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'Bleak Milestone': More Than 100,000 Nursing Home Residents and Staff Killed by Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/27/bleak-milestone-more-100000-nursing-home-residents-and-staff-killed-pandemic


I suppose that this is the one surefire way for Trump to cut social security. Pity that-----because if there really is JUSTICE in America— Trump’s going to need any social security that he can get-----after the IRS gets through with him.


According to physician and public health expert Michael Barnett, 7.7% of the nation’s nursing home residents, or one in 13, have now died as a result of Covid-19.

That’s close to 100 times mortality for US Americans overall: 1 in 1,260 of us have perished of Covid, so far. Charts tracking USA’s recent surge in new-cases might show a momentary pause or leveling-off right now. This is likely the aftermath (in part) of electoral activities ending on Nov. 3. From new-cases to deaths there’s a remarkably consistent 3-week delay, so charts tracking deaths continue to reflect the earlier rate of ascent in new-cases.

Everyone expects the new-cases aftermath of Thanksgiving to start up soon, which will likely put an end to the momentary pause in USA’s latest surge. Like handing off the baton in a relay race until Christmas picks it up to finish strong.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  03/19/2020      15,219      15,219
>  18.  05/21/2020   1,556,398   1,571,617
>  27.  07/23/2020   2,452,875   4,024,492
>  36.  09/24/2020   2,934,140   6,958,632
>  45.  11/26/2020   5,864,460  12,823,092

This nine-week segmentation is broad enough to smooth over some ups and downs. Today the final segment is almost exactly double the penultimate – a marked acceleration in our outbreak’s rate of growth. Also, the number in the TOTAL column nearly doubles in nine weeks, as we approach 13 million cases.


100,000 nursing home residents and staff killed because of a President’s negligence.

A legacy worthy of a loser extraordinaire.


My bridge partner is 102 and was born into the Spanish flu in Germany. I am so glad that I had Covid-19 before I got drawn into the game as I don’t feel I am much of a threat to the “pod”. I am also grateful that he gets to live in his own house that he shared with his wife until two or so years ago, rather than being in a nursing home. His live-in, vet-school-attending grandson and pop-in help keep up with meals and chores.


Remember this among so many other examples of GOP voter suppression when they talk about spreading democracy in the Middle East. Hillary will forget (all the more not to have her serve with Biden, she will push us into another war in the ME for Israel). Expand the electorate and you will get a check on the Republicans and Republican lite Democrats.

By the end of this pandemic, Trump et al will have entered Pol Pot territory on the list of genocidal strongmen dictators. Because, whether we want to admit it or not, he’s not been a president. No checks, no balances, the GOP giving him everything he wants, up to and including a theocratic SCOTUS. Now we need to make sure we never have another dictator President by making a strong Congress, and a weak SCOTUS and POTUS. Which means rooting out the rot root and branch. It will be hard work, demanding us to be citizens, not consumers.
As far as “nursing homes” are concerned, I’ve posted before what I believe they should be called-gulags for the elders and disabled. We treat our animal companions with more kindness near the end of their lives. Which is why I’ll never return to one of these again.


“Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI.) noted this week that he and Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA.) ‘have a bill to help nursing homes protect their residents and workers from Covid-19’.
According to Whitehouse, ‘It’s time to pass it’.”

Are you shitting me Whitehouse!!
No, the time to pass it was April, at the latest.


This House of Cards is collapsing.


Besides being a loser Trump should also be thought of and also charged with being a mass murderer. And if that were to happen Trump might claim in his defense, like out of a Dickens novel, that having those elderly people die was a way of decreasing the surplus population. One hopes that after Trump finally leaves office state prosecutors are successful in going after Trump and that he does some serious time for the many offenses which he has committed against the American people.


If and when the truth about the release of this virus finally comes out, do not be surprised to find out “Decreasing the surplus population” was the main topic of discussion at Davos in 2019.


Go to NBER and read about how they analyze these things.

A pox on both of their houses.

When did we go wrong? Kennedy methinks.

Thats what my now late mother thought too.

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Please note that the rest homes do move the resident out too late. The elder is already in so much trouble breathing. The death rate for not-for-profits vs for profits is being floated around on radio news here. I do agree that owners / managers with multiple facilites cut corners.

Meanwhile, crack open a window. We have had plenty of time to modify the rooms for air flow, a slight vacuumn, and go to sliding doors that seal on the hallway side. Use the existing hinge door, add a 3 or 4 inch wide side and top perimeter, seal underside. Auto closes using a slight angle - barn door slider above. Use thru the wall or window AC / heating / exhaust units in each room similar to those in motels.

The dollar cost to properly clean a room, remodel and move our elders in is a heck of a lot less than a couple days in ICU.

Lansing Michigan hospital reports that only one patient using ventilator has survived!!
Everyone else died.

Corporate media are the propaganda arms of BOTH right wings of the GOP-DNC Predatory Hypercannibalist Party. The essential functions of a state, which drive all its frontline interactions with its own population and other states, are not controlled by elected individuals but by unelected executives. Such key posts continue to be held by these experts, driving every arm of the state. They get the final say in anything concerning them, regardless of who is elected. They are the state’s eyes and ears, as well as its arms, able to convince the elected leader of whatever they want him or her to see. This is why every president is, effectively, the same person.


Today’s digest (of Johns Hopkins positivity stats) could be taken as a baseline, prior to the “surge on top of a surge” folks like Fauci imminently expect, due to reckless behavior over the Thanksgiving holiday.


Ranking is based on Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity factored with “per-capita newcases” & “immediate mortality” – the ratio of totals on hand for deaths and cases.

>                        JH       per-capita     immed
>                    positivity    newcases    mortality
>                        %            %            %
>  1. South Dakota      46.8        132.9         1.50
>  2. Iowa              42.8        105.8         0.70
>  3. Kansas            37.8         83.7         0.71
>  4. Wyoming           26.4        113.3         0.75
>  5. Idaho             41.1         68.7         0.82
>  6. North Dakota      13.2        158.0         1.13
>  7. Montana           17.4         91.9         1.17
>  8. Utah              18.0         84.9         0.33
>  9. Wisconsin         13.8         98.5         0.74
> 10. Nebraska          12.7         97.7         0.63
> 11. Missouri          19.0         65.2         0.83
> 12. New Mexico        14.7         80.9         1.10
> 13. Minnesota         12.2         92.9         0.73
> 14. Pennsylvania      23.8         40.4         1.05
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 15. Indiana           11.5         79.3         0.89
> 16. Illinois          10.6         81.5         0.97
> 17. Alabama           22.9         37.8         1.14
> 18. Ohio              14.6         59.8         0.57
> 19. Oklahoma          13.6         60.6         0.58
> 20. Nevada            12.9         57.4         0.68
> 21. Colorado           9.9         71.9         0.63
> 22. Michigan          10.8         62.9         1.00
> 23. Arkansas          13.1         50.9         1.19
> 24. Arizona           17.9         38.8         0.81
> 25. Tennessee         13.0         49.8         1.30
> 26. Washington        26.5         25.6         0.61
> 27. Mississippi       15.4         35.2         1.53
> 28. Kentucky           9.8         54.3         0.60
> 29. Oregon            18.7         23.2         0.79
> 30. Rhode Island       5.5         71.3         0.74
> 31. Texas             10.4         33.7         1.24
> 32. New Jersey         8.1         37.3         0.69
> 33. Alaska             4.0         73.3         0.33
> 34. West Virginia      6.2         43.0         1.22
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 35. Georgia            7.9         34.0         1.31
> 36. Louisiana          7.6         34.1         1.12
> 37. Florida            7.4         30.7         0.93
> 38. Delaware           6.3         36.5         0.70
> 39. Connecticut        4.8         41.4         0.90
> 40. North Carolina     6.9         29.4         1.05
> 41. South Carolina     6.8         26.0         1.18
> 42. Virginia           7.5         22.4         0.80
> 43. Maryland           5.2         29.6         0.94
> 44. California         5.7         24.8         0.55
> 45. New Hampshire      5.6         22.2         0.44
> 46. Massachusetts      2.9         32.4         1.05
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 47. New York           2.9         23.8         0.60
> 48. D.C.               2.1         19.5         0.81
> 49. Maine              2.5         12.4         0.99
> 50. Hawaii             2.1          7.2         1.14
> 51. Vermont            1.2         10.5         0.58

Two states promoted themselves to a more troubled group of states today: Pennsylvania joined the worst states, and New Jersey hopped into the second-worst group. Ohio, Washington, and Oregon are also rising quickly within that group, which is getting crowded.

“By the end of this pandemic”

Los Angeles issues stay-home order as coronavirus surges

“The order advises residents to stay home “as much as possible” and to wear a face covering when they go out. It bans people from gathering with people who aren’t in their households, whether publicly or privately.

However, exceptions are made for church services and protests, “which are constitutionally protected rights," the county Department of Public Health said in a statement."

It is a recipe not for countering a pandemic but one for making Covid-19 (and its future mutations) ENDEMIC! Couple that with reportedly around 40% of the population planning to not take part in any vaccination program, then expect life expectancy in the U.S. (which is currently one of the lowest in the ‘developed’ world) to drop even further.


People don’t seem to connect having a happy if slightly forced Thanksgiving, going to church and going to raves with the deaths of their parents, because most people’s parents haven’t died. My wife’s best friend now has brain fog from covid but she’s been locked up in the nursing home in New Jersey for a year, so it doesn’t quite register.


The corporations get first consideration, no matter how high the stakes for humanity.

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Most people will eventually spend some time in nursing homes. They generally are grim places to begin with.

Side note: Given the crushing burden of COVID on doctors, nurses and staff - who must continue to work despite exhaustion - what happens to those who need to enter a hospital for non-COVID-related illness?
That doesn’t get mentioned. The Owners, e.g., corporations, media corporations, politicians, clearly do not care.


Hi zed:
sigh—I went to research NBER and found so many articles I tried reading some of their reports----and my mind went to sleep…so I will try later and see if it connects —because right now, it was putting me to sleep. : 0

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