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Blind, Burrowing, Thin-Skinned: Meet the Dermophis Donaldtrumpi


Blind, Burrowing, Thin-Skinned: Meet the Dermophis Donaldtrumpi

To those who consider Trump a reptilian shape-shifter, mazel tov: Now he officially is. Thanks to a species-naming auction for Rainforest Trust, a small, blind, worm-like, newly discovered amphibian who buries its head in the ground will be named Dermophis donaldtrumpi. The name, says its creator, is "perfect" for the new caecilian, from the Latin for "blind...perfectly mirroring the strategic vision (Trump) has consistently shown towards climate change.”


Sadly, Trump will consider this an honor.


Abby, what do you mean “soulless”? That’s adding insult to injury. Poor little worm. All the other worms are going to laugh at the poor little guy; they’ll probably go extinct from embarrassment.



DO NOT provide fuel to the demonization/extertnalization/ denial paradigm that is PRECISELY what results in societal la-dee-da blindness!

That plays directly into the hands of the colonizing conceptual predation without which the religion/cult of predatory capitalism cannot survive. Please!

Please, instead use this to illustrate a ‘case in point’


An insult to the poor creature, naming it after a soulless monster like Donald Trump.


Lol! You beat me to it! That is exactly what I was going to say!!