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Blaming Millennials for Their Elders’ Trump Attraction


Blaming Millennials for Their Elders’ Trump Attraction

Adam Johnson

Blaming Millennials is 2016’s hottest media trend.


The art and science of blaming the victims and rewarding the perpetrators reaches new heights (perhaps new lows is a more accurate perspective) with each passing year here in Murka.

Blaming millennials is part of the corporations, their media and politicians' strategy to get millennials to feel guilty and vote for Clinton.

Many Trump supporters who I have talked to have NO "TRUMP ATTRACTION". They don't believe anything he says any more than Clinton or Stein voters believe what Trump says.They simply believe that Clinton represents the Washington DC that has become so corrupt that it needs to be torn down. Although I don't agree that Trump is the person to tear it down, they do.

It is therefore apparent that the DNC and media's railroading Clinton into the nomination, not millennials, is what drove "their elders Trump attraction".


Thanks AJ. I have two millennials and through them know many more, and NONE of them are Trump supporters, but neither are they Clinton supporters.

The problem with the pundit class embedded in the status quo is that they fail to realize they are no longer wearing any clothes. Or to put it more directly, they haven't realized they are not, ESPECIALLY by millennials, believed or trusted anymore. So maybe the lack of "civics" indoctrination, if true, has actually resulted in a more eyes-open generation?


Witnessing my boomer friends' illogical unending hysteria during this election cycle I am pinning great hope on Justaman's children and their friends that they will be the wrench thrown into the duopoly machine that destroys it.


As someone born at the very tail-end of the baby-boom (1961), I am convinced that no solutions are possible for the country and the planet until the boomer generation (1945-'60ish) dies off. They have been the most self-centered generation, getting pretty much what they wanted. Burn the planet to a crisp? Sure - oh, we'll talk a good game about climate change, but now YOU people pay the price. Dismiss Union jobs to make tons of money? Damn right - now, YOU lazy Millenials suffer the consequences (and quit whining).

To watch someone like Bill Maher (who, frankly, I CAN'T watch anymore) wag his finger at young people for not supporting HIS candidate/position/BS and then deride them for not moving out of their parent's house is the epitome of these people. He (and they) have become that crotchety old man standing in the doorway of his (in this case hotboxed) house screaming at the kids to get off his lawn. And the fact so many of them still consider themselves as "fighting the system" is frickin' hilarious - they are, as you say, hysterical over this election, when they have the LEAST to lose. That's who articles like Stern's and Boot's are for - hey, not YOUR fault, it's those lazy, stupid kids. THEY need better education and WE have the solution - privatized schools! Oh, and you boomers can make even more money on those while again patting yourselves on the back. The drivel that passes for political discourse these days is pathetic.


As one of the boom age, I have to agree: My generation has messed up big time on pretty much every level. It is quite the embarrassment for sure. While I personally fight the fight and take a stand where ever that takes me, I am always impressed by the young people who show up. I am counting on them. No pressure!!!!


I'm not sure I agree with the hypothesis here. That is, an assertion that Trump's success (if you can call it that) is a result of a poor educational system does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that millennials are to be blamed for Trump's support (i.e. that they are poorly educated and can be pointed to as Trump supporters, which they clearly are not). His supporters, who tend to be older, are also less educated and are the by-product of an educational system which has been decimated by right wing politics. It appears that vast swaths of the late boomer generation and later pre-millennials lack critical thinking skills which should have been, but were not, developed in our educational system.

The millennials, although also a product of the decimated educational system, were blessed with an independent source of education which has largely offset the poor educational system -- namely, the internet and social media, which gives them access to information in ways that older generations never experienced. In addition, they seem to collectively possess a level of compassion and moral sense that far exceeds their ancestors.

So, I tend to view the millennials as much smarter and more educated than would be warranted by the educational system alone. But I also think the Trump phenomenon is the result of the right wing, with due complicity from the left, having successfully degraded the educational system. These two points (that Trump's support can be traced to poor education and millennials' supposed poor educational level), however, should not be conflated into a single cause and effect conclusion. Existence of the former, does not lead to a conclusion of the latter. To the contrary, observation leads to the conclusion that millennials function far above their pay-grade, if you will, on this point, and clearly cannot be blamed for anything in this context. They are our only hope at this point.


During the Dubya Regime many of my fellow boomers (many highly educated) characterized Dubya's base as uneducated voters voting against their own best interests based on faith and no evidence.

Since 2008 these same boomers serially support and function as unpaid apologists for the Democratic Party demonstrating an even more faith based, zero evidence approach than the Dubya supporters did. Their attacks on third party candidates and supporters has gone from condescending to beyond vicious.

Although some of them are threatening to move to Canada if Trump is elected, I have heard the same story in 1980 and 2004 elections, but only witnessed such action during the Viet Nam occupation.


It is a wound of many cuts. Remember when the social contract was broken and large corporations no longer would fund or support retirement trusts and we were all thrust, willing or not, onto the roulette wheel of the stock market? It didn't take a genius to realize that "regulation" (environmental, labor, financial) may be the impediment to you or I hitting the big time. Pretty slick, eh? And the republicanation of the nation was on.


I know quite a few Millennials and I am always amazed at their commitment to community. They rightly reject the lone cowboy individualism of their parents' generation and for this they are being ridiculed. To call them "The Dumbest Generation" as one so called writer has done, is to ignore that they have grown up watching the Reagan/Rand pipe dream fall flat on its face time and time again. They aren't "dumb"; they are paying attention.