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"Blood All Over": Physicians' Group Identifies 115 Head Injuries Caused By So-Called "Less-Lethal" Projectiles

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/14/blood-all-over-physicians-group-identifies-115-head-injuries-caused-so-called-less


Glad the physicians are speaking out. We urgently need to change policing in the US.


I think bean bag is the wrong term. I had bean bags to play with as a little kid-----but these rifle “beanbags,” things can kill and maim people. So calling them bean bags is absurd. And seeing how many awful people become police-------these “beanbags,” should be discontinued. More of the pollice showed read up on the First Amendment too----


It is not only important for the Physicians for Human Rights to be outspoken many other groups should disseminate and publish findings on the harm done by police. And certainly if we had a responsible press to keep the offences in public view some pushback just might occur. However in the day of corporate mafia rule I may be expecting too much.


A bumper sticker I saw on a car in 1969 read “your local police are armed and dangerous”.

Some things never change.


Cops are cowards. All that armor and the array of weapons, and usually with ample “back up,”
they still claim “I feared for my life” after mowing down some addled, naked man (Daniel Prude), or some elder protester (Martin Gugino), or some child with a toy gun (Trayvon Martin), or some women asleep in her bed (Breonna Taylor). They say they stand for law and order, but they exact “retribution” at the point of a gun (Michael Reinoehl). How many in the LA area will be killed or abused in retribution for the shooting of the sheriff’s deputies?


And at Georgia Detention Centers they’re performing mass hysterectomies –

Gee, wonder what that’s all about, eh?


They’re not showing much thought about the nation, or right to pretest –
rise of fascism here -
They seem ready and willing to go with fascism – enjoying it –

The people are their enemies – and they’re not interested in public service –
they’re interested in be violent.

Our press – what’s left of it is – is behaving as though they’re not supposed
to take sides – not to stand up for the truth – not to search for it – and not
to explain to the public what needs to be done to correct what’s happening –


Protect and serve, maim and kill??? Well, which is it?



when you arm thugs like soldiers(police departments have a history of hiring the dumbest and poorest educated while rejecting educated and smart people) -give them the power to have control over the population-refuse to put restraints on their activities --refuse to psychologically vet them-do not provide the training needed for competent policing–and then send them out to attack peaceful protesters until they can provoke violence (a variation of old saying applies to cops–they will attack at the drop of a hat–even dropping the hat if necessary) this is what results every time-

–time to make the police have training and certifications and licensing just like nurses-teachers-lawyers and even hair dressers are required to have in order for them to practice their jobs


you forget who owns the media–they are the same people who are afraid we will come to understand the truth as it will affect their bottom line–the same ones who own our so called “leaders” making sure the politicians to provide cover for their criminality


An example of the depraved indifference by police forces, clearly closely aligned with the neo-fascist right - hiring ex-soldiers trained to see all people as “enemy” first and violent, often lethal means, the first option, a consequence of training by Israeli forces - the Israeli model of “crowd-control” - lethal “bean-bags”, point-blank high-velocity tear-gas shells, “rubber” bullets, all designed to kill or maim, to be lethal used by the ignorant and violent or racist goons, and should be seen as unacceptable force and brutality against civilians! Soon we may see actual snipers with “less-lethal” .22 rifles in the Israeli mode targeting unarmed protesters with head-shots - already here with “rubber” bullets!.

4 more years of trump regime madness? Zeig Heil mein fuhrer! Crystal Nacht and brown-shirt goons bustin heads come home to roost in America - the late, sometimes (but not lately!) “great”, America - RIP…

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rickshaw has the right idea (below) …

–time to make the police have training and certifications and licensing just like nurses-teachers-lawyers and even hair dressers are required to have in order for them to practice their jobs

Hi Greenwich:
sigh----they don’t want the immigrants to ever reproduce, in case the sane people left in America explain to the Trump people, that you can’t speak out of both sides of your mouth at once! So many in government take a position that abortions kill—they often do kill the mothers and the children due to a health issue.
But somehow, to certain Christian groups ----- women should not control their own bodies
----but of course immigrants to them do not appear to be human. Maybe that comes about wth so many pictures of a blond blue eyed Jesus. Sorry—back in that day several thousand years ago, semitic people had dark skin , dark eyes, and dark hair—and probably did not wear their hair in a soft page boy.
sigh—it is truly amazing how cuckoo things become as to what ends people can rationalize their "religious acts. : (


Right – was surprised to read the other day that many “Christians” still
backing Trump have overturning Roe still high on their lists for voting for him –

Evidently, no “Christian” women have problem pregnancies –

For those who may not know –


But press also fails to make clear that most religions back CHOICE –
reproductive freedom. You’d hardly be able to figure that out from the terrorism
at women’s clinics, including murder of doctors that’s succeeded so well.

Meanwhile, their “pro-life” attitudes would let kids go hungry in our schools, let
patients go without medical care cause they don’t have the money for insurance,
allow separating families seeking asylum, they also don’t seem to care about war
and what we do to people in other nations – and to our own soldiers.

One of the Catholic Bishops the other day called Trump out as NOT being "pro-life."


A Kentucky bishop has claimed Donald Trump cannot be pro-life, because he is “only concerned about himself”.

Reverend John Stowe, the Lexington Diocese Bishop in Kentucky, questioned the president’s stance on [abortion] during a Facebook Live panel with [Catholic] organisation Pax Ramona.

“For this president to call himself pro-life, and for anybody to back him because of claims of being pro-life, is almost willful ignorance,” the reverend said when asked about the church’s role in November’s presidential election.

“He is so much anti-life because he is only concerned about himself, and he gives us every, every, every indication of that,” Mr Stowe added.

Mr Stowe added during the discussion that he agrees with comments made by Pope Francis about what it means to be pro-life, after the religious leader himself doubted the president’s beliefs.

According to the National Catholic Reporter, in 2017 Pope Francis said: “I have heard the President of the United States speak,” and added: “He presents himself as a pro-life man. If he is a good pro-lifer, he should understand that the family is the cradle of life and you must defend its unity.”

Mr Stowe said that his interpretation of the Pope’s comments are that “we can’t claim to be pro-life if we support the separation of children from their parents at the US border, if we support exposing people at the border to Covid-19, because of the facilities that we’re in”.

He added: “If we support denying people who have [the] need to adequate healthcare access to that health care, if we keep people from getting the house or the education that they need, we cannot call ourselves pro-life.”


Just saw this – haven’t read it yet –

Brett Kavanaugh 'urged Supreme Court judges in private memos to sidestep ruling on abortion law and avoid political fight with Trump over tax returns by saying courts should stay out of political …
Kavanaugh urged Supreme Court to avoid decisions on Trump …]
Jul 29, 2020 · Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote a series of memos to his colleagues on the nation’s highest court urging them not to take up recent cases on Louisiana abortion regulations and …

Surprised at that one – maybe they think there are enough people out in the streets right now?

Hi Greenwich:
Or perhaps more cynically—maybe one of Kavanaugh’s teen daughters got pregnant?

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