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Blaming Lack of Sleep, Sessions Says He Forgot About Meeting With George Papadopoulos


Blaming Lack of Sleep, Sessions Says He Forgot About Meeting With George Papadopoulos

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"This is a full on lawyered up performance from Sessions. Almost every answer includes a version of 'I don't believe,' or 'I don't recall.'"


BS! The office of the AG has staff to check facts and history of the person’s statements, he does not do everything himself! IF that oversight was not done/accomplished Sessions is not “forgetful” but incompetent beside being a fascist, racist and liar! Not only that but Sessions has apparently also forgotten who he works for!! He serves the PEOPLE of the US, not the idiot depraved trump regime!

Session’s “Justice Department is willing to look the other way when there are protests and criticisms against police over excessive use of force and other kinds of misconduct. So whereas the Justice Department under President Barack Obama would launch investigations into police departments and even individual officers after protests over a police shooting, the Justice Department under Trump and Sessions has explicitly said it will not do that — and might even encourage the practices that led to protests in the first place”


Is this the 3rd or 4th time AG Sessions has been caught lying on forms or lying under oath to Congressional committees? There’s been so many instances and now that I’m getting older, it’s harder for me to recall them all.
There could be more but I’ll need some help with this. Does anyone have Jared’s phone #? How about Don Jr.'s? How about Mike’s #? How about …?


Liar, liar pants on Fire, nose as looonnnggg as a telephone wire…

Geez! How can ya be a lawyer, let alone AG USA with such a tired, oh gee, oh so tired…terrible memory, huh?
What a phucking, entitled little saltine ass.


I believe that most of us have about us much compassion for Mr. Sessions as he has for poor or minority criminal defendants. He is a disgrace to the nation and to the office he holds which I guess makes him very similar to his boss.


With his memory (or lack thereof) I think there’s a good possibility he’s in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s :thinking::smile:
And if he really is lying and he knows he’s lying then it’s time for him to be charged with treason!


“I don’t believe” a word out of Jeff Sessions piehole.

“I don’t recall” him ever telling the truth.


Love the “saltine” adjective…creative! Thanks for the laugh.


He knows he’s lying. Did you see him smirk at Sen Kamala Harris when she was questioning him? He said something like this is so fast and I am getting confused. POS should be railroaded out of government.


Dog ate his homework.


Stupid old white Southern curmudgeons that have taken lying to an abysmally low level to the point where truth for them is well beyond their reach. Sessions and his fellow Alabamian, Moore are two putrid peas in a rotting pod. Must be something in the water there.

“Blaming lack of sleep” is not a credible defense, axxhole.


…and he’s a professed devout evangelical Christian from the state of Alabama where only God’s good children live.


It’s not the water, it’s the grits …pronounced “gree-its.”


We are required to take Republican politicians seriously.


For me, Sessions excuses are DEJA MOO… I’ve heard this bull before.


Shudda had a ? at the end of your sentence.


It would be easier if you just try to monitor the times he is telling the truth. You will have a lot less work adding those up.


" Blaming lack of sleep" ?
A late night out at the teen prom with Moore?


I must credit Charles Pierce for that moniker.


There is something about the DoJ that damages the brain of the AGs. Alberto Gonzales had just a really difficult time remembering anything when he went before a committee and now Jeff seems to be afflicted with the same disease. Someone from the CDC needs to go through the office of the AG and see what gives. There is something in the air or in the coffee or something.