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Blocking Trains and Removing Coal, Climate Activists Fight to Close One of New England’s Largest Power Plants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/26/blocking-trains-and-removing-coal-climate-activists-fight-close-one-new-englands

I remember Arnie from a 2000 trip to Mexico and Honduras with American Friends Service Committee. I still live in West Virginia, which may well be the source for the coal blocked on that trains, AND the gas whose pipelines have been blocked by similar actions. There are people here–and in nearby Ohio and Pennsylvania–fighting all this (including the plans for a whole new petrochemical complex to line the Ohio River–but environmental defense here is a daunting fight. I’ve said it’s a David-and-Goliath fight if Goliath is the usual giant but David is not a Jewish boy but a rabbit, without a slingshot or even opposable thumbs. (But industry acts like they think we have opposable thumbs.)
So, to those engaged in these actions in New England–a huge thank you from the fracklands. I’ll note that a maybe missing piece is working for solutions to the genuine needs for electricity and heat etc., that DON’T require filthy fossil fuels.

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It’s hard to stop a monstrous, psychopathic industry from doing things it wants to do when it’s backed by most of a federal and a bunch of state governments. It’s impossible to make them build clean safe renewable energy if they don’t want to, which they absolutely, fanatically do not. The solution is to elect as many progressives as possible and force the rest of the corporate duopolists out of office.