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Blessed are the Poor


Blessed are the Poor

Christopher Brauchli

Worm or beetle-drought or tempest-on a
Farmer’s land may fall,
Each is loaded full o’ ruin,
But a mortgage beats ‘em all. — Will Carleton, The Tramp’s Story


Getting rich on the back of the poor...That is capitalism at its finest and most pure....Let the free markets reign...As long as the losses are socialized and the profits are free...Well there it is Free Market Capitalism...The battle cry of the republic.


Caveat emptor, then kill the charlatans.


The corollary to this method of "trickle down" to keep a very specific segment of the "middle class" in the chain of enslavement by predatory capital practices is multifarious.

First is the usury/usurpation that stretches the envelope of the current terrorization model in the hammering impoverishment by those sectors. At least two things seem to result from this. One is the silencing of the real history of consequences of the genocide and stealing of lands from original inhabitants of this continent; "ownership" as the original masking of the intent called the right to participate in "elections"; because of the nefarious manipulations a guaranteed periodic collapse anchors the debt riding sufficiently to maintain a 'soft war' of propaganda - be afraid, be very afraid of thinking beyond the interests of your imposed identity.

Wheeha! Psychological pressures that 'require' medication at sky high prices further hammering the divine human capacity to learn, create, evolve and be healthy ... That having been suppressed ... oooh, lets have relief and more whoopie through 'markets' having internalized all the metrics for oppressive consumption. Not unlike the disease, leaving the material condition of the body and planet in precisely the condition fomented by the historical practices ... tadaaaa... the 6th mass extinction and perpetual war.

The sky is the limit. Or so it is said. Odd that, because that sky has already 'fallen', or so would seem at first glance. In reality it was no sky, but a seething underworld hypnosis.


This is your 2nd post today recommending violence.

Let me remind you of a poignant quote from Gandhi...

"An eye for an eye results in a world left blind."

If you're not an Agent Provocateur, then perhaps you could find a way to posit pithy one-liners that didn't all advocate acts of aggression.

This was lifted from the Brauchli thread:


"Strangle the bastards with their cherished bootstraps."

Equating violence with humor is useful in breaking down taboos against the use of aggressive force. In other words, it sounds like the perfect verbiage to be found at a Trump rally.

Just as dehumanizing the designated enemy through slime/hate speech works to desensitize the soldier to acts of violence, humor works in a similar fashion.


sick. sick. sick. and apparently legal. and now they're doing their best to keep out the only candidate that might change things.