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Blocked From Discussing Climate Change, Valve-Turner Faces 10 Years in Prison After Felony Conviction


Blocked From Discussing Climate Change, Valve-Turner Faces 10 Years in Prison After Felony Conviction

Julia Conley, staff writer

"I was disappointed and surprised by the verdict, but even more disappointed that I wasn't allowed to talk about climate change as it related to my state of mind."


So So wrong. Not being able to give a proper defense. Mistrial, I pray for a mistrial.


this seems the new wave in jurisprudence–the prevention of effective defense by judicial decree. We saw that with Manning’s trial–where nearly every possible defense was ruled out–to several others.

best way to get a conviction in a political case? prevent the mounting of any defense at all.

the state gets more laughably tyrannical every day.


Why did the judge silence Leonard Higgins? I thought you were suppose to be innocent until proven guilty! Sounds like he was in a corrupt, fossil fuel, kangaroo court!


Welcome to dystopian Trumponian times.


And then there over 200 people who protested against Trump when he was inaugurated and could face very long jail sentences.


Robert Heinlein was one to provide quote worthy lines in many of his books. One of my favorites is from the book Friday.

Before a revolution can take place, the population must lose faith in both the police and the courts.

and another is:

Sick cultures show a complex of symptoms… But a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than a riot.


The earth is going to change quite a bit in ten years.

The Arctic is loose. We’re going to continue to see massive tundra fires turning the tundra black, solar black, and then the tundra is going to be releasing much of its perhaps 100 million years of stored methane and carbon dioxide. We’ve already seen record low ice packs on the Arctic Ocean, where the dark ocean absorbs all of that heat rather permanently, and now we’re forecasted to see ever more massive methane releases from the Arctic Ocean’s continental shelf. I might expect the newly hot Arctic Ocean to reach 90% below typical wintertime ice cover on at least three of the next ten summers, although such a thing has not yet happened in recorded history. Methane production will explode.

Now they’ve discovered that New England soils also give off greenhouse gases when the local climate changes. One methane study discovered that tropical methane rises too.

We have learned that mile-wide F-4 tornadoes are now possible and they rip paths right through cities. Lets assume that F-4s can also be more frequent ten years down the road. We saw a cyclone hit 220 mph or so in the Phillippines. Lets assume that within ten years the power of Atlantic storms increases further. None of the skyscrapers in Eastern cities could withstand the worst blasts. Nor could any of their subway systems. Note that Los Angeles might not be immune from a powerful but weakening hurricane.

If our world’s grain belts, forests and oceans fail then we, the people of the world, shall have a chronic hunger problem in, best guess, 70 years. This won’t happen in ten years but after a decade we’ll see it coming at us a lot better. It’s similar to when the megafire comes over the ridge and now you can see the flames at night from your neighborhood of suburban houses.


Another is: Those that make peaceful revolution impossible; make violent revolution inevitable. JFK.


Courageous wonderful people. Please contribute to their legal defense fund.
Richard Smith and Nancy Holmstrom


Leonard Higgins is a political prisoner and a hero.


They’ve all been fossil fuel kangaroo courts in the US, for a long time.


I’ve signed petitions. I wrote to members of Congress. I went on marches. And I can’t shake the feeling of being politically impotent. What will it take to get those fascists out of government…??


considering what they have to lose, a lot more than that. but I have a spare pitchfork you can use!


Everything is upside-down and inside-out in this country.

Crash the economy: Get bailout money and no prison.

Turn a valve, which hurt no one: Ten years plus fines.


The technicalities of modern American judicial process often result in injustice. To the judge and court officials the system created is much more important then actual justice and always will be!


I never lost my affinity for pitchforks and guillotines…:wink:


Thank you for those great quotes. They both fit 2017 America perfectly!


Cowards, every one of them that participated in the Kangaroo Court Injustice levied against these Brave individuals who took these actions to offer some protection for all of us and for our Mother Earth.


It is transparently absurd, not justice in any way, that a “judge” gets to limit what a defendant is allowed to say on their own behalf. Your defense is your defense, and you may present it because it is the defense you choose to present, not because an “authority” authorizes you to do so.

The baked-in injustice of the US legal system goes far beyond this absurdity of course. But this is a clear example of the fake justice in this unfair system.