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Blasting 'Deliberate Indifference' to Inmate Health, California Court Orders San Quentin Prison to Reduce Population by Half

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/blasting-deliberate-indifference-inmate-health-california-court-orders-san-quentin

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There had better be a provision for employment or a UBI for them.

I’m all for cutting ALL prison populations in HALF–but, do it by letting out NON-VIOLENT offenders–including Drug Possession/Sales, Theft, & any crime where NO ACTUAL HUMAN BEING WAS PHYSICALLY HARMED. In the past too-rare times when prisons DO let out prisoners, too often PHYSICALLY VIOLENT people er released–the rare rapists who actually got indicted, tried & convicted (about 2%),serious domestic violence abusers (ddn’t kill their victims but, harmed them for LIFE) & murderers. Covid could be an opportunity to ask ourselves: WHO shyould we REALLY be incarcerating? To me, it’s the PHYSICALLY VIOLENT & those who HARM SOCIETY AT LARGE: Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) did the BIGGEST MEDICARE FRAUD in history in 1999 & only paid fines/resigned as CEO: he should only be leaving prison no; TONY HAYWARD,former British Petroleum CEO is responsible for DEEPWATER HORIZON Disaster that KILLED 11 OFFSHORE OIL DRILL WORKERS, INJURED MANY MORE & ENDANGERED an ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM (Gulf of Mexico) & should be serving a LIFE SENTENCE; ditto the former CEO of DUKE ENERGY (W.VA Coal Co.( who’s responsible for MINING ACCIDENT after THOUSANDS of Violations of Worker Helath & Safety Laws: killed over 30 MINTERS: he served ONE YEAR & then, ran for the U.S> Senate (luckily, that was gong too far even for W.VA voters). These CRIMES AGAINST SOCIETY should get SERIOUS PRISON TIME–as should VIOLENT people the rest of us have a right to be protected from. The rest of the people in prison should get drug/,mental health treatment,educaiton (llike GED/Literacy) & job training–in half-way house type settings: so, they may lose SOME freedoms but, are kept in their communities & when they complete their rehabilitation sentence are BETTER than when they began it.

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Yeah, that is not the easiest thing to do and the worst possible time to do it. California learned this from the Reagan administration, (Governor of CA) the closure of mental health facilities by fiat order, only then it was to balance the budget. A great many of those people that are still alive are now a part of the penal system in question here.

The closing of developmental centers took a long time but was considerably more humane.