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Blockade Delivers Climate Message to Calif. Gov. Brown: Stop Fracking


Blockade Delivers Climate Message to Calif. Gov. Brown: Stop Fracking

More than 150 protesters on Friday blockaded the California State Office Building in downtown San Francisco and erected a 16-foot fracking well in the middle of an intersection to demand Governor Jerry Brown cease toxic drilling and fossil fuel extraction and respect climate justice.

Campaigners—who hail from labor, indigenous, student, and community organizations—were awaiting arrest at the time of publication, and their spirits remained "jubilant and defiant," Brooke Anderson, organizer with Climate Workers, told Common Dreams.


“They” are desperate… “They” are ready to extract the most extreme energy out of mother earth that there is… Why? B because with out a complete and over abundance of fossil fuel energy, this economy goes bottom up… and since we have not started producing renewables in any scale that can replace the gap in fossils that exists without extreme energy… we would absolutely see a huge economic crash as soon as all the extreme energy is stopped…aWHICH IT SHOULD BE STOPP.ED, IMMEDIATELY… The shake up that will occur, may wake up those who could re arrange our economy in a way that would re distribute the necessary tools for people to survive and have some electricity. But lets get real… WHEN we stopped extreme fossil fuel extraction… the fossil fuel supply will not meet demand in the kind of economy that we have now… So, let’s brace ourselves… we can do this… stop the extreme energy extraction and production… use what fossil fuels we have left to produce some renewables… but… then, we are not done… re arranging our economic system, drastically, is a morale necessity…


I believe that Common Dreams should look into Governor Brown’s family long history as oil share holders, which may shed some light on his support for fracking.


Brown is the color of what leaves Jerry’s lips

Always has been, hasn’t it?


If the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) fast track authorization passes this Congress, there will be no stopping fracking. This deal is about far more than trade. It strips nations of their sovereignty, allowing corporations to sue for potential lost profits. In other words, if the TPP becomes law and California passes anti-fracking legislation, the democratically enacted legislation is likely to be overturned in an international tribunal, and the state of California would be on the hook to the plaintiffs (frackers) for the lost profit they would have made–billions of dollars. We can’t count on OPEC, nor should we want, to keep the price of oil at $50 a barrel forever, the only effective thing that has happened to derail fracking. To stop fracking, we have to stop the TPP fast track. Check out: stopfasttrack dot com


Gov Brown is a corporate shill just like Obama. The oil crash might stop fraking but coddlers of big business won’t.


You are correct. the Toilet Paper Plan has been carefully designed to wipe us all out. Individuals, states and nations will all be in thrall to the tiny Oilagarchy which already owns or controls more of the earth and its wealth than all the rest of the world’s population combined.

  • The demonstration in this article is a good “Wake up!” call and I hope the Oakland protest is even more so, but if Øbama gets his fast track and puts the Toilet Paper Plan into action, the Pacific Rim Nations will become no more than thralls to the Oilagarchy.and We the People will become no more than serfs.


Governor Moonbeam seems to have gone corporate!


it is good to see people out in the streets against fracking. it is dangerous production but what is more dangerous is the ‘game’ for oil control. the only faith in the dollar is oil (not the banks, wall street and the rest of the criminals). so cuomo of new york got brave and said ‘no’ to fracking while the price was dropping because he knew the ‘small guys’ would get cleared out. the problem is when the price goes up and the ‘big guys’ have control again. will cuomo say yes, or some other flunky politician who would not care about the world’s best water.
it is truly amazing what cuomo considered: THE PRICE NOT THE WATER!!!


US is fascist state with government of by and for too big to fail corporations. Many of those firms are fossil fuel firms. The annual income of each of those too big to fail fossil fuel firms MUST be maintained as a percentage of GDP–to avoid civil war. Fossil fuel needs to be a dying industry. We need to pension off too big to fails–both top officials and stockholders. We need to give small enough to fails two years to either sell out to a too big to fail or file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. We also need to maintain our energy supply–energy poverty would be at least as unpleasant as fracking waste. So the first step must be to negotiate a deal with too big to fail military industrial complex firms willing and able to make all parts for a national smart electric grid including lots of storage, wind turbines, parts for solar power systems both thermal and PV, and above ground parts for geothermal systems, our military leaders who know which weapons they still want and which they would rather exchange for greening civilian energy supply, and our utilities which know what equipment they want for generating and transmitting and distributing electricity. We also need for the federal government to auction off lots of geothermal leases. Once through the pilot plant and infant industry stages, fossil fuel firms won’t pay much for the leases, we need to be thankful if they are willing to drill and frack for dry hot rock geothermal on speculation and sell it directly to utilities. I hope they can frack for geothermal without making anywhere near as much mess as they do fracking for gas and oil.