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Blind Item: 'Dishonest Career Politician' Dishes on D.C. Dysfunction


Blind Item: 'Dishonest Career Politician' Dishes on D.C. Dysfunction

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

An anonymous U.S. lawmaker—who may or may not still purport to represent American constituents—rips into corporate lobbyists, a corrupt campaign finance system, and his congressional colleagues in a new tell-all book titled The Confessions of Congressman X.

"Most of my colleagues are dishonest career politicians who revel in the power and special-interest money that's lavished upon them," the current or former congressman says in the blistering tome.


This sicko has no credibility on the validity of any other political positions (example-lefties), having demonstrated his long term participation in corruption. I would be interested in his opinion about the accommodations he is provided in a very long prison stay.
While his chronicles will add more evidence to the well documented sell-out of our democracy, his testament only shows that Americans had better wake up and stop voting for republican and democrat 'centrism' that continues to undermine democracy and ensure corporate dominance.
Get radical - expect a real democracy.


We are ruled by ignorant, corrupt, malignant people with no moral compass or respect for anything! We are bereft of any semblance of wise, moral leadership......


God help us.

And I'm an atheist!


sounds like a Hillary troll, shill, whatever you want to call him/her. who gives a f--k anyway!


Precisely why Guantanamo should remain open and filled to capacity with most of the current denizens of Capitol Hill.


The problem is, who else are USAns going to vote for until some people get of their asses and organize and challenge the incumbents in the elections? Probably 70% of the congresspersons run uncontested every 2 years.

Of course, there is nothing new about this - remember "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?


My question comes from a song by The Who: Tell me, who the fuck are you?! Who are the losers who would pay for your expose when you won't say who you are? I don't care and wouldn't give a dime or the time to read what he has to say, since obviously he wants to continue doing it as long as he can!
A moderate lefty is still a fully-invested corporate shill!


I wonder how many hours this person spent fundraising vs. actually doing his job.


Dishonest career politician who appears to reflect the cowardice of the casino power fetish, has not yet come to terms with his/her addiction enough to become a 'recovering' addict by stating his/her name.

The scurrilous presumption that a book deal has been researched sufficiently to bring it to market is cynical enough to warrant consideration of boycotting purchase.

But wait ... what percentage of the addicted public will feed a concoction of plausible deniability by displaying such a volume on a coffee table?

Better to buy the 1969 novel "The Four Gated City" by Doris Lessing.
From the book jacket:

"It will provoke disquiet and questioning. Mrs. Lessing's view of recent politics is not everyone's. Her view of the future (inevitably brutish and painful) is that it is the present: that we are all hypnotized, awaiting cataclysms which we are in fact living through now; that we are now - as we run and read - in the process of a rapid evolution; that we are mutating fast but can't see it, the chief characteristic of our race being its inability to see what is under its nose; that historians and scientists, in their timid traditionalism, feed our fantasy view of ourselves - suppressing truths about the human condition, about madness, about sanity, about the essential nature of the mind."


Truth in an environment of deceit is revolutionary, and could get you very hurt.


Well Andrew, I did include the "corrupt and malignant" along with the ignorant, so I should have covered it. That said, I see voters as uninformed (aka ignorant) to such an extent they have no clue what is going-on with their government - are they ignorant or just stupid?
I agree there is an enormous disconnect between "voters" and common sense, often voting against their own interests to support liars, the corrupt, and the depraved. Our press is corrupted and bought-up to such an extreme their responsibility to our democracy/republic has been subverted to make them mere propagandists & agents for misinformation or hide information.
My/our friend SR is adamant about the difference between voters "ignorance" and those forces that manipulate and misinform them, and the probable political outcome. I have often railed against voters stupidity and failures, but also see that forces of evil and corruption for the 1% et al manipulate and dominate what people/voters hear and see and read - or do not - resulting in "ignorant" voters.

The only current candidate with a functional moral compass and integrity is Bernie Sanders (and Jill Stein) but even though there are millions that see the truth, millions of others do not, and we will be lucky to survive.......


Critical thinkers do not run for office.