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Blockade Kicks of 'Heat Weak' as Divestment Call Escalates at Harvard


Blockade Kicks of 'Heat Weak' as Divestment Call Escalates at Harvard

Jon Queally, staff writer

Over 200 people on Sunday night—including students, faculty, alumni, and community members—initiated what they say will be a week-long blockade of Harvard University's main administrative building as they kicked-off a week of civil disobedience and direct actions designed to elevate and escalate an ongoing student-led campaign to force one of the nation's most elite post-secondary schools to divest its financial holdings from the fossil fuel industry.


How about pointing out where the Harvard endowment comes from, what its purpose is, and how its intertwined with the Wall Street-dominated economy.


How about this is a good step in the right direction and encourage it?


not meaningless. think globally, act locally. rock this stutus quo from every angle possible.


andrewboston: You are free to organize any protest you want - go to it. Meanwhile, unsustainable growth is fossil fueled. And if we don’t prevent catastrophic climate change, all your other concerns will be moot because there will be so few people left.


BTW: Speaking of insanity: There are some pretty solid estimates of how much FF has to stay in the ground - something like 4/5 of KNOWN deposits. Yet last year FF industry spent $700 billion dollars in 2014 exploring for NEW deposits. And now Shell wants to explore in the Arctic.

Yet we’re told we can’t afford to fight climate change - imagine how much could be done with $700 billion.

So trying to get Harvard to divest from this insanity sounds like a sane thing to do financially as well as morally.