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Blaming Russia and WikiLeaks For 2016 Loss to Trump, DNC Files Lawsuit Riddled With 'Crazy' and 'Dangerous' Theories


Blaming Russia and WikiLeaks For 2016 Loss to Trump, DNC Files Lawsuit Riddled With 'Crazy' and 'Dangerous' Theories

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"[Eighteen] months after their crushing defeat at the hands of a game show host, Democrats have still published no public autopsy about why they lost or have collapsed at all levels. They did, though, just file a lawsuit blaming Russia and WikiLeaks for their loss."

"It is hard to put into words how insane and self-destructive it is for any journalist to cheer the DNC's theory: that someone can be liable by publishing or disclosing someone else's secret information."
—Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept


I’m sure the dems did do a study and found how disliked Hillary was, but ignored it and went for massive voting fraud instead. How about those 10’s of thousands kicked off the rolls because they were in neighborhoods that didn’t support Hillary? How about all those voting places closed entirely and the few that were opened, opening hours late in some states. It was a massive attempt at supressing the vote. Wake up. The only people left in the Dem party are the corrupt and the neocons. I know, oxymoron.


Idiots! A lawsuit against Russia and WikiLeaks?? WTF!? Never underestimate the stupidity of Dem politicians who repeatedly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and blame the embarrassing loss on others! Just who the Hell are these so-called democratic “strategists”?? “Uncle” Tom Perez looks like a crazy person in the photo, and acts like a lap-dog fool in his role as the Clinton - Obama corrupt mouthpiece.

The DINO party has no one but themselves to blame for the red queen’s loss and whoever dreamed-up this asinine move looks to remain a looser party in 2018! Instead of reform and supporting progressives and progressive issues these idiots bark at the moon under quisling Schumer, and the utterly failed current leader-ship of fools.

The only way apparently to get rid of these fuckin idiots and the remnants of the Clinton/Obama club is a third party - hey, we couldn’t go much further wrong. The only person talking sense is Bernie Sanders and a (very) few other Dems, and even they are intimidated by the DP hierarchy. BS!



Trump and the Republican Congress are giving Democrats a wide open shot, but they seem determined to shoot themselves in the foot,,again. So clueless!


You’ve just got to love the deaf, dumb and blind DNC. There were over 900 fewer polling places in 2016 than in 2012, yet the dimmos still think they were cheated by wiki leaks.
The Clintonian scum that run the Party are still walking around screaming “hey, someone shit in my pants!”


I’m surprised that got past the censors, but, right after my initial shock, I have to admit to cracking up with laughter.


What a farce! Let’s cut to the chase, the only reason that the dems. lost in 2016 was because their party is so corrupt that they selected a war mongering, Wall Street fawning parasite over a man of integrity.




Climate change? Corrupt bankers? War profiteers? Her record on gay rights?

No that isn’t why Hillary lost.

It was Julian Assange! Damn him to hell.


Hillary will never go away. Count on her running against Trump again. And count on the DNC doing the same gig to tamper with anyone who disagrees.


How much are the God damned American (and other) oligarchs paying them for this? …


“You’ve just got to love the deaf, dumb and blind DNC” …

… No …

… no, I do not


Comittee …


Oh, and by-the-by …

… who the hell do they think is going to pay for the crapfight? …

… do they think that we’re going to contribute to them for this? …



Wish someone like Glenn or Paul Street dug a bit more into this issue. What in the world do they have to gain by this? The idea is so insane…that it must have a back story to it, there must be something they are after. Odd indeed.


Headline sez: “Blaming Russia and WikiLeaks For 2016 Loss to Trump, DNC Files Lawsuit…”

Lawsuit? Is that a typo? Seems they should be filing a pantsuit.


They don’t care if we vote for either of their corrupt candidates. They have no intentions to change anything to positive for the majority of people. What you see is what you got and will get. I’d like to think positive that the people have the power, but if so I missed it.


The “left” wing of the oligarchy strikes again.


They are just killing the ‘Down Ballot’ vote . .and that spells the end of the fight.


It worked once before. Rachel Maddow has just run through the historical precedent, in 1973-74, when the DNC sued the RNC et al and drew legal attention back to the connection between the Watergate burglary and the Committee to Reelect the President. Everyone they named in the conspiracy was convicted, and the day Nixon resigned, his campaign paid the DNC a $775K settlement of their million-dollar suit.

This is not just stamping feet. This is requiring another orderly investigation into a fraud on the American people. There are many more people sued than djt, “the Russians,” and Wikileaks, people we already know played roles. Oh, and the judge to whose docket it was assigned was a Watergate prosecutor.

The DNC “should be focusing its resources on taking back Congress”? Do we believe the DNC can do only one thing at a time? And hey, if the DNC is as awful as most commenters here seem to think, why do we want them to take back Congress? Oh yeah, so we can keep whining and not take responsibility for our government or for understanding how our political and legal processes actually work.