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Blissful Bush Celebrates Birthday with No War Crime Reckoning



Elites sadly have always been exempted all our silly laws as they write them for we the people and only inforce them if they please them to do so.Proof of that Clinton no charges as well all one needs is to start series wars so elites who control all media all stocks military industrial complex can load them selves up exempted politicians from insider trading laws and increase all the above wealth hell as long as the profits keep rolling in for the elites wars are a racket require proof any web browser enter " war is a racket" great book written highest most decorated marine our history explains it all details and he ought know as they tried higher him back in the thirties to overthrow FDR instead he did the right think by we the people turned them into congress as always exempted them as all never charged just as been the policy since empires first began the history every country always the same winning or losing the wars they could careless as long as they all profit from them.


Five reasons to prosecute Bush and Cheney:



I'm surprised that anyone is surprised. There is no justice in America. Freedom is only a word to brainwash the masses. The rule of law don't apply to the powerful and wealthy. Whether it be local or international. A black man was executed by police for selling DVD in baton rogue. What makes anyone think that we live in a fair and civilized society is beyond me. The Bushes of the world will never face justice. Not as long ask profit is the sole purpose in life. Smedley Butler ( Great American hero) once said," war is a racket". However it's funny how the rich and powerful always get away with the most heinous crimes against humanity. Sadly this will never change. At lease not by Man. Money = power = EVIL


"We have been through a dark and painful chapter in our history. But at a time of great challenges and disturbing disunity, nothing will be gained by spending our time and energy laying blame for the past."

Justice Mr. Obama is when those that have committed wrongs are held accountable. Being a former president of the Havard Law Review, I am sure understand that.

Another case of the powerful escaping justice!


Even at 70, GWB still looks completely vacuous and clueless, which is why any and all criticisms and invectives thrown at him bounce off leaving no marks. He is truly the scarecrow still looking for a brain. GWB, Cheney, Libby, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld, Bremer, JSOC and any other number of their associates who actively participated in ramming through the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan with lies, fantastical factoids, etc. are guilty of high treason, treachery, barbarism, and brutality. This group of brigands created ISIS by destroying the infrastructure; Bremer disbanding and then not paying the Iraqi military (250,000 men with all their weaponry); putting alMaliki (a Shia) in leadership who then persecuted the Sunni mercilessly;NOT pursuing Zarqawi (who fomented a Shia-Sunni war in the vacuum created) when the CIA had him cornered in NW Iraq because they (the "Cheney" gang) were focused on starting the war in Iraq. The CIA told them to strike Z. before the invasion/bombing of Baghdad. And then Cheney and Libby wrote a speech for Powell and used Z. as a link between Saddam and Al Qaeda with Powell devoting 7 minutes and 27 references to Z in his speech to the UN (all FALSE and blatant distortions of the truth). When Z was finally killed in 2011, then his back up Al Baghdadi proclaimed himself the Caliph leading the Caliphat/ISIS in 2014 after rebuilding Z.'s forces and he operates with even more brutality, murders, assassinations, car bombings, barrel bombings, etc. Perhaps GWB would like to spend his 71st B-day in Mosul visiting with Al-Baghdadi...it would only be fitting.


That first picture. Don't they make a lovely couple. ; )


God that photo is awful. Is he looking for WMDs in the forest? Maybe we should start another war on his bike trail!

We could blame another one of his business partners like the Bin Laden Brothers Contracting for Industry with Carlyle or Barry Seal who flew for Poppybush in "the company" running drugs through Mena, Arkansas under Clinton or Salem Bin Laden financier of Arbusto Oil (GWB's defunct gulf company that he cashed out on right before it went tits up and became Harken Energy, later Spectrum 7.)

Whoops! We can't. Poppy killed all those guys! :wink:

Just kidding. He wouldn't do that! Would he? Just ask JFK or Regan who ducked John Hinckley Jr's bullets (Bush Sr's large campaign contributor's son).

A Pattern, you say?

Gosh! I never thought of that!



How long before a real Peoples' Revolucion? Mass murderers bush/cheney, obomber, rice, hrc, will convicted and jailed, tho maybe posthumously! Truth and justice are dead in imperialist amerika!


The majority of Americans wouldn't have it any other way.

"Happy" Birthday, Mr. Preznit.


"Is he looking for WMDs in the forest?"

I still can't believe that there was no consequence to Bush's mocking of his own lies about WMD, when he made that hilarious video of himself turning the Oval Office apart in a futile search for them WMD.


Oh Darn those internets!, there's more!



George W Bush, you are possibly the most repulsive man I could ever look at. It makes me almost physically ill to see your buffoonish face, smirking in blissful contentment, while the world burns from your faux-theological-inspired war on a nation (Iraq) which had nothing to do with 9-11. You are a mass murderer walking free, in my opinion Your self-righteous idealism, as you sent so many to their death under the belief that you were playing God in defense of western civilization will not, I pray, keep you safe from the ultimate justice, and the sooner the better, you son of a bitch.


I feel the same way about every president since 1981.


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Since when have American presidents ever been held accountable for war crimes? From Washington to Polk, Lincoln to Wilson, Truman to LBJ, Nixon to Reagan and yes, Clinton and Obama too. Such is the case when everything from colonization to unprovoked war, is made legal. Americans have never held any president accountable for these sort of crimes, which happen to be the worst of all crimes.Ask any Aboriginal man or woman and they will say basically the same thing.
I apologize for leaving out the unnamed ones. Not enough space to get into the whole shooting match, no pun intended.


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