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Blame the Neoliberals: Democrats' Toxic Ideology Paved the Way for Trump


Blame the Neoliberals: Democrats' Toxic Ideology Paved the Way for Trump

Jake Johnson

Congratulations are not in order. Donald Trump's bigotry, his heinous treatment of women, his authoritarian posturing, his hatred of free speech, and his stupendous ignorance are more than sufficient to make him a figure worthy of unqualified contempt — and now he is president of the United States.

In the coming months, Trump will attempt to impose himself on the country, and the state of the countervailing forces is hardly reassuring; Republicans are abhorrent, and Democrats are feckless.


Thanks to post-election Common Dreams for publishing so many excellent analyses that place primary blame where it belongs: with the neoliberal corporate and financial elites who took over the Democratic Party, and screwed the vast majority.

Here's hoping that Common Dreams staff can follow this path forward, and not again be derailed by lesser-evilism.


Yes, good riddance to the neoliberal/con DNC and all the Democrats that have sold the people out for personal gain.
Voting machines that flip votes and are hackable, gerrymandering, voter roll scrubbing and voter suppression in all it's various forms helped Trump get elected and helped Clinton undermine Bernie.
If neither side goes after these lawless tactics that have been used visibly since GWBush we cannot expect fair elections. No one wants to prosecute the law breakers in rigged elections, banking fraud, pay for play officials and any number of other illegal tactics. It is as though they approve either side to do what ever it takes to win.
Yes, the public is fed up and defected from Democrats not because Trump was better but because Dems betrayed us.
All of these things gave Trump the presidency and they have no one to blame but themselves. They were warned loud and clear and they ignored us. They get what they deserve. Our country is now leaderless.


Succinct, accurate reasoning - that all of us on the "true" Left knew months (even years) ago. But we were ignored and will most likely continue to be ignored by the Democratic establishment. This is a good spot to say thanks to writers like Johnson who have posted sane, un-propagandistic articles like this one all during the election process (God knows, they were few and far between with all the BS identity-politics and insulting the working-class articles written by the "give-me-a-tony-job, I'll shill for you" Neo-liberal wannabes). One thing we HAVE learned this year is who is worth reading and who is not.


Sometimes it is necessary to state the obvious that the so-called mainstream media choses to ignore. Excellent article.


"If we have just witnessed the death of the Democratic establishment, well, good riddance.”

The most relevant - and hence important - sentence in the whole article. Good job, Jake Johnson.


Corporate centrism has failed to defeat even the most incompetent figurehead

Pursuit of the money instead of standing for the core ethics of true statesmanship has brought our two parties down

The giant pink elephant not mentioned here is that paid lapdog which is modern news manufacturing

Rather than a robust analysis of failed ideas, like this article, we have Orwellian doublespeak. Bought and paid for.

Yes, Fox, NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, WaPo, NY Times, Wall Street.....et al. I'm talking about you.


One of the major mistakes of the Clinton campaign was to make Trump's "heinous treatment of women" one of their campaign strategies. Their leaking of the Billy Bush tape was a big miscalculation and basically blew up in their face, despite the fact that the Entertainment/Media complex reported it as if it destroyed any chance of Trump winning.


Because of Bill Clinton. Because of too many reports by the women heinously mistreated by Bill Clinton that Hillary Clinton went after them too. Because people remember her calling them "Bimbos."

Those who were already for Trump hunkered down, seeing (rightfully) that the Clintons were a bunch of sleezy hypocrites who attacked others for doing what they do. Their natural inclination was to defend Trump and believe the accusations were all dirty tricks. Then the Clinton campaign and their pet media accused his supporters of being deplorables who themselves like the idea of mistreating women. Again, their natural inclination was to get angry and support their candidate more. Here's a meme by someone named Coop LoPresto that one of my Facebook friends, who supports Trump, posted on this:

When all the non-racist, non-misogynist, non-homophobic, non-bigoted, everyday ordinary people get so sick of you calling them racists, misogynists, homophobes, and bigots that they go out and vote against your candidate, do you:

A. Reevaluate your personal conduct and strategy of convincing people to share your politics?
B. Call them racists, misogynists, homophobes, and bigots and yell at them even more?
According to most of my timeline, you chose B. And that’s exactly why your candidate lost.

My friend is conservative, but he is not a bigot or someone who supports mistreatment of women. He also is a big union guy!

On the other hand, a lot of people who would never support Trump also saw through this hypocrisy. They might have felt comfortable supporting Clinton if they could have ignored Bill. The strategy of the Clinton campaign made the treatment of women a number one issue in 2016, thinking that since Clinton is a woman that was a winning strategy, but the result was that these undecided couldn't ignore Bill's misbehavior and also concluded that Clinton herself was hypocrite on this. It gave them one more reason to not vote at all.

There were other Clinton campaign strategies that were big mistakes. I might post my thoughts on them some other time.


Bravo, Jake! :dart: :us:


Beautiful article, my exact thoughts. Clinton loss for me doesn't represent a "Missed Opportunity" What it represents is we won't have a president who talks a good talk, and that's about it. The cycle of elitism and corruption continues with her, or whiteout her. Thanks to what they did to Bernie Sanders now we have president Trump. Nobody's fault but the DNC and their corruption. OWN IT!


I'm wondering....

Is there anything at all that's happened in the last 50 years that isn't the fault of the Democrats?


Another point is that Pres. Obama is seen by many in a positive light, even after the emails showing his Cabinet was selected for him by citibank officials (Froman email) and his far from satisfactory record on environment/labor/immigration...... and Clinton was seen as even more warlike and Wall Street/Zionist friendly.


When you hand the nation's sovereignty over to corporations I would hardly call it "centrism".


Unfortunately, we have to suffer the consequences they deserve — and would that our country were "leaderless." We have a fascist at the helm with no branch of government to contain him.

I know there are some decent Republicans out there, ones who actually do love their country. If you want to keep us from the abyss, please join with Democrats of like mind to preserve a semblance of what's good in America.


Without a fairness doctrine re-established there is no such thing as "News" as you may have grown up with it from the likes of Walter Cronkite, and Edward R. Murrow, etc. Once the Fairness Doctrine was eliminated, 'News' died and info-tainment was put in its place. Infotainment has no requirements beyond filling air time and bringing in advertising revenue.

Our posters here on CD are pretty good at informing us of the fine points of many arguments, however even this falls short of the desired mark.


True True

It could be said that the fairness doctrine in governmental affairs has been subjugated in general and that until it returns we will not have a government responsive to the people in general, but rather, specific people only.

And it was taught that this was the guiding principal for the Electoral College.

If we elected solely on the basis of popular vote, this would send the attention and solicitation to the population centers only, leaving out the rural and economically insignificant of our nation. Government spending would also evolve in this direction.

Should one be able to win Michigan by taking only Detroit or Wisconsin by taking only Milwaukee?

While one may dislike the outcome of this election, it does indeed show the validity of the Electoral College.

If we add up all the little rural forgotten people, it will rival the elite of the cities centers and in this case, out number however slimly, thus winning the election.

So is it truly valid to say that a simply majority wins? Or should elections be weighted against the curve so to speak, so that equal consideration be given to those millions of citizens that simply are overlooked in defining the "Necessary" of our nation.

Do we really take into account the needs of Kenosha WI, or do we simply respond to the Silicon Valleys.

I think this is also the crux of the argument against Citizens United.


Yep, lost in all the other postmortem talk is the fact that she ran one of the most incompetent presidential campaigns in memory. I recall reading the New York Times article (mentioned in this column) about how much time she was spending at cocktail parties in the Hamptons, rather than out listening to the rabble. That's beyond tone deaf. That's stupid incompetence. The fact that a bunch of Ivy League "meritocrats" got paid hundreds of dollars an hour to run that train wreck further incites my disgust with the "elite."