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“Bleeding-Heart,” Or Just Bloody? The GOP Poverty Show


“Bleeding-Heart,” Or Just Bloody? The GOP Poverty Show

Isaiah Poole

Republican leaders, including six of the GOP presidential candidates, on Saturday will engage in one of their occasional displays of “compassionate conservatism,” in which they seek to convince voters that they actually do care about people struggling to climb out of poverty; they just don’t want to trap people in dependency the way they allege approaches favored by progressives have done.


So the option of just not having kids when you're only making $10,000 a year (or when you don't have and maybe never had a job) just isn't even on the table?

Deferring having children until you have some sort of financial security should be a no-brainer, but we act as if children appear via spontaneous generation.

I've been poor half my life and never once thought bringing a child into the situation would improve my lot. I've known where babies come from since I was about 8, and condoms are readily available and cheaper than a soda. Accidental pregnancies in relationships practicing birth control are not an epidemic.

Maybe we should address this aspect of the culture, and refocus on family planning in parallel with efforts to improve job training and assistance programs.


Do you have ANY idea how hard the church is working to make not just abortion, but birth control inaccessible to many low income women?

Get a grip.


Thank you, Mr. Poole. This is a perfect analysis:

"House Speaker Paul Ryan, who will be a key speaker at the Kemp Forum, has argued that what states need is not more money but more flexibility in spending aid dollars. That’s a doubling-down of what already happened as a consequence of so-called welfare reform in 1996. That law allowed states broad discretion in how they spend and supplement the welfare program now known as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.

"As a result, as The Post pointed out, in the deep South “governors have gone the furthest in reducing the availability of welfare, making it all but disappear as an option for the poor by narrowing income requirements and erecting high job-hunting expectations” even as “jobs remain hard to find.”


The lying, scheming triangulator, whose husband greatly enhanced this mess while Governor and President, is evidently not attending the two Des Moines forums. Shocked, or not so much? Me either. Why, she couldn't find a sheep skin outfit to cover up her wolf hair? In Hollywood with Billy Bob " jacking up " all the beautiful people for campaign donations? Maybe some folks will finally see these Clintonistas for the Neo-Cons, or worse, they truly are. The Goldwater Girl's Campaign Goose needs lots more eggs, apparently.


Some poor minority individuals may get rich by becoming token conservative representatives of the Republican Party and selling out their race.


Could we just cut the damned hypocrisy? While liberals spent the years of this administration maintaining a pep rally for middle class consumers and campaign donors, Dems in Congress have continue to vote for legislation to worsen conditions for the poor, the elderly and the disabled. The middle class demand, "Not a crumb for the poor!" Meanwhile, liberal media continue to implicitly promote the notion that our corporate state is now so successful that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief.

Something our better-off might not have noticed is that the Democrats are no longer the "lesser of the evils" for the masses of poor, and those who get why years of unrelieved poverty are sinking the US. Obama was widely considered a "last chance" to see this critical survival issue addressed. He did raise the issue several times, Democrats and liberals aren't interested. Too bad.


There no longer is actual welfare. GA and AFDC are long gone, wiped out by the Clinton Democrats.Those were the programs referred to as "welfare." B. Clinton also took the first steps to similarly "reform" Social Security, starting with the disabled. In fact, as a result of Clinton's "reforms," the disabled had become the fastest-growing group of homeless people by 2000 (note: They did quite poorly on the streets.) There's TANF, a marginally-subsidized, short-term work program, exclusively for those with children. The low-income elderly and the disabled were put on food stamps in place of several denied cost of living adjustments. Then, as our attention began turning to the 2016 elections, Democrats began 2015 by voting to virtually end food stamps, cutting monthly allotments from roughly $115 down to $15. Liberals shrug.


I fuel your pain


Not only that, but sex education is a no no for some jurisdictions as well.


This is the only thing worth saying to a dingdong PAID Talking Point parrot like you:

The media is not liberal. It's owned by a corporate cartel that pushes its own narrow interests.

Grow up!


Have you ever heard of any insurance plans not paying for Viagra?

If you have the time (and stomach for it), a viewing of this short documentary will expose just how much the media-culture is sexing up kids, particularly little girls, and then they're left with all that stimulation, peer pressure, and NO education. Churches get tons of GOVERNMENT $ (that means taxpayer funds for something that obviously violates the church-state line of separate interests) to push abstinence ONLY campaigns.

It's a mad, mad, mad, M.A.D. world!

And also this one (shocking stuff that IS documented):


Thanks siouxrose1. I have no TV and have noticed this tendency to a small extent. I will watch both docs when I get the strength-even a few minutes is pretty nasty, I agree.


► Obama may have "raised the issue," but that's a long way from barnstorming the issue.


These are YOU TUBE videos. You can view them on your computer. I haven't had cable TV in 9+ years.

You will never look at Disney again in the same way.

The sexualization of children, particularly little girls, is so over the top.

When one combines this trend with that of violent video games that teach adolescent "coming of age" boys to equate excitement and stimulation with slitting girls' throats (via their screen avatars) or "enjoying" group rape sessions....

And when this is added to the burgeoning world of pornography where too many of the screen depictions DEGRADE females...

And when these significant media images are coupled with the fact of femicide throughout Central America, and the reality that lots of women are essentially abducted and thrown into the sex slave trade...

Then a pattern emerges. And this pattern is directly related to keeping women down, forcing their submission to patriarchy, and maintaining a 2nd class citizenship for half the world's population.

The fact that the Catholic Church demonstrates such obviously misogynistic behaviors in its refusal to grant women any authority or titles within the church, uses its political power to influence U.S. health care policy in the form of not just opposing abortion, but denying contraception (due to its claim--via its complex of Catholic Hospitals--that to do so violates its religious beliefs), and hides the pediophile conduct of so many priests....

When the FEMALE side of the DIVINE equation is maimed to this degree, it unleashes a massive imbalance. And that imbalance is found in the worship of the super-male. His potency is always associated with killing, soldiering, war, and firepower.

The war ethos then extends to how the Earth--the Great Mother to all of the world's wise Indigenous People--is treated.

Everything is now at risk. And as the shamans of South America properly explain--it's due to this overemphasis on the masculine side of a life force that is itself created and sustained by the integral UNION of He and She... that is causing the Great Dissolution.

Plus it gets worse. I just finished a book that explains the Nazi connection to homosexuality. Not the fun fags we all know and love; but rather a sect that wants to eliminate females from everything. These all-male societies focus on power and relish brute force. That's why scientists from this ilk push cloning and genetic engineering.

The hatred of the Feminine... starting with patriarchal religious theology that wipes all mention of the Feminine Force out of the Creation Story, and then speaks ONLY in terms of God, the father... is incredibly pervasive. Sadly, a lot of women have internalized it since the father god has become a normative ideological fixture of patriarchy and its several thousand year reign.

Many cannot envision anything other than this... for it would appear as "a norm." It is not.


We know, based on a few centuries of history, that life and human relationships are far too complex for "Just say no." We're stuck with real life. A huge number of young families "worked hard and played by all the rules," putting aside savings, etc., before having children. All it takes is one economic downturn to plunge those families into poverty. We looked at all the policies and programs that were implemented from FDR to Reagan, that ensured a measure of economic stability, and chose to do the exact opposite. Any "good, hard-workin' American family" can have the rug pulled out from under them shockingly fast.