons always demand “linkage” - the adding of extraneous favorite items to bills - except curiously in this case with the DACA Dreamers, R’Cons demand no linkage…tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb playing the same old game, and as usual, the “little people” - 99% are the victims…


Exactly how long do they believe the people are going to buy into this constant right, left blame game, when the real problem is the economic system and how it is misunderstood, then, abused to no end by those that do understand how it really functions, like a casino where were we all know the house never loses.


Just remember your recent US politcal history. Back in 1981 Reagan called government the “problem.” He, and most conservatives since beleived that government was too expensive and too Inefficient and would be better off run like a business.
Fast forward 17 years. Conservatives on both does of the aisle have made government expensive and inefficient, and are running it like a business. This pending shut down is EXACTLY what they want now. Their entire motis apparandi has been building to this moment.
Let it shut down. Let it collapse. Then maybe the people will awaken and establish a new nation. I wouldn’t hold my breath for an orderly re-organization of the USA, though. We have too many guns, and way too many nuts for an orderly decline.
The Balkanization of America is about to kick into overdrive.

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Here’s the good news: The kabuki show is brought to you free of charge by our corporate sponsors.

Both parties of the Duopoly will be blamed.

And rightly so.

Both got us here.

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could it be that the bubble of freedom we live in is about to pop?

Hahahaha, that’s funny!
I hope to get involved in a conversation with one! The 2 Non-Representative-of-my-views senators I have both weren’t there to help the GOP. One is away in chemo and the other said ‘No’.
This couldn’t be more squarely blamed than on their chosen one and his lack of leadership.
It is yet more proof that Republicans Hate America!

What we have here is just an old fashioned goat f%#k. Nothing more, nothing less. The gop is a figment of a political party. It’s criminal. Christ on a pony!

Duck and cover, here comes the Republican BS blame game. They control both houses of congress and the White House, but it is all the fault of Democrats. Feel like an index finger down the throat? Then if this Republi-mania gets momentum it is always Obama’s fault. Obama voodoo? Trump is the most horrific president in our entire history and the Republican Party elected him. The first warrant-less search and seizure should be against Trump.

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I really believe that at some point Mother Earth will do something so big and so often that it will overshadow everything, we, the most mighty country on earth are only prepared for constant war . . we will probably try to nuke Climate Change . .