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Blessed Rebuilding In the Name of Solidarity


Blessed Rebuilding In the Name of Solidarity

Since the Charleston shootings, at least eight southern churches with mostly African-American congregations have burned - a wave of anti-black terrorism that's been met with a confounding silence from mainstream media. But several Muslim groups, citing "our intertwined histories and convergent present," have noticed, and acted: Arguing "all houses of worship are sanctuaries," they have been fundraising to rebuild churches and "help our sisters and brothers in faith."


People of faith!

There is something bizarre about bombing a church. I mean it might make sense if the bombers were atheists I guess, but I bet they weren’t atheists.

if they weren’t atheists then bombing a church is bizarre… considering whose house …!

People of faith… any faith … and no doubt some without faith all chipping in… restores as well as rebuilds.


As Muslims we know the importance of protecting the vulnerable and respecting people…

How lost is our media, that it cannot recognize humanity at its finest.

Here is a chance to add your voice, follow the “fundraising” link in the story.


I am amazed and humbled. I hope it actually serves to further the bonds of friendship and understanding between groups.


Why “sisters and brothers in faith”? Why not just sisters and brothers? Why do you require an imaginary friend in the sky in order to do what you are doing? I am happy to see people helping people but why can’t you do it from your heart and not because of some bizarre sky-god belief system that no rational thinker could ever accept?