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'Blood and Fire and Slaughter': Critics Remember Dark Legacy of Shimon Peres


'Blood and Fire and Slaughter': Critics Remember Dark Legacy of Shimon Peres

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following the passing of Shimon Peres—who died early Wednesday morning at the age of 93 following a recent stroke—much of the global mainstream press responded with adulation and mourning. At the same time, however, informed critics took the news as an opportunity to remind the world of the troubling and oppressive legacy of the former Israeli prime minister.


Two things:

When the one-state (Greater Israel) solution (policy) is adopted by the West as the only way to secure a lasting peace in the Middle East, a civil war will break out in Israel.
The fascist forces (the U.S,) supporting the fascist Netanyahu cabal will be the cause of that civil war.
That said, the time of obstruction is ended. The only just and practical path forward is a one-state solution with full citizenship and voting rights given to all Palestinian's.

Shimon Peres was, as Jon Queally says, a Zionist terrorist who did nothing to bring peace to the Middle East in his over 60 years of government service.


Peres, I read was the one who got the French to sell Israel nuclear weapons through secret negotiations in the 1950's. Peres also is reported tried to sell nuclear weapons to Apartheid South Africa. And, Peres's slogan settlements everywhere. All this, and another mass war criminal butcher with a Nobel Peace Prize. Peres currently is in an extreme torturous hell, one can only hope. I don't like to say that about other people, but Israel has a knack for producing extreme evil.


When I think of Winter Solstice I think, The Druids. I learned something new, and thank-you.


"Israel" means "may god be victorious". The "El" part is the name of an ancient Phoenician god - also stolen from an earlier culture.


I saw the funeral attendee list this morning. Its like the 'whos who'of mass murderes, excuse me, presidents and prime ministers.


More like a math book if you use the numbers assigned to each Greek letter.
It's part myth, part history, part geography, and part stolen texts from other places.
The flood story for example came from the story of Gilgamesh the Sumerian king.


Especially the Jewish priests. Or were they called Rabbis?
All Jewish Rabbis, like the Christ, had to be married before the could take their message on the road.
Which I guess means that the Christ had a wife and children? Some of which are said to be living in southern France this very day.


But, the Zionists were mostly Europeans, and the Arabs true Semites, and so Truman blessed the ethnic cleansing in 1948. I don't know if Truman loved killing Asian civilians, but he sure did a lot of it, millions of them.


The US liberal spiel against Israel's right to survive can be compared to the right wing hardliners for military aggression (protecting US oil interests), with neither extreme bothering to look at the critical and complex issues involved. Facts have long been disappeared from the discussion.


the writer seems to be pretty fast to forget mandelas early days as a terrorist




Spoken like a true Gnostic.


Not so much.
Think American cowboys and Indians.


Who is calling for the destruction of Israel?
Most are calling for an expansion of Israel to include all Palestinian's as full Israeli citizens.


This article is about Peres, not Mandela.


We must have read two different articles or else they revised it because it wasn't Queally who made the claims, it was the people he was reporting who said that and they were in a position to know and feel and see this war criminal and his actions.


Are you sure you don't mean Satan?


Howard Zinn said that activists need to be shaken up and pushed when they become complacent and inefficient. You are getting inefficient, CD and there are so many example to prove it. This pattern of mild questioning the true war criminals who are hailed by the MSM as heroes and moral examples of statemanship is a pathetic example of this. The inability to stop and confront the 14 days of solitary confinement of Manning after her suicide attempt are another proof. You keep covering what happens while you can't stop the evil, despite the 30Million Americans on salary in the US Civil Society and 2.3 Million NGOs, allegedly dedicated to whatever... change, hope, empowerment, peace??

The narrative of independent media is not challenging these criminals and only slightly daring to touch their true heinous crimes. Kissinger, Reagan, Nixon, Churchill, the Queen of England's and her legacy... Give me a break!

You don't have the courage to be a united force and a front against fascism because you're rigged by your own conflicts of interests and don't have incentives to seek bigger international communities of activism that could stop these psychopaths to keep being hailed as heroes while the true voices are just barely mentioned. I despise and condemn this repeated tapes of castrated mediocrity, that keeps you a small voice in the tiny and by now more fragmented section of the left (after the self admission of being divided in HRC and Sanders' fans and coverage).

There are hundreds of war criminals who need to be brought to Dehague, including the last series of US Presidents, and UK PMinisters. And you keep pushing along as you can, not as allies of AlterNet, TruthDig, CounterPunch, TYT, DemocracyNow, but still as Divided corporate entities, with small power. You need to start looking beyond your borders, if you wish to change things for real.

There's nothing wrong with the 1% and their evil psychopaths keeping doing atrocious and evil acts of death or ethnic cleansing. There's is impotence, cross side suppression and small small thinking in US activism.


That may be a ruse to legitimize a line of kings who wanted to justify their claim to France's throne through a line of descent from Jesus. Just as the Caesars claimed descent from deities. Then there's the Grail thing and Rennes-le-Chateau with Father Sauniere's Priory of Sion, etc etc. Les Deux Maries - Saintes Maries de la Mer is where Jesus, Mary, Magdalen, and Sarah, their daughter, was imagined to have landed after the crucifixion. This all ties in with the Templars, the Albigensian crusade, the slaughter of the Cathars, Montsegur and Otto Rahn. People die chasing fairy tales.