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Blaming Dead Pilots Brought to You by Boeing

Blaming Dead Pilots Brought to You by Boeing

Russell Mokhiber

The House Transportation Subcommittee on Aviation held an oversight hearing last week on the two recent Boeing 7373 MAX airplane crashes

Testifying were the heads of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Asking questions and making statements were 39 members of the House – 22 Democrats and 17 Republicans – who during the 2018 election cycle took in a total of $134,749 – or an average of $3,455 each from Boeing in campaign contributions.

Restrict the sales to American piloted airlines. I’m sure the American People and Boeing would eagerly agree.

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What is needed is to stop all Corporations from making any contributions to Politicians, PERIOD UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH !


Well, it’s a lot cheaper and they are already dead anyway. So they can’t defend themselves.


The part that is ignored is that part of the system was exploited by Boeing for profit and what was provided without this “option”…will the truth ever come out…plus only a fool would fly on this plane so this can become another example of greed based decisions blowing the whole project, as rich as Boeing is it just couldn’t bring itself to give the whole system as an essential package but greed prevailed. Blaming the victim one more time, a dead victim can’t speak out. Where are the pilot associations, maybe on the take too, i wonder.


In a nutshell what Boeing did under pressure from Airbus competition was attempt to fix a gross design error with a software patch and failed to include the existence, operation, and maintenance requirements of this system in the aircraft manuals.
Sounds criminal to me.


Hi Lannon : I’ve read that Trump is trying to sanction other nations for not buying Boeing, but for wanting to use Airbus.
Maybe it’s time for other nations to start sanctioning America, because the Bully of the Universe will only lead to more disasters. : (


Corporations, the media and politicians they own perfected the art of blaming victims while rewarding perpetrators a long tine ago.


Time for relatives and friends of the dead pilots to form a Dead Pilots Society to defend the good name of the pilots.

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Ahhh… the lush breeze from Citizens United…

take the money and run … this is where republics either dig in and clean up the crap of kleptocracy or revert to the primordial stew. The latter would appear to be the preference of the “elite”… which I tend to think of as “effete” cannibals at this point.

We don’t need “patriots” (the last resort of scoundrels) we need human beings engaged in the active well being of planet, community and society. The system is broken, long live human empathy, creativity and resilience.