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Blaming Schools for Student Absences Is Like Denouncing Doctors for Disease

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/25/blaming-schools-student-absences-denouncing-doctors-disease

Or blaming innate weapons (guns) for killing things and people.
Or blaming poets and song writers for inciting peace and war.
Or blaming shoes for kicking asses.
Or blaming everything on a god.

Of course problems with schools are one part of the greater problem with which absenteeism is involved. How could it be otherwise?

We might take this to suggest that the recent ostensible “reforms” that centralized control of schooling and tamped down on extracurricular activities, topical variety, student and teacher autonomy, and examination of a topic rather than coaching to pass a one-time test and the so-called reforms that penalized teachers for teaching where other problems exist has created problems.

Meanwhile, let’s get rid of this notion that because the school is having problems, support should be rescinded instead of increased.


The headline is absurd. Why did CD even consider publishing this crap?