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Blasts in Afghan Mosque Kill 62 as UN Documents 'Unprecedented' Level of Civilian Casualties

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/18/blasts-afghan-mosque-kill-62-un-documents-unprecedented-level-civilian-casualties

Cui bono?

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I wonder what the response would be if this were a story about people being killed in a krystian church; especially, in THIS country. HYPOCRISY RULES!


(I’m guessing a u.s.-made logo was on the explosives!)


Wars—always seem to focus on killing the civilians. America and the UK and Dresden—reading about that was a horror.
I think reading about that was what made me hate the military. Of course Truman and Hiroshima and Nagasaki certainly didn’t help. My Lai and the Army cover-up----murdering old people and kids----geez—bravery AREN’T US! But then , that “collateral murder,” video of civilians pretty much finished off any hope that any army was ever doing what was best for any people. Maybe the Marshall Plan was the last time America did anything positive for civilians. : ( That was a long time ago, America. : (


while the US role in the Middle East killing is horror show responsible for so much death and devastation as well of a vast waste of our resources, we can’t forget that the various factions in the region are all too willing to kill each other too

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Bomb mosques and weddings then run back to Pakistan.

I had a similar thought just before I read yours. We could use our ultra massive defense budget to settle our mercenary force in Afghanistan. Provide a house and car and do their shopping from the PX and commissary. Major purchases from on-line shopping. Schools for the children. We can use any left over training camps the Al Qaeda used for our mercenary’s children to train in. Our volunteers should have choices.
We can use any money left over after our Space Force is up an flying. (All sarcasm of course.)