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'Blood of Jamal Khashoggi and Innocent People of Yemen' on His Hands as Trump Vetoes Effort to Block Massive Saudi Weapons Sale

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/25/blood-jamal-khashoggi-and-innocent-people-yemen-his-hands-trump-vetoes-effort-block


We are being continually forced onto deadly pivot points nailed into the coffin of false narratives that have been the toxic coin of the effete realm - the ONLY flow current/currency recognized by entire institutional rationalizations based on ALWAYS denying the consequences of centuries predatory capitalism - right back to its earliest forms of genocidal colonization.

I look at snake oil masturbation Trump pumps in “rallies” and the truly demented lies that are spewed to - believe it or not - make the crowd think it is some kind of ‘return on investment’ to feel good about doubling down on the lies. When in reality, his crowds are about to discover that they are NOT being delivered from their plight, they are being rendered a PRODUCT by Trump. They re-elect him and he in turn delivers them and the entire nation to the highest bidder. Wowzie, we all get to have a roll, I mean get rolled, in the auction.

We need to be VERY clear about the dynamics and inversions of public concepts in light of mass everything and infinite rehypothecation. By the way - try to find an article looking at the implications of infinite rehypothecation after 2012.

Heres ZeroHedge in 2011
Shadow Rehypothecation, Infinite Leverage, And Why Breaking The Tyranny Of Ignorance Is The Only Solution


It’s amazing how one man, our so-called president, can create so much misery here in the U.S. and throughout the world. I don’t care how much brainwashing has been done to all those trump supporters. If they still support him, they are no better than the lowest form of sewer scum.


Everything is “normal”…American foreign policy at work…And, no. Innocent blood is not only on “Trump’s hands”…but on all Americans’ hands too.


Out of site, out of mind. Just tend to your knitting, gardening, and puttering in the workshop.
Just us three monkeys. All we have other than the vote is to make that often useless phone call to your state rep’s.


“The supreme law of the State is self-preservation at any cost. And since all States, ever since they came to exist upon the earth, have been condemned to perpetual struggle — a struggle against their own populations, whom they oppress and ruin, a struggle against all foreign States, every one of which can be strong only if the others are weak — and since the States cannot hold their own in this struggle unless they constantly keep on augmenting their power against their own subjects as well as against the neighborhood States — it follows that the supreme law of the State is the augmentation of its power to the detriment of internal liberty and external justice.”

Mikhail Bakunin


So how many times are we going to sell weapons of mass destruction to regimes that later use these weapons against us in wars.

Kind of scary Trump building such chummy ties with dictators and dictators that are multi billionaires. A world coup by dictators/Trump against the people of the world for total control. Trump wants to dominate and the republican party is assisting and 40 years of their fear mongering and ridding the US of regulations that protect we the people from the greedy sycophants

Is that too far of an assumption?.

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Since it has become more evident every day that We the People have no part in our government, nor does the alleged government obey the wishes of We the People other than the handful of trillionaires that have bought and paid for this government, perhaps it is time to quit the hypocrisy.
*Perhaps it is time to change the flag to something recognizable. A big red square in the middle of the flag with a white circle and black swastika in the middle of it would probably suffice.
*The Statue of Liberty needs a new banner streaming from its upraised arm. It should be the words Dante says are written over the Great Gate of Hell. "Abandon Hope, all ye who enter here."
*I’ve been warning about the establishment of the Fourth Reich since the “Supremes” selected George Bush as fuehrer president. We now seem to be in the grip of a wannabe emperor whose word is accepted as law by those who should be representing We the People, not a handful of the wealthy and greedy who would see the world turned to blood and dust as long as more wealth flowed into their coffers.
*Millions of people are protesting the endlessly spreading wars, the floods of refugees fleeing blood and death in their own countries, and often in the countries they are fleeing to. Legislation is passed by the remainder of the government of We the People and the fuehrer just purses his lips and says “No!” and we just accept it because, I guess, he is the fuehrer of the Fourth Reich and wants to be fuehrer of the world.
*His owners are happy to see this; profits are booming and the people are becoming even more powerless. The owners may eventually throw him out or he may have an “accident” and be replaced, but only by another wannabe dictator who relishes power and command over all, and recognizes his owner’s power and the need to satisfy them, or else.
I belong to the generation that sacrificed everything to rid the world of Nazism, fascism and Imperial Japan’s bid for power in the East. We rejoiced when we had won and the evils were ended. I am a nuclear veteran and have seen and felt what may be one end we are headed for. But the fuehrers and their masters also are working hard at destroying the world, its food, its drinking water, and ultimately the population of the world, except those chosen to be their slaves and laborers.
*I grew up in a Constitutional Republic that fought for freedom and dignity for the world. Now, in my eighties, I realize I am going to die in the Fourth Reich, looking at the demise of civilization, of freedom, of love.
*Remember Ozymandias, herr trumpf.


The blood of hundreds of thousands - millions - is on trump’s hands, and this atrocity and crime against humanity in Yemen only one of many he creates, empowers, drives, supports and sanctions!

A war-criminal and supporter of foreign entities that all have nothing but contempt for the lives and well-being of others, or the planet as they wage war…

The MO of chronic pathological lies flow as normal breath from trump, and rule his diseased syphilitic mind; utter fantasy and constant diversions, hatred, bigotry, and racism his stock-in-trade.

So many actions, words, incitement, crimes, and immoral acts that harm others, that should, in any sane, responsible, nation, deny this thing another minute in any office.

If ya can’t dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with BS!.

The mantra and MO of this hideous creature masquerading as a sentient being.


True! That is what some Eastern religions call " MASS KARMA".

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And change the inscription from: give me your tired and poor to: SORRY, WE ARE FULL!

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We are at the mercy of a powerful criminal organization that’s been effectively ruling US for decades. His guilt and the guilt of those who support war is on their hands. It would be evidence of weakness to agree with this.

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Agreed. Many of us call and write and vote and march, but it seems akin to trying to push a multi-ton boulder uphill. I’m retired I worked hard all my life for low pay but never joined the military. I can say with certainty blood is not on my American hands, nor is it with most of us.


I am a Vietnam-era veteran and anytime someone tries to thank me for my service I stop them and say I was duped into it for educational help. I knew I wouldn’t fight because I was in the WACs but I’m still ashamed of my “service” I paid my dues though because the other female and I were raped by our AIT company.