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'Blatant Censorship': Trump EPA Abruptly Muzzles Its Own Climate Scientists


'Blatant Censorship': Trump EPA Abruptly Muzzles Its Own Climate Scientists

Jake Johnson, staff writer

EPA's move to cancel researchers' presentations at upcoming conference slammed as "abuse of power"


Insatiable want is an incurable disease.

The birds are almost gone. All the miners will soon be dead.

Cosmos has more planets than there are grains of sand on Earth and Mars added together, That is why some statistical astrophysics implies it is impossible we haven’t heard from intelligent life.

Have humans killed themselves with pollution on every planet that evolved modern technology?


Pruitt acts like a little dictator, emphasis on the little.

Denial does not change the gacts.


We haven’t heard from intelligent life on other planets because they are intelligent! Earth is very likely the universe’s bad neighborhood! There is likely a long standing travel warning about visiting Earth where the local primitives (that’s us btw) will start shooting at you as soon as you leave the spaceship!

We would too! Lol (except progressives natch!)

I disagree with the scientists who say that Trump and Pruitt and the denialists don’t believe climate change is real! I think they do believe it is real but simply don’t care! Their greed is today and climate change is tomorrow! If you find it hard to believe that these people just don’t care… look at them in Puerto Rico!


I remember someone telling me that Earth was the insane asylum for the universe. It makes sense to me. And the inmates are running the asylum.


Every day there is yet another example of our government be dismantled by Fascists. This, the EPA, last week the Dept of ED. On and on and on. If and when we transcend this demise it will take another 50 years to get back to where we were in 1970. Stone age idiots rule.


The USA is now governed by the three monkeys, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil. My sincere apologies to any monkeys who may be offended by humans who attributed such human traits upon them with this analogy over the years.


We know that the American people, with the help of the electoral college, voter ID laws, Putin, and a media more interested in providing entertainment than policies when it comes to elections, voted for an authoritarian as president. There is real desire for white supremacy, patriarchy, and repeal of liberal advances over the years among many Americans so the vote for an authoritarian was genuine, even in a country with a Constitution aimed to prevent authoritarian rule. Muzzling these three scientists goes along with removing information on climate science from government websites, etc. To reach this fictional world where climate change does not exist takes actions and that is what we are seeing. This is just more evidence of the trend.


Fresh dirt: the farther you get toward the poles, the more acid the ocean is going to be. Toward the equator you get ocean temperatures that just about all ocean species can’t stand, and then there are those hurricanes.

The earth’s grain belts, most all of them, are not only getting desertified and fried but the weather is getting more sporadic, with long droughts and those occasional 50 inch rain events.

Forests become bugs become forests of dead vertical sticks become really big and fast-moving fires. Eaarth’s increasing winds don’t help.

Humans are now the second most pressing climate problem. The poles and the soil are going to release teratons of methane and carbon dioxide. We are doing little or no research to stop this civilization disaster.

What are your kids going to eat? Simple – indoor-grown food. We’ll need more oil and natural gas for that.


Be sure and mention separation of church and state. Religious right wants a state religion who run this country.


Your fatalism is horrific as the poor in other countries will be dying in droves according to your extremely dubious - the only thing we can do is keep using fossil fuels to save ourselves theory!

You must be joking! Grow food indoors? What is that some SciFi apocalyptic survival of the fortunate few scenario? Truly you must be joking!


“Slammed,” “shocked,” “dismayed,” “angered,” etc. The adjectives are superfluous.

“The third, broadly, line of work is deconstruction of the administrative state. … If you look at these cabinet appointees, they were selected for a reason and that is the deconstruction. The way the progressive left runs, is if they can’t get it passed, they’re just going to put in some sort of regulation in an agency. That’s all going to be deconstructed and I think that that’s why this regulatory thing is so important.”
-Bannon at CPAC, 2/2017


But they sure as Hxxl are PRACTICING EVIL!


If Satan has not occupied Bannon’s body/mind/spirit, then his evil twin, Beelzebub has. It is insane to dismantle what it has taken our nation more than three hundred years to build and then add to that insanity, NO VIABLE, WORKABLE, RATIONAL PLANS TO RECONSTRUCT AFTER THE DEMOLITION. Bannon, too and all the other demons occupying Congress, SCOTUS, and the WH will go down with the rest of us…there are not bunkers large or secure enough to protect them.


Thank you for this. I cannot for the life of me get that out on to the page where it belongs. The beast bannon is truly insane and the gop are right there in the same straight-jacket, odd they don’t see he’s after them…but…if he gets them the whole house of cards fall down. How sad. All that work for naught. Is he David with his sling?


yeah, it’s not like the war on western civilization the ‘progressive’ left is waging has a ‘viable, workable plan’ for what they get if they’re allowed to dominate. Heck, the current state of western Europe in terms of deficits and reproduction rates shows it can’t even survive it’s own ideas.


Stevie B, is that you?


I don’t know who that is, no. I merely make arguments CD’ers probably don’t like. Reading around here I see few if any actual dissenting opinions in comments. I suspect CD is enforcing an echo chamber via censorship in the comments, no boards have this kind of homogeneous posting unless non lockstep ideas are scrubbed.


Which is funny, considering the article being referenced in this thread. I bet you anything CD censors it’s comments on a basis having nothing to do with civility, and everything to do with ideas and arguments which undermine their goals.


Fascists make govt more powerful, not less.