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'Blank Check to Kill With Impunity': Trump to Scrap Restrictions on Drone Warfare


'Blank Check to Kill With Impunity': Trump to Scrap Restrictions on Drone Warfare

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump is reportedly gearing up to roll back even the most limited restrictions on U.S.


I’m certain John Pilger, or some other Trump apologist on “the left” will rush to Trump’s defense on this. I mean, they have to keep rationalizing their support for the fascist, the war monger, the guy who wants to make torture legal, make it worse, and use more of it.

The same guy that would “destroy North Korea”.

You know, Trump the peacenik.


America bringing peace and democracy to the world on the bombs of drones. More war please. Got refugees?


The same guy who would be “King.”


No one held Kissinger accountable for his war crimes.
No one held Bill Clinton accountable for his war crimes.
No one held the torture masters accountable for their war crimes.
No one held Dubya accountable for his war crimes.
No one held Cheney accountable for his war crimes.
No one conducted a plausible investigation of 9/11 and it was then used to justify more war crimes.
No one held Obama accountable for his drone war crimes - he even received the Nobel Peace Prize.
As a result, Trump feels that he too can commit war crimes with impunity.

Until we start holding all of the war criminals accountable for their crimes, we should expect escalating violence against the innocent people of the world - as well as our own citizens


I thought President Obama was an EVIL drone operator, greatly outdoing GWB’s record. His first two raids, about 24 hours into his presidency in 2009, killed about 50 people, mostly women and children. One strike missed the intended target (but killed lots of people) and the second strike hit the wrong house. Given the wicked workings of a constitutional lawyer’s mind, the outcome enamored him with drone strikes… If Obama was an evil and ruthless killer, how does one describe Trump?


I have no love for Obama and absolutely loath Hillary, and don’t normally go the blame game route (we have plenty to loath and fight against with the current monster in charge). But this is definitely on the DEMOCRAT Obama. In his first two years, with a Democrat controlled Congress, if he had any conscience at all he could have ended many of the Bush years most loathsome policies, but didn’t.


This guy should simply not be President of the United States. He doesn’t talk like a president, doesn’t act like a president, and doesn’t seem to have any interest in doing so. He has making threats to completely destroy North Korea. When people say that Trump is a madman there is some truth to that. Rather than having a long-term strategy to reduce the influence of the jihadists he has declared a war on Islam which in effect has made Trump an important recruiting tool for ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc. His white supremacist base probably doesn’t care about civilian deaths as long as the civilians are not white people according to their definition. If Congress took its responsibility seriously it would weigh in on this war against jihadists which keeps expanding although the original law was rather limited. But Congress continues to shirk its responsibility and so first Obama and now Trump have been left to make all the decisions. Congress is supposed to check the power of the power of the president but in this case it continues to fail. I think this situation will only grow worse until Trump is replaced with a president with more thoughtful views on dealing with the jihadists.


Is Trump our Caesar? The Senate, both parties, surely appear like the Roman Senate - worthless rubber stamper of the Imperial Presidency who has in reality has no restrictions on his war making powers. Which will bring the most destruction the soonest: climate chaos or nuclear war? With a psychopathic President in charge who threatens the kind of military action that could lead to the loss of the majority of human life on the Korean peninsula we may not have to be concerned about the climate. South Korea should be very scared. We can not protect them.


I agree, that if Obama had stated that Bush was a war criminal and should be indicted for war crimes it may have been a deterrent to Trump. Also remember that even though Bush was guilty of the most horrific war crimes, we were told: " to look ahead, not backward" and now we know why, because Obama knew if set the precedent and indicted Bush for being a war criminal he would be next!


I agree buffalospirits.

The Obama administration developed the establishment Democrat justification for the use of Drones and crowd killing algorithms. In the speech he delivered upon winning the Nobel Peace prize, he used flowery language to deliver a justification for US entitlement and impunity in its never-ending worldwide war. President Obama did nothing to restrain the US War Department from working to develop Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems.

It didn’t start with Obama - I’d argue that the Democrat Party has been a Pro War Party pretty much since Andrew Jackson, - but now, the establishment Democrats are wholeheartedly pro military/war. One can get a sense of Democrats embrace of Ares by looking at their lack of enthusiasm, to outright critique, of Sander’s recently delivered pro-peace platform. The extent to which the establishment Democrat Party has now embraced war-mongering is matched only by the extent to which they have now come to embrace plutocracy, the fossil fuel industry, and the CIA/NSA/espionage industry.


I think they’ve got the wrong people in Guantanamo. You have started a good list of those who probably belong there.


So much for a democracy where people have some say. We basically rubber stamp whatever trash they put up and we get the government that was designed by the hidden hands.


When the American people wake up and oppose warmongering by their “elected” government that threatens worldwide humanity and also their own futures will come the day when drone warfare will take place on American soil against peace loving dissidents. This is how advanced the destruction of public free speech has become. How is it possible that such an evil cretin like Poppy Bush can live to be 95 years old? A pact with the devil.


A blank check to kill with impunity?

Hell that has been the M.O. of the US ever since the government labeled Native Americans terrorists, only they used the word “Savages” for the Native Americans trying to protect their sovereign rights.


Presidents don’t indict anyone. Nor do they make accusations of criminal conduct. Except Trump.


This is not a “war on terror”. It never was. It is many wars, with often contradictory goals, to the extent that it has any goals. It certainly isn’t a war of necessity. It is a war of choice. It is engaging in war because we can, because we like it, because it is very profitable, because it distracts and divides those who might oppose other agendas. I’m sure some of the armchair warriors in the think tanks see in their fantasies some ultimate geopolitical benefit from it, but I think they are delusional.

It is not about “defending our freedoms”.

It is immoral, unnecessary, and it has cost us dearly, with no end in sight.